My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

Just a few weeks away!

It is that time, once again,  where I have to practically lock myself in my studio.
(So many shoes to tie)

Yep, we are but a few weeks away from the store's
Christmas Open House!

Saturday, November 6th is the date.
And I am so excited about this years event!

They are always alot of fun
We love visiting with everyone who attends...
but this year,
Lets just say....
We have made some steps toward making this the best we have ever had!

And that is 8 years of amazing shoes to fill!
This is our 9th Christmas Open House

With so many fun themes over the years.

Even though Autumn is just beginning,
And I would rather be mucking around my garden in my wellies

I will be lacing up a few details...
Fillings a few stockings...

And doing all of  these things in my comfy Slippers.
Here in my little studio....
Listening to Frank and Bing.

I will be thinking about each of you...

sipping your Pumpkin Lattes ...
enjoying this wonderful time of the year!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!

And...Happy Birthday Amanda!


  1. I cant believe how fast this year has gone by. i cant wait for the holidays. Hope your open house is wonderful!

  2. Happy lovely day darling....hugs from me Ria.....

  3. I love doing stuff like this... the open house will be a blast! xo

  4. This time of year flies by so quickly! But you won't be the only one listening to Christmas music in October! I can never resist once October is here to get into the Christmas Mood...I want to enjoy it as much as I can! Good luck with your preparations! I know everything will be just beautiful!!

  5. Oh Donna,
    Christmas open houses are my favorite!!!! Beautiful displays just fill my heart with Christmas cheer!!! Love the sights and the smells...(sigh)
    I can't wait to see what's rolling in your HAVE to take lots and lots of photos!!!
    I'm so excited...I can't wait~

  6. Hi Sweetie
    It looks really magical so far, can't wait to see it! I will be there with bells on...
    Blessings today!

  7. Good Grief, is tomorrow October? Christmas Open House, eeeeck!!!!
    Love ya, don't overwork, Donna dear!

  8. So much to do to get Christmas underway. I'm so behind myself.

    Spent most of the day with your newest fan Deanna....who says you are sister separated at birth or some such craziness. Told her she needs to leave you a comment!
    Enjoy your studio time. Working in comfy shoes will make it more relaxing!

  9. Boy Donna, are Tim and Karen blessed to have you!!! Your window displays are gorgeous. I know that the store will be amazing by the open house, and that you will be running yourself ragged making it so. I know that it must be soooo much work, but you make it seem so fun. I can't wait to see it all unfold.
    Have fun with the garden clean-up, and I will be thinking of you while doing mine.

  10. You're in central Indiana? I'm in Fort Wayne and would love to come see your shop sometime. I have family in Indy, so I drive down quite a bit.

    We hoosiers do have taste in more than corn :)


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