My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

Well, Hi There!

Hello my long lost friends! Time flies whether you are having fun or not or so I have discovered.
So much time has passed that I think I should just start over.
Hello, my name is Donna Jenkins. I'm a creative person who suffers with completion issues.
Can you relate? I have so many projects I have started and then abandoned...well, it's just crazy!
But if you have similar issues, We are not alone! My research has shown me there are so many people who have the same problem!
One of my goals for this year is to pick up and complete some of them and to then share with you!
This will be my incentive for completion and actually I'm a little excited about it!
One of my many in completes are embroidery based. I truly love this artistic medium but because it requires hours of sitting's always been a problem for me. In case we haven't covered this in awhile, I have adult HDHD and sitting still for very long is quite difficult. Recently though, I've discovered I can do so for longer periods of time if I'm also watching a movie! Who knew!

Another  project that I need to complete is

Drawing or watercolors. I have several pieces that need just a bit of work and then I can hang them or even sell them.
What are some of the things you have to complete?
I would love to catch up so let me know in the comments!
For now, it was good just to log in and type these few lines. I always feel better when I share, don't you?


  1. Nice to see you here. Most folks have left for the faster paced IG. I prefer reading the book rather than a synopsis. I enjoy the whole story of my blog friends. I miss hearing the grandchild and decor and pet stories of everyone who used to hang out around here. Hope you post more often <3 z

  2. I miss you Donna. I have wanted to come to the new shop...but no time now. Ted has been fighting cancer so I am busy with being care giver. Now I have a house full of uncompleted projects. LOL. Hopefully once some of the drs. appts settle down, I will come to visit the shop. Hope to see you during the summer Market at Horton's too. Blessings to you sweet friend, xoxo, Susie


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