My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

Tinker house and a give-back!

Hello Everyone!

I am loving this amazing Autumn Weather we are having!
It's gorgeous!

Even though I am supposed to be working on preparations for the Christmas Open House...

I snuck outside this afternoon!

And played in Tinker House!

I haven't had a chance to do much other than move my sensitive plants inside.

So today...I wrapped my plants in burlap blankets...

Brought in a few of my vintage watering cans...

And hung my burlap window treatments!

I had hoped to get it painted inside and out before the season ended...

But  it might not happen until Spring!
At least we got it to this point before Winter!

On the bright side...
The winter weather will further develop Tinker's character...and
give it more of a patina!
So...What do you think of my little Tinker House?
This Spring, I will complete it and show you more of the interior.
For now,
it is just a wonderful little place to keep my plants safe from our harsh Winters!
Well...I must get back to work!
But before I do...
I have just went over 200 followers!
I am so excited!
And to celebrate this milestone...
I have decided to have a give-back
To Thank you for all your  comments and support this past year!
I am putting together two wonderful little totes filled with treasures
to give to 2 lucky readers!



The first winner will be drawn on Friday from this posts comments! it would be great if you were a follower...but it's not a requirement.
The second winner drawn from my emails from now until Friday!
I have recently realized that alot of you who read my blog
do not blog yourselves...
So, just send me an email and you can have a chance to win as well!
And can enter both ways if you want!

(Hint: there is a burlap pumpkin tucked inside each tote that I am calling Autumn Wonderments!)

Good Luck to everyone!

Have a wonderful week!


  1. I just love your little cottage and would "tinker" there all day long! How wonderful to have gone over the 200 mark ~ cheers!

  2. Congratulations! I just started following you a few days ago. I love your blog colors and font.

  3. Oh Donna I was just packing it in for the night and saw your post. You know you're killing me with that adorable tinker house. The burlap looks amazing in there.
    Congrats on your 200+ followers.

    No get back to work young lady!lol

  4. It's just incredible Donna! I'm totally in love with it. I can imagine how much fun you must be having preparing to decorate this sweet place!

  5. Congratulations!!
    Plea enter my name.

    LOVE the glass house. Totally awesome!


    barbara jean

  6. I've really enjoyed watching your "tinker house" grow ... love the burlap additions!

  7. Your Tinker is just about the cutest thing ever! I love everything that you did. I bet the burlap curtains look perfect. They sure do from the outside.

  8. I love every post about the Tinker House :) Do we really have to wait til spring for pics of the inside?! Im not very good at being patient :)
    Congrats on the 200 sure it will keep growin girlie !!


    Oh- and it would help my patience if I won a lil treat from u - ha!

  9. ooooo, just love that sweet, little chippy house!!!! and the burlap is perfect!!!! happy 200 followers!!!

  10. It looks perfect just the way it is!! I'm having to push back the green-eyed monster...envy could get the best of me!

  11. Your tinker house is like a dream !!! can make a christmas home of it !!! i really like that idea....congratulations with your followers darling !! great great !!..happy day love love love !! Ria...

  12. First I want to tell you how much I loved your window you submitted to E's ShopTalk series. The hammock was inspired....and speaking of inspiration...adore the Tinker House. Isn't it wonderful that even as grownups, we still love a play house and our husbands humor us?

  13. this is a dream every girl prolly has my gosh its just adorable.

  14. What I think about your absolutely enchanting and over the top creative and special glass house you wanna know? I think it is the most wonderful one I ever saw and that you deserve a price for it!!!

    Oh and btw I have a giveback too on my blog right now because of my 5th bloggiversary, hope you can stop by!

    xoxo~ Carola

  15. Tinker is great! I wish I had thought of it-lol. What an amazing place and the possibilities for decorating and using it are endless. Love it! Take care, Connie

  16. I'm so jealous over your sweet little tinker house. I wonder if hubby would be able to make one for me.......

    I'm a follower, by the way.


  17. I love Tinker House Donna!! If it comes up missing don't look for it at my house! lol
    Would love to enter your wonderful giveaway!!
    Blessings and happy White Wednesday!!

  18. Good morning again (also sent an email). Your Tinker House and blog are spectacular! I love to visit often and would love to be entered in your giveaway.

    Many thanks, Carol

  19. I want a tinker house. And I kind of LOVE the patina! I am sure your plants do well if they start out here:) --Gretchen O.

  20. Oh, I am so excited for you!!!!! Congratulations!

  21. I think that I am in need of a tinker house aussi.

    Leeann x

  22. Hey you--
    I LOVE your little tinker shed!thinking of you & wondering how the Autumn Flea went?!? I am still across the country but hope to be home soon! Chat later :)
    p.s. sweet giveaway :)

  23. Bonjour Donna - Your tinker house has got to be the prettiest sight I have ever seen! I have been following its progress from when you started this project, and it ended up amazing. I even showed it to mon cheri coz I want something similar for mon petite jardin. Congratulations on your 200 followers and for that awesome "conservatorie"!

  24. Oh, Donna, you are just brilliant! I want a tinker house too! xo

  25. Um, Donna, if I had this house, I would LIVE there! Forget living with Mr. Deer, I'd just move it all outside! So gorgeous! Sweet giveaway, hope I win! XX!

  26. Your tinker house is soooo amazing. I just love and want one for myself. You did a great job using old elements and I'd love to see more photos.

    Take care and have fun playing.


  27. I LOVE your little tinker house. How much fun it is going to be to decorate it too:) Love those gorgeous windows.
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  28. What a beauty! You have the perfect spot now to putter about.:)

  29. I want a Tinker house!! I love your sweet potting shed and how you have just dolled it up to a T!! I have a detached sunroom that I would love to get to look a bit more like Tinker!

  30. Just found you!! Love your little Tinker House. What a great name! Brenda

  31. Your Tinker House is Amazing! Those window treatments are beautiful! Love the sink skirt and the vintage watering cans! Congrats on 200 followers! I would love to win a goodie bag from you!!

  32. OMG Girl it turned out amazing!!!
    I just love it...
    What are you painting? You are leaving it chippy aren't you? It is perfect - just put a sealer on it. Can't wait to see it.
    Also congratulations on 200!
    Your display at Elizabeth's was wonderful, love the hammock! You are such an inspiration.
    Love ya

  33. What do I think of your Tinker house? I'd live in it! Such a perfect picture of weathered wood, windows and burlap. It's honestly magazine worthy. You should submit your photo to Better Homes & Gardens or something. I adore the burlap bench skirt and window treatments and oh, the view through those gorgeous windows. {sigh} I. am. so. jealous. What a lovely little Tinker. Congratulations on reaching 200 followers. I can only imagine the D. Reyne delight packed into those little totes.


  34. Oh Donna Tinker House is amazing! I love what you have done...and 200 followers...if only I were that lucky! ;-) Congratulations dear friend ~ Sending you warm wishes and sunny days ~ Rebecca

  35. Can you hear my sobbing Donna. I am so mad at myself for not getting here on time. I am smiling however through my sobbing because you tinker house is the awesomest thing I have ever seen in my life!!!!!! What a wonderful place to have in your already gorgeous space! Tell your husband that I think he is awesome for helping you get this little dreamhouse done before Winter set in. What a team!!!! Soooo, can I play in here if I come over???
    hugs to you sweetie and have a wonderful weekend tinkering...

  36. Donna, your tinker house is AMAZING!! I want one:) Love, love, love the burlap especially, but the whole structure is gorgeous!! Congratulations on your 200 followers, that is awesome!! Wishing you a wonderful week as always. Hugs ~ Tina xx

  37. Oh my goodness! This 'tinker' house is the most adorable space! It's like the playhouse most of us have always wanted!


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