My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living


Hello Everyone!

I am doing this really quick little post
 for those who saw the window display I did for

 she held a contest last month and I entered the store's front window! (You can see more of this at Elizabeth's blog.)

I would like to redirect your attention to my other blog.

 (just click the highlighted area will take you there)

I have had the pleasure of working for the Horton's for 8 years now!

This Holiday season will be my 9th and we are so...excited about it!

I hope everyone is enjoying this fabulous weather and My favorite Season of the Year!
This week begins my lock down mode as I work on the finishing touches for the store's
 Christmas Open House.
November 6th!

I am running a tad behind...but all is well!

I hope you enjoyed Debby's post yesterday!
She is helping me figure out a few of the design issues I  am having on my home.
But I need your help too!
I will fill you in on that...Friday!

See ya soon!

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