My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

On the deck, my quiet place

The past few days have been terribly humid so today...
The thunderstorm arrived!
Flashes of lightning, booming thunder, and gusts of wind swept through my garden for several hours this morning.
After the rain...
I headed out to the deck to survey the damage and take in the view.

Just a few branches to pick up so I'm happy!

As you might know, I love the warmer months so that I can work out in my garden.
This year the weather kept me indoors much longer than I would have liked.
I got a bit depressed by the cold chill to the air and the lack of sunshine.
At one point this Spring...we were literally under water!
It was everywhere, including the basement and cottage crawlspace.

We had to replace part of the cottage heating and air system after the water receded.

This happened THREE separate times!

It took some time to  finally dry out and warm up...
Now that it has, I have once again moved outside.

As usual, I'm joined by Emmitt, my constant companion.

He was a little bored with having to sit in one place for more than 2 seconds...
hence the yawn!

This is more like it....into everything!

Back on the deck, I am straightening the pillows on my little settees.
This year, I bought  new outdoor sheer panels and replaced my old rug with this new one from Ballards.

Even with Emmitt running amuck through my flower beds...
I was able to sit here for a few minutes more.

Light the citronella candles in my lanterns...

And soak up some much needed sunshine.
Last year we planted hops on the North side of the upper deck.

The hops is now in full bloom and almost completely covers the lattice wall.

Tomorrow I'm back to work out in the garden.
As you might have guessed I spend a lot of time in Tinker House as well.

Currently, I have quite a mess going on in there but the Sweet Autumn Clematis  is really taken off!
I can't wait to see it this Fall!

Well, I  really must be off for now...

I have a feeling Emmitt is into something.


I can tell by the feather hanging out of his mouth!

Have a wonderful rest of the day~Blessings to you my friends!


  1. I would spend all my time out there, too, Donna. It is just absolutely beautiful- xo Diana

  2. Oh how beautiful and Tinker house? Love it!!! Please share more!!

  3. Wowwwwww...that is my it !!..and your little house is wonderful !!! from me darling...enjoy summer Ria...x !

  4. Hahahaha... He reminds me of our Master Vic. A 3 year old Chocolate Lab. He is mischief personified! Friends following me on FB got a good giggle as he tried to railroad my time with my trainer yesterday afternoon.
    You have a luvly garden. Very inviting deck area.
    Hugs, Gee ( puppy hugs for Emmitt.)

  5. How precious is handsome Emmitt in the hydrangea bush! were so underwater. It is quite amazing how your yard has recovered since the flood image. Lush and beautiful.
    Happy Summer, Donna! Enjoy your time in the garden tomorrow!

  6. Whew, look at all that water!!I'm glad it receded and warmed up so you could get outside! Your photos are beautiful, and I'm loveing the hops on your lattice.

  7. Hi Donna!! Been a long time and I am playing catch up. lol LOVELY photos of your beautiful home. Such a beautiful oasis that you have created!!

    My mouth gaped open at the site of all that water. What a mess that would be to clean up, but life goes on right?

    Have a beautiful day!!

  8. Love your outdoor space. I would be so thankful to see that much water. We have had 5" in a year. We are so dry, it's scary. I'm terrified of fires. Do you remember where you found your rug? I love that. We painted our front porch concrete into blue and white tiles. That rug would be perfect. PLMK. Thank you. So happy to see you back. I look forward to reading your blog.

    1. Hi Hilary,
      Yes, the rug is from Ballard Designs. I have added the link in the post for you!
      I love mine and am seriously thinking of getting a second one for under the table!

  9. Oh my goodness, you WERE underwater! Where do you live? I live in North Carolina and it has rained the entire spring and into the summer... It's been crazy wet. Your deck is so pretty and peaceful looking, and Emmett is a hoot. I bet is IS into everything... I hope your gorgeous hydrangeas survive his explorations!


  10. How very heartbreaking to see all your beautiful hard work and Tinkerhouse go under water so many times. Your deck is quite the place for lounging and relaxing. Emmett is very sweet. Funny feather in his mouth...hopefully it was only a pillow he devoured. Enjoy the show this year as you should have more energy from not putting it together. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...

  11. Oh my dear friend, I was so worried that you had been in some of the flooding. I can see by your beautiful photos in this post that all things are back to normal and lovely as always. Your covered deck is so beautiful. I love the colors and the lovely billowing curtains.
    Emmett is such a love and so lucky to have you!
    much love to you from me...

  12. Geez Donna where did all that water come from? Do you have a river near you? But all that water did not harm your garden from the look of it because it looks all wonderful. I love Tinkerhouse from the first time I layed eyes on her here on your blog but now your deck wow, it looks so great, I just have to pin it!
    I wish you lot's more happy garden days to come this Summer! xoxo~ Carola

  13. It is 2 am and I can't sleep. Your beautiful oasis, your lovely spirit have been a gift. Thank you and Thank you Emmett!


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