My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
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Garden Dreaming

Hello my Friends!

The weather here as been terribly frigid and even with a fresh layer of snow to insulate the roof...
I can't seem to get warm!
I find myself curled up under a throw in my studio...daydreaming about gardens!
It all started this morning with the arrival of my David Austin Rose Catalog!

I'm making plans for this years garden and potager. Doodling a few ideas and thinking of the warmer days ahead.
Planning out my garden adventures is always a favorite past time of mine!

What have you been doing thus far this Winter?
Have  you turned to thoughts of warmer days yet?

Where ever you are stay warm!


  1. I actually have a few things blooming... hellebores, cyclamin coum and heathers.... but I have been watching a few perennials come up. I even have new growth on daylilies! They need to rest a bit more... calling for ice tonight.

    Thanks for sharing!
    God bless....Brooke
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  2. You know I was thinking the same thing the other day, I can't wait to get outside and work in the yard. I have to say you made me laugh about my post, I know you would say that. I sure your getting a BIG kick out of this. stay warm and I will talk to you soon.


  3. I'm so ready for spring, and can't wait for the brown to turn into green. Every year I have high hopes for sprucing up our yard but nothing ever gets accomplished. Maybe this year....

  4. It was 12 years ago, sitting in my living room looking out at the snow covering my yard that first inspired me to start gardening. Dreaming of greener days and pretty flowers blooming doesn't have to wait until spring. I feel happy thinking about those first little buds coming up out of the ground.

  5. I am swooning over my new David Austin Rose catalog. Such beautiful blooms for inspiration. Happy designing.

  6. I am so anxious for Spring. I just got my new D. Austin rose catalog, too. Have fun doodling- xo Diana

  7. The afghan has been my friend lately too Donna. I can't believe how long this cold snap has lasted. If it could just warm up to 30 degrees, I would be a little happier to run to the post office to get my mail : )
    Spending time with garden catalogs sounds like a great way to spend a little time!
    I think I'll send you some warm, warm hugs today...

  8. Oh, you know it! It is soooo cold here in Boston. I hate it. I'm dreaming of tropical vacations and the sun on my skin! xo

  9. Honey chile... I'm dreaming as well! LOVE the mailman this time of year... he comes with loads of those seed catalogs.

    DEARLY love your blog & the talent you share!

    ~Pamela from Kentucky

  10. Donna, It has been very cold the past few days. I am longing to see a seed catalog. May have to look on line. I will be planting a few new spots this year. You gardens always look so nice. Keep warm. xoxo,Susie

  11. Donna, It seems like we are all dreaming of Spring, waiting for those little green shoots to pop up out of the cold ground. Then the leaf buds to appear on our rose bush's. We all have our rose catalogs out searching for something new. As i live in France I have their beautiful varieties to choose from. At the moment I'm waiting for the bulbs to pop up & flower. Have a peep at my blog

  12. I've just become a new follower of your blog. I found you on & Oh Donna, how I'd love your Tinker House in my garden. I'm looking forward to being able to read more of your older posts.


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