My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
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Part Two...Viva Las Vegas!

When we were first told of April's plans for a Vegas wedding...I did some research on the venue.
Nothing appealed to me about Planet all!
More research...

I discovered that Paris, Las Vegas was right next door and therefore...where we would be staying!
I have to tell you...I had a marvelous time there!

The entire resort is laid out like a miniature copy of Paris!
Even the faint sound of French music is playing in the background!

Nothing at all like next was actually quite elegant!
Each morning and late afternoon, I stopped into this amazing patisserie for a fabulous treat or croissant.
All of which are made each day in house!

The day after the wedding, we had brunch with the newlyweds and met with the photographer.
I  was exhausted!
I took a long hot bath in our big marble tub...crawled under a blanket in a very comfy Bergeré chair and watched old movies the rest of the afternoon!
Ahh paradise and a view to boot!

We had a wonderful time...April got the wedding she had dreamed of...
Life is good!

There was some serious drama, but she handled it with grace.
The day they were to fly to Vegas...they had plane problems and actually had to return to Texas and wait another 2 hours for another plane.
Then, upon there arrival in Las Vegas...several hours after they were supposed to have been there...


Not kidding!
Because of all the plane problems...her wedding dress was lost!
But at first, No one seemed to know what had become of it!
Just breathe I told her over the phone....and Pray!
I was sick! I could only imagine what she was feeling!

Finally, someone in baggage claim from another airlines even...
Saw her crying and curled up in a corner.
She jumped into help after she discovered what had happened!
She located April's dress and even had it put on the next flight for her!
It was in Minnesota!

Thank you Father for this amazing lady! 

April and Russell stayed at the airport in Las Vegas for another 2 hours to await it's arrival!
They ended up spending about 16 hours at airports that day!
I have to tell you...I am very proud of her! She had every real reason to turn into a monster...but she didn't!

Even on the day of her wedding...she was the only one of the girls who remained calm!
Only once did she even get slightly upset and that is when she was locked out of her suite until I could get there with a key from next door!
Amazing Grace!

And so very thoughtful!

Getting her lucky penny from hubby!
Can you tell he adores her?

After all is said and was magical!

April is now married to her Prince Charming and life is slowly returning to normal.

As I once again put a dress in the upstairs closet...

I realized I haven't really shown you my "lady in red"moment.
So here it is...

I really had fun!
Several times throughout the evening, I had people stop me and ask if it was me who was getting married Some of them even shouted congratulations across the casino!

My sweet hubby loved it! 
This is quite the rare thing...a picture of the two of us...together at the same time!

Thank you for letting me share this whole wedding story with you and for leaving me such wonderful comments!
April had been reading them as well and she has loved hearing from you!

Until next time...
Many blessings!


  1. gosh...the dress was lost!!! I can keep my cool through most things and think the things that go wrong are what make a wedding memorable but the loss of the dress would be the one thing that would make me crazed. I love your dress! That little sweater...just perfect over it. I can see why you were mistaken for the bride. I love Paris in Las Vegas too! Last time I was there I stayed there and pretended I was in the real Paris. I don't care about gambling one bit. But oh..I get to Vegas and I just love looking at all the decor and signage. Lots for a designer to soak up.

  2. Donna, I adore the family photo. All of you look wonderful. Poor April, all that trouble. She faced it bravely and it worked out. You are a knock out in the red dress...and thank God April's dress was found, a perfect fit on her.Blessings to all of you. xoxo,Susie

  3. Beautifully planned and executed. Lovely Bride and Mother of the Bride. Thankfully any drama did not overtake the joy of the occasion. Memories to last forever. Blessings...

  4. Love your commentary and thank you for letting us be a part of your sacred and joyful event. I remember with love and tears in my eyes when my only child had her fairy tale wedding. It was in a Parisian small hotel in downtown Dallas. I let the owner and the chef do their thing and it was truly magical. So I know what you felt when you saw your babies dreams come true. There's nothing like it. I just wish the pictures were clickable so we could enlarge. I would love to see details.

  5. What a beautiful wedding! Scary dress story though. I don't know who looks more beautiful- YOU or the BRIDE! Congratulations- life just gets better and better, doesn't it? xo Diana

  6. I have enjoyed seeing all the beautiful pictures of your daughter's wedding! Her dress was so gorgeous and the bouquet you made is just perfect! Her happiness shows all over her face!
    PS Your dress is stunning! Red looks so beautiful on you!

  7. You look fabulous in red! Thanks for sharing your daughter's wedding photos -- it looks like it was so much fun. Congratulations to April and her Prince Charming!


  8. April looks so beautiful! How wonderful that she had grace under pressure. You look amazing in your red dress!

  9. April is gorgeous! And your red dress? You look fab!!! Next time Hubby & I stay in Vegas on our way to CA, I'll be suggesting Paris, Las Vegas. :)
    Hugs and happiness to you & yours, Donna!

  10. What a great time you all had, and everyone looks amazing and beautiful.
    Now it's party time.


  11. Just beautiful and red is your color. Di

  12. I thank you for your little review of Paris, Las Vegas! I would love to stay there!
    You all looked amazing!
    I can tell you that when I worked for the airlines, I tracked a few wayward wedding dresses. It's a heart breaker!
    Donna, there is so much "in love" radiating from your photographs!
    It's beautiful! Melts this heart!


  13. Oh I loved the wedding dress length, cocktail length they called it back in the 1950's. It was a beautiful wedding
    What a horrible thing to have to go through right before you wedding, the airlines loosing her dress

    You looked great in the RED dress beautiful , what a happy family picture, and the cowboy groom was cute LOL

  14. You look GORGEOUS! Oh my gosh! I'm stunned at how pretty the Paris section is too. It really looks french... and even french music in the background?! Now, i could do that! I had no idea how cool it all is... (i don't get out much) Looks like it was all quite magical... and phew - glad everything worked out, sounds like your daughter was quite a trooper!


  15. Donna, April's wedding has been amazing, thanks for taking us along. And you, Girl, looked beautiful in your "red" moment!!

  16. So glad everything worked out in the end....It somehow always does. My sister actually dropped my husbands ring outside of the hair salon that morning and didn't even know it. A lady came in and asked if it was ours....someone was looking out for us:-)

    I love Paris,Las Vegas...such a beautiful place. Both you and your daughter looked amazing that day!

    Take care,

  17. I'm a new follower of your blog and wanted to say what a wonderful fun wedding your daughter had even though there were plenty of events that could have turned it into disaster. She looked beautiful & so happy with her Prince Charming. You looked fabulous in the RED outfit, you should wear red more often. The 50's era was fantastic for glam dresses & that's certainly how you looked.Congratulations to your daughter.


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