My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

A winner is announced and Chapter 2...Christmas at Horton's

Hello everyone!
My goodness!
Ya'll totally amazed me  with your  turnout for Tinkers 1st give-away!
Thank you so much!

I have really loved reading all of your sweet comments...I almost hated to post a winner!

But...I did promise!
So our winner for Tinker's bucket of goodies is:

# 30

Lisa @ Reinspire!

Congratulations Lisa!
(Email me with your snail mail address and which of the two little tins you would like
And I will get it right out to you!)

Now on to Horton's!
As you can imagine the store is constantly being reset. As things sell we have to create other little vignettes for you.
Before I show you a few places you haven't seen anywhere...
Here is one you have seen...
but I still love it!

It's our Whispering Pines Fragrance Collection!

I love the cast plaster cherubs,  garden iron, vintage lace and music sheets together!
It reminds me of the fragrance itself. Subtle and elegant.
I keep this fragrance in my home all winter...It's really amazing!

While we are in this room...
These sweet little cherub mirrors are also one of favorite products!

These tiny silver wing sachets I made are scented with a spicy fragrance...Christmas Memories!
It's screen printed silk with a tiny sterling silver wing sewn on to it!

I have reset this wall...3 times!
It is just a cool look I think!
Do you like the mix of vintage frames with other elements?

I love this large memo board piece! It has removable bars and a screen printed postage background for memos!

The bonnet top of the Antique Secretary

I know I have shown you the Ephemera bed and bedding but I really do love it! is another look

at the foot of the bed there is a french piece that has some neat verbage tablerunners....
And ...Some shoe sachets I made!
They are scented with a soft lavender fragrance!

I actually made some for myself...And I love them!
they make my shoes smell wonderful and also keep my ballet flats from folding!

One of the many things we try to do seasonally is to give you some fresh new ideas for your entry areas!
Especially your front doors!
This is one of my favorites!

These little grey metal handled baskets are narrow enough to hang between most storm doors (for those who have them)
And unique enough to be noticed from the street!
I love these handmade tags too!
We have a local Artisan make these for us!
She's so talented!

So What do you think?
Are you inspired for the Holidays yet?
I hope so!

I  do have some news:
My etsy shop reopens on Monday, November 22
And it will be filled with some really fun things as well as my new Tinker House Collection!

And on Tuesday, November 23.
We are so excited...
because we will be opening the store's blogshop!
We have decided to call it the
Shoppe at Horton's

Now all of you, Wherever you may be...
Can shop at Horton's!

Now how cool is that?
Also Don't forget...Our Black Friday Event!
The store will be open from 9a.m. to 7 p.m.
 But from 4 to 7p.m.
The store will have be having a sale of sorts!
Special Prices throughout the store!
If you are in the area...We hope you can join us!

Well...I am in the middle of hanging drywall in my NEW closet !
I have been taking pictures and will share them next week!
But I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Oooooooo myyyyyyyyyy Gooooosh!!!
    I am DROOLING!!! Im new to blogging and JUST found you! I Feel like im in heaven!!! Your site is so Soft and Fluffy and Pillow-ee...And THAT LIL HOUSE!!! Aaahhh...SWOON! I want to MOVE IN!!!! Im not Playin...Ill pack my stuff right now! I have an interior design business and blog, I love ALL things beautiful...That would include THIS..all of this! I also LOVE that you put your Faith out there, I do the same as I would be nothing without God! I am doing 14 days of christmas trees and would be BEYOND JOYED if you came to visit...I also have a GIVEAWAY! In love with your lil spot of "Heaven"

    *ENTER CUSTOM FLORAL Give-Away Here *

    blessings xoxokara

  2. I am so inspired, indeed! You do such beautiful work & your styling is top notch. Can't WAIT to see that shop on Monday!


  3. Hi Donna,
    Everything is so breathtakingly beautiful again! I just love your photographs of all the wonderful goodies at the store. Aren't those little bird ornaments just so cute?? I bought the store out of them yesterday...they only had seven. :)

  4. Donna I can't get enough of these pictures! Everything looks wonderful even now, after I know you have probably sold a ton of stuff. I have got to go someplace soon to see some Christmas in person...I am really needing that fix, so I thank you for taking me to the store with you today!!!
    Congratulations to your lucky, lucky winner...she really got a treasure, from a treasure.
    Love to you...

  5. Oh, Donna! I had to read the winning name several times to make sure it really was me!!! I am on cloud 9!! I just love everything you do! I am so honored and can't thank you enough. This is the best early Christmas present! Hugs to you!!
    Oh, and PS...I just adore your lavender shoe sachets! So clever!

  6. It's all just wonderful Donna! Why oh why do I live soooo far away!!

  7. How pretty! I just love that memo board and the gorgeous pillows! I'm in awe of your display talents!

    Congratulations Lisa on winning the giveaway!

  8. Absolutely LOVE all the photos - great ideas and stunning displays. Am pleased to hear the opening of your etsy and the new store sales blog. YEH....

  9. LOVE the front door basket. such a fresh and lovely idea!

    love to you! Donna

  10. Great inspirations, love all the displays. Coming back to see your etsy shop on Monday. You are quite the busy bee!

  11. Congrats to the winner, that was a fab giveaway! It's a white Christmas at Horton's, can't wait for the blog shop, you are so talented! XX!

  12. Exciting!

    P.S. – I’m having a Jeanne d’Arc Living Christmas Giveaway!

    Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

  13. I'm happy to say I've seen Horton's with my own eyes and it is breathtaking! And meeting you was the highlight of the trip!

  14. Congrats to Lisa! I am loving all of those beautiful pillows. xo


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