My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
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Book Page Wreath Tutorial for White Wednesday!

Well Hello  My Dear Friends!

Yes...It is Wednesday and when I can...It is usually a post about all things White and Wonderful.

But today...

I thought I would

mix it up a bit!

I have been so busy with getting the store ready for the
 Spring Open House...

Spending time with my Family...

And attending my youngest son's graduation from PIR(Navy boot camp graduation) in Chicago.

And well you know...
Just doing the whole day to day thing!

for quite some time now...

I have been wanting to show you how to make the book page wreath
 I started making about a year ago and  now
I am seeing  it everywhere! (Too Cool!)

Too often...they don't remember where they got the idea...
so I will tell you...right here and now ...
you can make your own!

It's not hard...just plan on setting aside some time.
And lots of book pages!


No matter what kind of project I am working on...
I lay out some brown butchers paper.
I do this to protect my table from glue and also 
 if I need to get the project off the table in a hurry...I can.

Next...I gather my materials

I use metal frames from the floral section of the craft store,
A roll of jute twine,
scissors, a glue stick,
and of course...
book pages!
I like to use pages from  paper back novels because of there size...
they also weather much faster...I like them to have that old look.

When I put a banner across the front...I use upholstery webbing or...
one made from another page.

I know you remember this...It is the one that hangs on my front door!

I roll each page about a finger thickness and glue the bottom with a glue stick
After I have rolled ALOT of these...
I start making the little bundles that are tied onto the wire frame.

At this point...I sometimes use a hot glue gun to glue to three rolls together.
(but you can just use the glue stick.)

Now we begin the actual construction process.
I take a piece of the jute twine and tie it onto the wire frame...
then place the book page bundle on top and tie it  with a small knot.

Ta Da!

Keep doing this all the way around the wire frame.

This is what the back of the wreath should look like.

I used the smallest frame for this wreath..

It is about 12inches in diameter when finished.

I usually use the large and medium frames.

Since this is a small wreath...And because it's now Spring...
I made small flowers from additional book pages to decorate it with!

This is the next size up...I like to hang it in front of mirrors...
or on bedroom doors. Almost anywhere!

I hope that this was helpful.

If you would rather just buy one finished...they are available at the Tipton store... my Etsy store!
I have so many NEW things to put in my Etsy store
 and will be doing just that ...
Next week!

Since I didn't really share alot of white wonderments...
Here is a picture I took of one of my bookcases.

For so much more White Wednesday Wonderments...
Head over to our Gracious Hostess'

She always has the most amazing posts!
Stop back by soon...
I have finally gotten around to getting the upstairs of my home photographed and I can't wait to show you!
Next week...So much to look forward to...
New merchandise in my Etsy Store...
Photos of my upstairs...
And Something I have been thinking about...
here's a little hint...
A give-away! More details later!

Have a blessed Wednesday Evening Dear Friends!

hugs, donna


  1. Hey Donna! Love, love, love it. but looks like a lot of work! It's especially darling with those little flowers added on!! Hey, your boy is a handsome young man, I know you're a proud mama!
    Hugs and love,

  2. Hi Donna, It was so nice of you to share on how to make this wreath :) I hope you are almost done with your store decorating and ordering for the spring. I love the picture of your son it reminds me of my Papa when he was a young man in the navy :) iIhope you have a great rest of the week.


  3. Thanks so much for the tutorial! You are such a creative lady and so gracious about sharing your awesome talent with all of us. Thank You!
    PS What a cutie your son is.:)

  4. I love books so this is something I would be drawn to. It looks beautiful!

  5. Hey Donna
    This tutorial is so generous and lovely... I love how it turned out~you are amazing.

  6. 1. donna, thank you X 10 for sharing this tutorial about the FAB wreath! 2. "yay" for your son's graduation!!
    3. those white books...did someone spray paint them that FAB white color??? adore it!

  7. I LOVE the wreath Donna! Thank you so much for the tutorial. I would love to make one of these. I am such a procrastinator though, so I know it will take me forever. lol I guess all I have is time.
    I loved the picture of your handsome boy. Congratulations on his graduation.

  8. I have always loved your book page wreath! Thanks for showing us how to do it! Hope things are well...can't wait to see all that you have planned to show us!


  9. Your room turned out lovely! The quilt is just beautiful. love your wreath it looks just perfect!

  10. My friend makes these book page wreaths yours is wonderful...I think I will make one too!! for spring.

    Bless your son in the Navy...Gotta love-em


  11. Really Wonderful!
    Desy di Creattivando


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