Thursday, March 6, 2014

And so it begins~The New Downstairs Bath

Hello Everyone!

I thought I would share a little bit about our current renovation project. One that has been a long time in the making.,
The downstairs bath.
But before I do... here is a picture of my dining room mantle.

It's so much prettier than what I'm about to share...
Are you ready?


This is and has been since around 1920....the downstairs bathroom.
This was taken just as we began ripping out the old...

Layers and layers of YUCK!

This is actually the second time we have worked in this room. The first time was 17 years ago and it was literally just a quick remodel.
When we were done it looked like this.

Before that, I barely remember but it was divided in the middle and you came in just off the stairs Yep, right behind the potty but at that time it was just beside it and you couldn't even open the door all the way.
I told you YUCK!
We have found many surprises along the way . Unique ways to patch holes...

And traces of what once was, the original back door to the house.
Probably circa 1890's.

Before colder weather set in we replaced the old window with glass block and insulated.

Last weekend,
The floor was completely removed, layers and layers of ...
Yep, you've got it YUCK!
The original floor joints were jack up and reinforced and then the whole bathroom was decked.

We now have a great new plywood floor!
But it's a perfect start to what happens next.
Over the course of a few years, we have sketched, planned and discussed to the nines...the new downstairs bath.
This is a rough plan of what we will be doing.

We used glass block in the existing window because it is now in the shower!
A second window will be installed over the tub once the outside temperatures allow us to open a gaping hole in the wall.
In the meantime, construction gets underway on the other side of the room this weekend.
Woo Who!
I won't be here...
Double woo who!

I'm off to Texas once again to visit with Miss Paisley but the knee wall and closet construction will begin.
I'm so excited!
We have put this room of until last for so many reasons, but now we've begun....
I'm actually excited about it!
I will share some of the really cool fixtures, tile and vanity ideas with you soon!
Until next time
Blessings to you my friends!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Nursery Project

Hello Everyone and Happy Tuesday!
I had told you I would share Paisley's Nursery with you and that I will.
I just wish that I had taken more pictures!

Here's one of the few I actually have of the completed room.

It all started way back when April found out they were expecting...sometime in mid-May.
She knew she wanted a neutral palette.
Something that would work for a boy or girl.
She then found her crib.
It's the kenwood from Restoration Hardware.

She chose it mainly because she loved the color, sandwashed grey.

That's when she solidified her decision of a mainly grey nursery with aqua blue and cream.

This sounded great to me until I tried to find bedding that was gender neutral in that color palette. Something timeless and no themes.

I found several gorgeous bedding collections from Restoration Hardware....
For a girl.
And of course, there's Bella Notte!
But April wanted something for a boy or a girl.
This meant I would be sewing.

I found some great cotton prints and a lovely grey linen and got to work.

In the meantime,
We found out, we were getting a girl, Paisley Reyné.

I really wanted to do a more girly crib and bedding but April stuck to her guns.
Gender Neutral it is.

The only feminine things in Paisley's nursery will move with her to her big girl room.
They consist mainly of a vintage chifferobe, little iron table and chair from April's  nursery...

An antique crystal chandelier and iron crown for her crib draping...

And a French style booksellers table.

All of her cabinetry was custom built ~by Pappy/hubby the carpenter!

On the night Paisley was born...
Pappy and I were talking about the closet project. We needed to make the opening wider.

So he opened it up and made it 12 inches wider at the front and narrower at the back, only 24 inches deep.
This way we could start out with a stock base cabinet in oak and build off of that. Such a timesaver!

And that's just what he did!
In the meantime and almost every evening when I got home from the hospital...
I mudded the walls to remove the texture so common to Texas homes known as mexican drag.
What I mean by that is I smoothed them out by hand using a trowel and nearly 3
 5 gallon buckets of drywall compound.

 Did I mention that they have 9 foot ceilings? Or that I'm afraid of heights?
It took me awhile!

Yep, quite awhile! 
Emmitt supervised from behind the baby gate.

Speaking of Emmitt...
He just celebrated his first birthday!

Instead of cake, he ate snow!

I then went on to paint the ceiling with mottled shades of aqua and blue, added some clouds and stars.
Painted the walls with a shade of grey we color matched to one of her fabrics. 
I used a chalk paint so that as Paisley grows, she too can doodle on the walls.

Like I did here for her growth chart,
And over her crib!

Her window treatments are drapery panels in French Linen from Pottery Barn and cotton voile tie on panels from World Market.

Her diaper stacker,

And bedding were all made from the little cotton prints I found.

Her closet built-in/ changing table was finished in a custom color stain similar to what is on her crib. When they are done using the changing table, this will make a great closet for a young person with closet rods above and below the base.

Mommy and Daddy both love Paisley's Nursery. I love that we were able to incorporate some of her Mommy's Nursery things into the room.

I just hope Paisley loves it too!

Next time...
I promise to do better getting pictures of projects.
Speaking of which, I need to get back to our latest one here at the reno ranch!
I will share more on that soon!
Blessings to you!
Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

It's Been Awhile

Hello My Friends!
If you are reading this then my friends you truly are!

It's been sometime since I was able to visit here with you.
So....much has happened it might take awhile to work through this post!

It started way back in October, soon after my return from Tennessee...

I left to visit my son in Virginia who had just returned from a deployment to Japan.
I drove through winding mountain passes in West Virginia...

  Along the ocean in Virginia...

Through underwater tunnels and then....

back home again.

I hadn't been home long...
Literally just days, when my daughter, April texted me several times from her Doctor's Appointment on Friday, November 8.
They wanted her to go directly to Weatherford hospital. She was having problems with severe swelling and high blood pressure. At this point, she was only 27 weeks and a few days into her pregnancy.

We left late the next day, driving and praying through the night so that we could be there on Sunday morning, November, 10.

We rented a larger truck than what we own so that we could bring Emmitt and all of the things we had been gathering for Paisley's nursery. We hadn't even started working on the nursery yet.
We were supposed to come the following week to do attend her baby shower and start on it then.

Paisley Reyné was born the next evening, Monday, November 11, 2013.
Just barely past the 28 week mark.

So, I'm going to stop and let you know that I've got chills just sharing this with you.

I am a women of Faith.
My relationship with my Heavenly Father is all that keeps me going at times.

We knew God had his hand on this precious little family, but now we know He had been making plans for something miraculous!

The birth of our tiny princess!

While in the Weatherford hospital over the weekend, April was given 2 steroid injections to help Paisley's lungs develop sooner. This was on the first day of her stay two days prior to Paisley's birth.

On Monday morning November 11th, April's doctor released her to come home. We were under strict orders to take April to Harris Hospital downtown Fort Worth if anything at all was not right.
After only about 6 hours at home, just after dinner, Russell came into the nursery where Hubby and I had just begun talking about the project ...
April was in the bathroom...
Something was not right...
We all knew she had to go to the hospital. Thinking it would only be overnight or a few days at most...
Russell and I threw what we had just unpacked into an overnight bag and off Russell went to the hospital a minimum of 45 minutes away.
They were not there but a short time when April's placenta tore away.. she had sudden onset Preeclampsia. A very severe case.
Had this happened at home...

Or even the Weatherford hospital...

We would not have our darling girls!

We were told that Weatherford would have had to wait for transport.
They would not have been able to save them both.

God knew Russell would get April to the hospital~lickety split!
Just in time as it were!

 This was the very first picture taken of our little angel...less than 10 minutes after they took her mommy back to surgery.
Daddy took it from his cell phone and sent it to me.
I wasn't even at the hospital yet!
We were in route, with my dearest darling Rebecca and the most amazing prayer team sending up prayers for our precious ones as we drove.

We were so blessed!

One of the specialist from the team of doctors we were supposed to meet the next morning was there and delivered Paisley. This team is so...good,
Women are flown in from all over the southwest for them to deliver there preemie babies!

There's God's hand again! .
All knowing and totally covering us with His grace!

The specialist just happened to be in the hospital that night and called into April's room just as her placenta tore away

I took these pictures from my phone the very first time I saw her!

It took awhile nearly a week for April to get well enough to be released from the hospital. Even now, she has a few problems with blood pressure and blurred vision.

We spent the next 64 days...
In the NICU!

doing cares...
 giving baths...

And growing!

 We celebrated many milestones there at Paisley's cribside.

1st and 2nd month birthdays!

 Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Our Family all worked our way towards the goal of bringing Paisley home. Paisley was so blessed to have regular visits from Grandparents and Great Grandparents. Their visits really helped keep up spirits.

I have to tell you these were some of the hardest days of my life.

Not only was I away from my Husband and my home, but it was so.. hard to watch my daughter and son-in-law go through this.
Leaving their baby each and every evening. I tried hard to stay positive and upbeat. Never wanting April to know how I was struggling.
Prayer was all that kept me going some days.
Others, well...
I had Emmitt!

And of course, April, Russell and Paisley!

If you have ever gone through this or know someone who understand.
Most nights, I would just collapse in bed and then cry.
Thank God for the amazing team of Doctors, Nurses and even Receptionist at the NICU!
They are truly Angels walking among us!

It can be so confusing in this environment, alarms going off on monitors, a different nurse everyday and it seems like everything you're being told conflicts with what they told you the day before...
It was a daily walk of Faith.
Totally out of control and relying on the One who was.
Whew! Hard stuff!

We were blessed with a few truly special nurses who got us through the thick of things!

Back at home in Indiana....
Our city of Kokomo was hit hard by a series of tornadoes on November 13.
We live in a small town to the south but....
My car was in Kokomo, sitting in the parking lot of the car rental agency.
It was totaled.

Our bank was leveled and a huge part of town was destroyed or nearly so.

But once again, God had a plan, I couldn't see it yet, but that silver lining had to show up soon,
I was getting weak in the knees!

He knew I needed a new vehicle and showed us a way for me to get the very one I wanted!

I even got to buy it while I was still in Texas!

It really helped having the additional vehicle...we were about to start our tag team race to get Paisley home.
I took the early morning feeds with the help of my mom from time to time.
April was there in the afternoon and evenings meeting up with Russell and then it would start all over the next day!

Our goal...
Seemed simple enough but let me tell you what...
When a baby has been fed through a tube since birth, they haven't a clue as to how to take a bottle! It was such a workout for her!
We had to literally teach Paisley how to eat!

In order to come home....Paisley had to do take the entire bottle 8 times consecutively in 24 hours...
Without her stat alarms going off!
This was the hardest part of our NICU stay!

 Pappy commuted the 1000 miles on a regular basis to visit with the little miss!

Finally, it arrived!
2 months and 2 days after she was born...

The tiny princess came home to Weatherford! With much fanfare!

My daughter's face says it all and brings tears to my eyes everytime I see it!

Everyone including Emmitt was glad to see this day finally arrive!

One week later...

My hubby flew in to drive Emmitt and I home in our new vehicle.
After 74 days...
I had to leave Miss Paisley and her mommy!
We had a talk and she said "she would be good" but...

She's been pretty stinkin' ornery!

She just celebrated her 3 month birthday!
She now weighs 7lbs 9oz. and is 21.5 inches long!
She is now the size of the full-term newborn.
God truly blessed us!
Paisley is doing amazing! Other than being small...
She is doing great!

Don't let her small size fool you...
She's a pistol!

I wouldn't want it any other way!

I have a blast making her tiny blankets, headbands and shoes!

Most days we video chat and I'm flying back to Texas to spend a week next month!
It has been hard being away after seeing her nearly everyday for the first 74!

Since I've been home...
We had a record year of snow!

Emmitt loves it!

Me, not so much!
It's been so...cold!
Somedays too cold for Emmitt to play he pouts!

I did have a chance to do a quick event....the very week after I got home!

I am feeling quite blessed after seeing all this now in print!
I am so very grateful to everyone who followed along on facebook.

Because the kids do not have internet out in the sticks of weatherford...
Doing blog posts was out of the question but we tried to keep everyone updated via facebook and instagram!

Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers!
They truly got us through!
My dear friend Deb and her darling daughter Jennifer were so... good to keep in touch and pray continuously! They had a very similar experience with their darling Bella!
You can read Bella's amazing story here
Ya'll rock!
God knows how much I love you and Aunt Bea!

Well, that's it for now.
Life is starting to get back to normal.
We are back to our renovation and wow! Wait 'till you see the mess he's in there making as I sit here at my laptop!
Later this week I will show you Miss Paisley's nursery that Pappy/Hubby and I built for our tiny princess!
And then, the next project here at the reno ranch!

If you're still reading this you rock too!
Thank you so much for sticking it out with me!

Until next time...God Bless Ya'll!