Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Paisley's first photo shoot with Give me props Photography and "I'm having a garage sale on Saturday"

Hi everyone!

Life here at the reno ranch has been crazy, crazy, crazy since I last checked in.
We have 3 major projects in the house and two outside!
If that were not enough....I decided to participate in the town wide garage sale....
THIS Saturday!
and I made this decision....YESTERDAY!

Yep, I've lost it!
I haven't held a garage sale in years....and never without my daughter April to help!

But yesterday, she and Paisley were quite busy!
They hung out with Jennifer Banda,
a wonderful photographer who just happens to be
The daughter of my dear friend Deb of talkin trash 
Jennifer's business is called Give me Props Photography . If you get a chance, popover and like her facebook page!
Here is a sneaky peek at Paisley's first photo shoot!

I will let you see more on Friday after I return home from
The French Market in Tipton.

Have a wonderful rest of the week! I'm off to gather more stuff for the garage sale!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Inspiration from my Texas Shopping Trip

Hi Ya'll!

I have been so... busy working on numerous projects we have going here at home...

I forgot to tell you about my Texas shopping trips!

To start with, You might not know that I lived in Texas for more than 25 years before moving here to the midwest.
My mom's family all lives there and as you know so does my daughter and her family.
In all that time, I had never been shopping in either McKinney or Hico.

What is wrong with this picture?


Before we left home,
I found a store online that I really wanted to visit. It just happens to be in the really amazing city of McKinney. About 2 and a half hours from where my daughter lives.

So load up we did and made a day of it.
After several text conversations with my dear friend Deb, we knew we were gonna "see the sights"

Gray Living was everything I had imagined and so much more!


I bought several candles that ironically are made here in Indiana...
And ended up ordering a large gray washed basket then down the street we went.

The entire downtown area of McKinney is quite amazing!
It's just lined with gorgeous stores and amazing sidewalk cafés and bistro's!
I was in shopping paradise!

So much to do and see and the only thing we needed to do was pick out where we wanted to eat lunch and roam from store to store!
I found many treasures and was greatly inspired by so many of the darling little shops that completely circled the courthouse and lined several surrounding streets.

But Three more stood out in my mind as beyond amazing!
Patina Green Home and Market which Deb had mentioned by name was one that stood out in my mind the rest of my stay and even now that I'm back home.

It is my inspiration for a wall in my entry which I will share with you in a minute!

The entire store and café are amazing!
We brought home some fresh produce, cheese and an unforgettable handmade pasta!

I didn't get to eat lunch there because we were running a bit late for that but I heard it is to die for!

I have already informed my daughter, Next time.....

I loved everything about this entire store!
Everything I bought was fabulous!
I'm now a huge fan!

As the afternoon wore on....Tiny Miss Paisley was getting tired!

But there were a few more stores that took my breathe away!

My Favorite Room was the next shop that stood out.

Timeless and Elegant are the best words to describe this wonderful retreat of a store.

They Specialize in European Antiques and specialty bedding!
Bella Notte, Pom Pom Home, and Pine Cone Hill to name a few.

I loved it! Even my hubby was impressed, that's saying something!

Just the across the street, An adorable antique store called Antique Company Mall.
They had some of the coolest window displays!
And last but not least
The Smitten Flea where I bought a book I've been wanting for a while now and some gorgeous vintage lace.

McKinney, Texas.... A shoppers dream and it was only a Tuesday!

On Friday, April and I headed out to the little town of Hico.
Another road trip but again well worth it.

There was an event taking place that weekend that I didn't want to miss and I'm so glad I didn't!

Hosted by Sugar Moon Antiques

This little town was hopin'
We found so many treasures we had to make several trips to the car!
I got to meet some amazing vendors and can't wait until the next event! Well priced treasures and the displays were inspiring!
Everything I look for in a pop-up event and more!

Our lunch on this day was another one of those memorable events.
BBQ that literally fell apart in your mouth served out of a converted horse trailer~too cool!
I discovered he has a restaurant on a ranch just down the road.  Again, next time....

Okay, so there you have it...
My shop 'til ya drop days in Texas!
Now, for the inspiration.

At the uber Fabulous Patina Green Home and Market...
There is a wall of reclaimed wood siding just behind the cash register.
It's similar to this one outside of there store.

Well, here at home,
Right inside my front door....
Is just such a wall.

When we enclosed this section of the front porch to become our new entry, I asked that my hubby leave this intact. I would look at it and think....
" I'm going to strip it down"
But I knew how much work this involved and kept putting it off.
That is until I got back from Texas....
I undertook the mammoth project and I will show it to you very soon because...

The Entry is nearly finished.
I work on it every chance I get but mostly when it's not feasible work outside.

Very soon, I will show you!

Just today I ordered a stencil for the other walls. Once I'm done, you will be the first to know!

In other news,
Today is quite special in our family...

Miss Paisley Reyné is 7 months old!
She just happens to be wearing her Janie and Jack romper I bought while in Texas and the very one she wore to McKinney!

Time flies doesn't it?

Thank you for spending some of your time here with me today,
Blessings to you my friends!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Forget-me-nots, Flea Market Finds and a Peek into the Library

It's a rainy, dreary day here at home. I can't work outside in the garden so I thought I would bring a tiny bit of the garden inside.

This sweet little flower is known as forget-me-not.
An old fashioned favorite and one that I rarely see anymore.

I love how they look in this little vintage pitcher I found on Etsy awhile back.
In the finally finished library!

On a tiny table between two slipcovered wing chairs! The tiny ottoman was once my hubby's grandmothers and we have left "as is" ....for now :)

I recently found some great vintage plates that remind me of forget-me-nots.

I brought one into the library to share.

Kind of similar, don't you think?

Most days, they are in the plate rack in the kitchen.

Just a tiny bit of color on the otherwise cream, white and grey palette.

While I was in Texas this last trip, we went shopping and I found many wonderful treasures I will share with you soon.

Well, since it's raining outside I need to go work on the bathroom reno project.
I will share our progress soon, but now...
Have a wonderful day!