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So glad you asked

I have gotten several emails lately asking about the Country Living photo shoot. So I thought I would answer a few of  your questions today and share more pictures with you.

photo courtesy of Country Living April issue, photo by Gridley Graves, styled by Liz Demos

Many of you asked  "How much was changed for the shoot?"
The answer is : Not a lot.
The fabulous stylist Liz Demos made a few changes to "tighten it up" make it more photo worthy, but nothing significant.

Here she is along with Anne Gridley and Gary Graves the husband and wife dynamic duo (aka the photographers)

I actually took some pictures before everyone arrived that morning so you can compare the before and afters.

As you can see, I had a few unfinished painting projects I was working on that morning!

This is the South side of Tinkerhouse. I loved this little vignette with the ladder and old grocery scales.

This is the back of Tinkerhouse . I  was standing next to my clothesline when I took this.

And this is the North side of Tinkerhouse. Actually I took it before I put the plant back in the bucket!

And of course, the front of Tinkerhouse.

Here you can actually spot a few of the changes, the ladder with herbs and the williamsburg wheelbarrow have been moved.
Also, my two french iron chairs were replaced with aqua bistro chairs from another area. This was done for more color in the final shots.

Inside, not a whole lot is different, just somethings you haven't seen.

The chalkboard is one of my favorite shots. I love the old hoe I use for a little shelf and the old door hardware for my chalk.

Liz did some really fun terrariums for the shoot and I got to keep them. They are so much fun.

A view from up high

Up close

I love this old metal milkman's tote. It didn't make it in the finals shots.

The tie backs for my paint tarp curtains. The old knobs were taken from the door to our basement.

Another question I was asked was "Where is the little area made from french doors?"
Well, that little vignette is tucked in between my guest cottage and our garage.

Its one of the first things you see when you come into the backyard from the garage.

I sprayed the glass panes in the doors and windows with a faux mirror paint to reflect the surrounding gardens.

It's become a favorite little spot to grab some shade in the middle of the day.

Another question was "What other areas did they shoot and not use?"

The biggest area shot besides Tinkerhouse was my Potager.

Some other fun spots not used  were my birdbath filled with pots,

The upper deck sitting area that we are transforming into a screened porch this Summer. (more on that later)

And the little vignette outside my shed.

Did you notice the new paint color on the house?
I fell in love with the idea of a blue house so we repainted the James Hardie Cement Siding. It took us about 50 or so paint chips and 3 or 4 of the sample pots to decide on the color. It had to look just right in all types of light.
I really love it!
While this was all happening, we had another memorable moment in our lives,
Our son and his wife had a baby! There Shower was the day before the photo shoot!
Serious hustling was going on that weekend!

Keller Eugene was born in July and his cousin Miss Paisley came from Texas to meet him in August.

She was quite taken with him but still made time for dancing with Grammy!

Last Summer was quite the whirlwind but Oh so much Fun!

Thank you for stopping by, I hope I've answered most of your questions.
I have a new project to tell you about next time!
Until then...many blessings!

Country Living visits Tinkerhouse

Hello My Friends!

Its been so long since my last post,
that I was lost as to how to proceed 
not even sure how to do a post on my new notebook!

 Much has happened and I was uncertain as to where to pickup after our last conversation,

So, lets start afresh!

Since it's just hit the newstands... 
Lets begin with

Country Living's visit to Tinkerhouse

I was in Texas visiting my girls when the April edition of Country Living was released and on the newstands. 
I was quite a giddy girl when I saw it in the grocery store for the first time! Even more fun, CL did two different covers! I was able to find them both while I was in Texas and can see why they couldn't choose just one.

Even though I've had almost a whole year knowing it was going to happen, seeing it for myself was quite a different thing altogether!
For me, the whole experience was a dream come true! One of those 'pinch me, I can't be real" moments.

It was a warm and beautiful day in late Spring early Summer that  I had the pleasure of welcoming the very talented husband and wife team of Gridley Graves photography to my garden. I met Anne and Gary when they came to do the photoshoot in Tipton of the French Market several years ago. We stayed in contact and I was so excited when they told me of this new opportunity. 
Along with them , Country Living sent Elizabeth Demos, the awesome and uber talented stylist who made Tinkerhouse shine for it's magazine debut.

photo courtesy of Country Living, taken by Gridley Graves and styled by Liz Demos.

The weather could not have been more perfect! Low to mid seventies, mild  breeze and a gorgeous sky!
 I am so pleased with how the whole piece turned out. Jennifer Kopf did a fantastic job on the article and I  very much enjoyed working with her as well!

Such a talented team and so very kind of Country Living to include us in the piece as well as the table of contents page!

I could not have even done this had it not been for my besties! Karen Horton, along with her daughter Holly and Hortons of Tipton for the photo extras and hours of labor to get Tinkerhouse and the garden ready.
My dear friend Karen Groff for her help pulling weeds in the rain for an entire day and my precious sister-in -law and brother Jacque and Denny Widup for the endless hours of prep work!
Thank you all~ I love you so much!

I have much more to share but this week
I am getting ready to unveil my new shop at Hortons of Tipton this Saturday!
More on that and another big surprise in the next few days!

Paisley's first photo shoot with Give me props Photography and "I'm having a garage sale on Saturday"

Hi everyone!

Life here at the reno ranch has been crazy, crazy, crazy since I last checked in.
We have 3 major projects in the house and two outside!
If that were not enough....I decided to participate in the town wide garage sale....
THIS Saturday!
and I made this decision....YESTERDAY!

Yep, I've lost it!
I haven't held a garage sale in years....and never without my daughter April to help!

But yesterday, she and Paisley were quite busy!
They hung out with Jennifer Banda,
a wonderful photographer who just happens to be
The daughter of my dear friend Deb of talkin trash 
Jennifer's business is called Give me Props Photography . If you get a chance, popover and like her facebook page!
Here is a sneaky peek at Paisley's first photo shoot!

I will let you see more on Friday after I return home from
The French Market in Tipton.

Have a wonderful rest of the week! I'm off to gather more stuff for the garage sale!