My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

The French Market

Hello my friends!

It's that time of year again when my every waking minute is consumed with preparations for

a glimpse at a previous market at Hortons

The French Market at  Hortons
 downtown Tipton, Indiana.

This years event will be held rain or shine Friday, July 7th and Saturday, July 8th. 

Rebecca's beautiful pop up shop from a past event

That's just a week away!
Even though I know longer produce this event, it's still one of my favorite shows to participate in. This year, it will be my only event as a vendor.

You see,
My new online boutique will be opening soon and I will need to focus on it completely for awhile.

It has taken me quite sometime to decide on products to carry and even more time to decide what I wanted to focus my energy on handcrafting. 

I have been looking forward to this year French Market because I will be unveiling my new product line!
I am so excited and a little nervous about this. So much of myself has been put into the gathering and creating of wares to sell. I really want to focus on things that I love and would purchase. I guess it's a little bit silly, but I want everyone to be able to find something that speaks the as it spoke to me when I found it or created it.  

So,if you can make it to Tipton next weekend....Please stop by and say Hi!

Blessings to you my friends!

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  1. Donna, I will be there. It will be wonderful to see you again. I am hoping my daughter Angie will come with me. Kris of Junk Chic Cottage is going to be there on Friday. I hope she gets to meet you. Love you lots, Susie


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