My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

The French Market in Tipton 2012

Hello my Friends!
I was hoping to get a post up during the event but like most things...not enough time.
So, here is a real quick walk through and I will get some more pictures up in a day or two.


Karen Horton and her mom Kathy

My space

Rebecca on setup day

And so many others...

Well, I'm super tired and have another busy week ahead as my daughter April and I head to Chicago tomorrow to search for the perfect wedding dress!
Then, she has to get the cottage transformed for a bridal luncheon she is having for my son's fiancé in the cottage this next Sunday!
I will get more pictures  of the event up soon.
I also wanted to Thank those of you who came from the bottom of my heart. 
Hugs ya'll


  1. OMGoodness, Donna. What beautiful photos. I would have loved to take in this show myself. You must be exhausted....but happy and exhausted, I hope!

    Good luck finding the perfect wedding dress- xo Diana

  2. Hi Donna!
    Everything looks so wonderful...I love that bicycle to too cute!!


  3. It looks great Donna !!.....all the things i see are wonderful !! from

  4. You did an AMAZING job again coordinating this!! Was going to tell you that in person Saturday but you were talking with some other people! Your jute backed bench was GORGEOUS as were your linen pillows!!

    Enjoy your time with your daughter in Chicago!!

  5. Good Morning, Donna!
    I hope that you had a good sleep!

    Your images show us such a perfect French flea! No doubt...the event was a success.

    (I have heard two comments in blog land stating how busy you were, Madame Brilliant Blueprint!)

    You now have time for you and your family. Such joy and special memory keeping moments are ahead!
    So blessed to be your blog friend.

  6. Hey Girlie
    It was amazing but how could it be anything else... it is you after all! I know how much of yourself you put into this and I want to thank you for such a lovely week, I had such a wonderful time and I know Jody feels the same.
    Drive safe here now... angels all around you and I will see you later today!
    PS you are not allowed in the studio... ha (you know I just came off a show - for gosh sakes)

  7. At last! Thanks for sharing photos of the French Market, Donna! Hope the event was successful. I see lots of wonderful items: ironstone, pillows, and those vintage typewriters....nice. Look forward to more photos when you have time. Enjoy Chicago. Loi

  8. Wow WOW! So much eye candy Donna :) Its a good thing I live so far away...My wallet would have taken a serious hit was I able to go! LOL
    Your enjoy and creativity is so inspiring :) Loved all the pics...enjoy your brief time off, and have a blast with the wedding dress shopping - FUN!

  9. Donna,
    Thank you for sharing you beautiful photos.What lovely displays!Such amazing talent!Best wishes finding a dress with your daughter.

  10. For those of us who do shows, I can appreciate how much hard work went into creating such a beautiful venue. Simply fabulous.
    Love, love, triple love the fencing out of pallets and archway for an entry...inspired.
    Time to concentrate on weddings and creating memorable memories!

  11. Donna, It was wonderful seeing you again. Also seeing Rebecca and meeting Teresa(Tot). I enjoyed being at the market both days. But I see things in your pictures that I didn't get to see at the flea. Enjoy your time with your daughter. She's a sweetheart. Smiles, Susie

  12. Just read Debs comment about the pallets. I missed that. Hubby did the same thing last year for the extra Christmas trees to rest on. I'm tempted to paint them where we set up the pottery this year.....but thinking I should spray them instead of brushing.
    Sorry just went on about that didn't I?
    Love everything and wish so much I could see it in person.
    You outdid rest up and enjoy the wedding plans.


  13. Oh my gosh, this is just beyond charming... it's all so well done, wow! I saw so many things i wanted, but it's not just that, everything has a wonderful feel, ambiance ... so cool, i would die and go to heaven to be there... and i love the touches of lavender in the shirts and here and there...


  14. Oh Donna this event is simply sublime! I only wish it was closer to me. You have truly made another successful year come true for all to enjoy. Rest is indeed in order. Blissful my dear...

  15. Hi looks like another wonderful show! I am sitting here looking at all of your photos and wishing i would have saved up last year to have been able to be there this year. I will get there though...someday...
    I hope you and your girl find the perfect dress my friend. I know you will : )
    bunches of love...

  16. It was wonderful! I loved the way it was laid out this year. Your chalkboard wall were amazing! i'm slowly getting posts up - a few more pics tonight and a feature of you and your booth hopefully tomorrow! and i will be emailing you soon too!

  17. Thank you for your visit and following Le Style. And so I come here to take a look at your blog. And what a nice discovery!
    I'm happy to follow you too!

    Happy day!

  18. Lovely walk through the French Market.
    So many pretty things to discover!

    ♥ Franka


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