My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

The French Market and Artisan Fair

I can't believe it but we are now a mere 60 days from

The 4th Annual  French Market and Artisan Fair

As you know I have not only produced this event since it's inception... but also participate as a vendor!
Crazy, I know but I do loveto design a good display and will always love the thrill of setting up shop!
On occasion, I miss the everyday of owning a store  or working in the retail world... but only on occasion.

(I might not have mentioned this ...I retired from my position as Creative Director for Horton's in December.
I have been blessed to be employed at the position for 10 years! It was time to move on)

I am trying to complete my garden plantings out in the potager ...

And the dining room project...

So that I can turn my attention to my own preparations for this event.

We now have a full venue! Vendors from 4 states, The magazine coming to do a feature, and the usual little details to make it memorable.
In the coming weeks, I will share some more details, but for now...
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Have a blessed week!

Until next time...


  1. Your garden is always such an inspiration. Actually your entire home is full of inspiration. Everything is so beautiful! You're one very busy lady.

  2. Good day, my friend!
    You sound as busy as ever. The potager and the dining room chairs are amazing!

  3. Love the dining room chairs!


  4. I have not been by in a while but everytime I feel the same...your blog banner and design I believe is the most beautiful one in blogland. I will have to go visit a la parisienne, can you believe I never have? There are so many blogs out there now that I am still finding new ones that are old ones for many. Your potager is large. You are lucky. I am working on my tiny one too. Lots of veggies are growing and I just harvested carrots.

  5. im interested in those white bags you made with the rose tried to get to ur etsey shop wouldn't let me click do you still have it well anyway do you have any bags/totes for sale? thanks susan

    1. Hi Susan,
      I just sent you an email. For for everyone etsy store will be closed until after the French Market. When I reopen, it will be filled with treasures that I have made and gathered. Look for it's reopening in mid July!

  6. I wish I was close to you to participate...
    Love the chair covers, so chic!

  7. Oh- How I wish I were close enough to attend. Good for your for knowing when it was the right time to retire-even if you did love the job. Blessings- I am sure you will have a phenomenal spot there- xo Diana

  8. What a lovely home and garden you have! The chairs are so pretty. We are going to Paris is July and I hope to find treasures off the beaten path ~ flea markets and such. I can't wait to explore your blog!


  9. I know how you feel about missing a shop. I just set up at different outdoor open air markets and this is the first spring I missed setting up due to changing vehicles and now don't want to haul my junk in my Mercedes LOL

    please come over and enter my first giveaway


  10. Donna, I am looking forward to the French Market. Your garden is so nice. Smiles, Susie

  11. Hey there! Just checking in. How are you? I agree with the others, this is one of the most beautiful blogs out there! And your decor inspires me.

  12. Gosh you've been busy - it puts me to shame! I LOVE your dining room chairs, and the potager looks amazing - two things that are on my 'urgent' to do list as well - but here I am looking at your fabulous efforts instead - typical - lol!!
    Paula x

  13. Hi Donna - I wish I lived closer....would love to attend and exhibit at The French Market. Please post lots of photos to share with us. I didn't realize you have another blog? Will check it out. Have a great weekend. Cheers from DC! Loi


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