My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
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The Nursery Project

Hello Everyone and Happy Tuesday!
I had told you I would share Paisley's Nursery with you and that I will.
I just wish that I had taken more pictures!

Here's one of the few I actually have of the completed room.

It all started way back when April found out they were expecting...sometime in mid-May.
She knew she wanted a neutral palette.
Something that would work for a boy or girl.
She then found her crib.
It's the kenwood from Restoration Hardware.

She chose it mainly because she loved the color, sandwashed grey.

That's when she solidified her decision of a mainly grey nursery with aqua blue and cream.

This sounded great to me until I tried to find bedding that was gender neutral in that color palette. Something timeless and no themes.

I found several gorgeous bedding collections from Restoration Hardware....
For a girl.
And of course, there's Bella Notte!
But April wanted something for a boy or a girl.
This meant I would be sewing.

I found some great cotton prints and a lovely grey linen and got to work.

In the meantime,
We found out, we were getting a girl, Paisley Reyné.

I really wanted to do a more girly crib and bedding but April stuck to her guns.
Gender Neutral it is.

The only feminine things in Paisley's nursery will move with her to her big girl room.
They consist mainly of a vintage chifferobe, little iron table and chair from April's  nursery...

An antique crystal chandelier and iron crown for her crib draping...

And a French style booksellers table.

All of her cabinetry was custom built ~by Pappy/hubby the carpenter!

On the night Paisley was born...
Pappy and I were talking about the closet project. We needed to make the opening wider.

So he opened it up and made it 12 inches wider at the front and narrower at the back, only 24 inches deep.
This way we could start out with a stock base cabinet in oak and build off of that. Such a timesaver!

And that's just what he did!
In the meantime and almost every evening when I got home from the hospital...
I mudded the walls to remove the texture so common to Texas homes known as mexican drag.
What I mean by that is I smoothed them out by hand using a trowel and nearly 3
 5 gallon buckets of drywall compound.

 Did I mention that they have 9 foot ceilings? Or that I'm afraid of heights?
It took me awhile!

Yep, quite awhile! 
Emmitt supervised from behind the baby gate.

Speaking of Emmitt...
He just celebrated his first birthday!

Instead of cake, he ate snow!

I then went on to paint the ceiling with mottled shades of aqua and blue, added some clouds and stars.
Painted the walls with a shade of grey we color matched to one of her fabrics. 
I used a chalk paint so that as Paisley grows, she too can doodle on the walls.

Like I did here for her growth chart,
And over her crib!

Her window treatments are drapery panels in French Linen from Pottery Barn and cotton voile tie on panels from World Market.

Her diaper stacker,

And bedding were all made from the little cotton prints I found.

Her closet built-in/ changing table was finished in a custom color stain similar to what is on her crib. When they are done using the changing table, this will make a great closet for a young person with closet rods above and below the base.

Mommy and Daddy both love Paisley's Nursery. I love that we were able to incorporate some of her Mommy's Nursery things into the room.

I just hope Paisley loves it too!

Next time...
I promise to do better getting pictures of projects.
Speaking of which, I need to get back to our latest one here at the reno ranch!
I will share more on that soon!
Blessings to you!
Have a wonderful rest of the week!


  1. What a beautiful room and oh how sweet that last photo is! Paisley is smiling.

    Congratulations to all of you.



  2. It is lovely! What a precious granddaughter you have.

  3. Oh my, look at that little grin - so adorable, it's like she knows all about her new room.
    The room as precious and beautiful. Does little Paisley know just how generous her Grandparents hearts are. Enjoy every sweet moment with your darling Granddaughter.

  4. Donna- That room is fit for a sweet little Princess -and I can see you have one there. You did a wonderful job on that room. It is just darling- xo Diana

  5. Cida Grain Do ValleWednesday, February 26, 2014

    I see " Love" when I look at this beautiful, wonderful job!
    Be blessed you & your family.
    From Brazil, Cida.

  6. So gorgeous and dreamy and what a beautiful baby who gets to live in it:)

  7. Such an adorable photo of little Paisley. Her room is beautiful, Donna. So much love and attention to detail went into creating it... how could she not love it? And the chalk paint is pure genius. Already, I see a another artist in the family. :)

  8. Donna, I love it all !! It's a blessing to have hard working grandparents to help with the pretty room. Wow, Paisley looks so sweet. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

  9. So adorable! What a sweet room to grow up in.:)

  10. what a precious room....I would love it for me!! That crown over the crib is fabulous!!

  11. It's precious! Just sooo pretty! I love the blue ceiling with the clouds and stars, and the wall color. Painting it with chalk paint was so clever. I think the colors are really pretty and soft, and i love the way the crystal chandelier looks with the serene colors in the room. I can't believe you had the patience to mud all those walls... wow... Cool cabinetry too!


  12. Its so dreamy, not over done but perfectly perfect with the best beauty.
    What a job muddying all those walls, but without your work of art it would not have been as beautiful as it is.
    Makes me wish I had a grand daughter on the way :)
    But I'll wait plenty of time for my daughter to marry and start a family, but when this happens I will be sure to think back at the beauty here you created and I will let it all inspire me.

    What a beautiful name. Congrats, enjoy her sweetness.


  13. Gosh Donna,
    I am not sure where my original comment went!
    I was first...from my desk at work! (Maybe I forgot to click the publish button...!)
    I am so glad that I came back to take a second peek at this sweetness!

    (As gorgeous as this room is, seeing Miss Miracle herself and her Mommy just grabs my heart!)

    I am so glad that you were persistent about taking Paisley's nursery past "gender neutral"!
    A Pappy and Grandma with such skill and talent must not be kept "at bay".
    Paisley's nursery is a sweetest and gracious expression of love, an amazing marriage of art and skill for your family's newest, precious gift from God.

  14. Gorgeous room, but I wouldn't expect any less from you. You amaze me with your attention to detail, never ending imagination and focus. From one who has a hard time deciding between scrambled or poached, I am always gobsmacked how you can zero in on a project you design in your head and then proceed to make it a reality. You are a renaissance woman! Or maybe renovation woman?


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