My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

City Farmhouse Event and clay pot candles

Hello Everyone!

We are now just 6 days away from the City Farmhouse Pop-up Barn Sale in Tennessee!
I had hope to post more about what I was taking but I got too wrapped up each day and too tired at night to do so!

So, I thought I would share a few things over the next few days that I am really excited about!

For starters!
I have been pouring candles out the wazoo! I sure hope thats a word your familiar with because in my means a whole lot!

This year, I decided to do things a little bit different.
For years I have poured my French Fig Fragrance in vintage glass. I did once again, but its the only one I did my traditional way.
The rest of my candles are poured in small clay pots!
I wanted to do something fun for my  own Fall dining table that combined my love of gardening with a harvest type setting.

So, clay pots were my vessel of choice.

I wish I could say it was simple, but because of the steps I took, you won't have any problems with your candles!

First,  I gave the inside of each pot 2 good coats of mod podge.

This seals the inside of the pot and keeps the soy from soaking through.

Then, each pot was given a rubbing of liming wax.
I love the patina of each tiny pot. This is also another way to seal it.

I love this stuff and use it on so many different things around here!

Then, to seal the hole on the bottom of the pot and to hold the wick in place...
I put a small dab of waterproof silicone caulk in each.

And finally, they are ready to pour!

144 pots later...
We are ready to load up and head south!

I have added two new fragrances this season.
The first was one I created for my own home,
I call it Greenhouse.
I wanted something to smell like the inside of Tinker when I open the big french style doors every morning.

The base note is earthy. Kind of like rich potting soil.
Then, I added some herbal notes. Fresh, clean and little woodsy.
Their is a slight fresh cut flower undertone to it as well.
I really love it!
It's all I was burning  this Summer until...

I came up with Potager!
Potager is along the same lines, starting with a freshly turned soil but...
I added rosemary, mint and lavender essential oils to create a wonderful fresh fragrance.

We have five fragrances going with us this season!
Some classics we always have like French Fig and Lemon Verbena and a couple Fall fragrances too!

I can't wait to share them with you!
Along with all of these treasures!

Tomorrow I begin packing down the smalls!
I await my daughter April and her husband Russell. They have made the 18 hour drive from Texas and should be here any minute!
As I told you before, They are going with me to Tennessee!
We will be leaving on Wednesday but still have so much to do before then!

I will leave you with this picture I took of my dining room table a few minute ago!
Sorry it's dark, I will share more when I return!

Monday, I will share another favorite project that will be going with me!
I have to tell's my favorite!
Until next time!


  1. You are an angel for sharing your technique my friend! I have missed you so. You have been in my thoughts. When I unpacked my burlap pumpkin, it still held a faint hint of French Fig!
    Sweet dreams with your family tonight.

  2. I have had some of your vintage glass candles & loved the French Fig Fragrance! Hopefully you will see out at the City Farmhouse sale. But if you have any left over, I would love to order some. I really like the clay pots! Wish I was going...

    1. P.S. I also found my white burlap pumpkin in my fall things this week! And...I also have been know to use the word "wazoo"! Too funny.

  3. your candles sound wonderful Donna. Any chance you could list them online when you get home. It's not fair that we can't smell them you know! te he. Have a great sale, and lot's of fun! xoxo

  4. Love your candles Donna! Are you interested in wholesaling them to us at Maison Decor? Let me know. I think they are lovely. xo

  5. ohhhh....can't wait to smell them in person! i will be at the barn sale....i live just down the road from there and am a friend of Z from Old Grey Mare, blog.....
    good luck with the show.....

  6. btw.....if you need any recommendations for Franklin fun....let me know.

  7. All those scents sound wonderful. I love that you put them in clay pots. I've never heard of liming wax but it makes a beautiful finish. Wish I could go to your sale!

  8. I love the idea of your new candle scents. I wish i could smell them! So cute to put them in clay pots too.



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