My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

Tinker House is Blooming!

Hello my friends!

I hope your week has been going well. I have been sewing and stuffing burlap pumpkins and pouring soy candles to take with me to the event next month.

I've been so busy I nearly missed sharing pictures of the sweet autumn clematis in bloom on Tinker House!
So without further ado...

Tinker House is blooming!

I just love how it looks climbing up the side of my tiny garden folly!
This is the first year that it has bloomed and I've been looking forward to it all Summer.

Like so many of you, Autumn is my favorite time of the year.

I anticipate it's arrival each year, but especially this year as it means we are that much closer to Paisley Reyné's birth in January!

On one of my trips of late looking for treasures, I found this little wheelbarrow.
Its filled with burlap pumpkins at the moment and yes!
It's coming along with me to Tennessee!

It's just the right size to put next to an entrance or tuck into a vignette in the garden.
I really love it filled with pumpkins~real or burlap!
This year's burlap pumpkin collection has a 2 new colors, aqua and grey...
It's also available in a brand new larger size.
I have wanted to make them bigger for some time now... this event was the perfect excuse to do so!
What do you think?
Do you like the new colors and the bigger size?
The stem has changed too and I thinks its kind of fun and funky! Ever so curly!

I hope to get all of the pumpkins finished by the end of the weekend... all 36 of them

Then, I can sew up the linen pillows I've embroidered with botanicals.
One thing at a time, inching my way to completion.
Knowing me, I will be working right up to loading day!

Oh well, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Do you have any plans?
The blooms will soon fade on Tinker House so, here's another look!

Until next time...
Many blessings to you!


  1. Donna, Tinker house looks like something from a fairy tale. I love it so much!! Now, I just have to have one of my own. Plus, I am going to have Ted make some of those wheel barrels to sell.xoxo,Susie

  2. Mmm...I know what you are smelling right now - ours is blooming too!

    Love the burlap pumpkins! The aqua ones are so pretty!

  3. Tinker makes me so happy and seeing her draped in this gorgeous flowering clematis is pure bliss. Sweet wheelbarrow and your textural burlap pumpkins are perfect sitting within. Love the new style curly stems. Falling into Autumn with Creative Bliss Dear...

  4. Oh...the Tinker House is so pretty all a bloom. I love the bigger pumpkins and the new curly stems. I cherish the little pumpkin you sent me a couple of years ago. It's not out yet...but it soon will be.

  5. Tinker House is a dream in cream er I mean in bloom ~ so very beautiful! Love the pictures Donna! I think my garden urgently needs a sweet autumn clematis too! Oh and for your fantastic pumpkins I just wish I could come to that event you're going to so that I could purchase one or two. They do look fantastic and the new colors and curly stems are absolutely perfect! Especially pretty to see so many of your gorgeous creations together in that gorgeous black wheel barrow!
    Sending you happy Autumn wishes from Germany

  6. Love your photos and your beautiful Tinker House. Your pumpkins are a true work of art! Hugs

  7. Love your pumpkins! Actually I love your blog and I'm a new follower thanks for your inspiration.


  8. Tinker looks great! Many more blooms in the garden since I was there! I love the larger pumpkins! And I love the blue one's, go figure you could find blue burlap! Girl you crack me up!

    I can't wait to see you at the show. Did I tell you we have moved into the large tent? I was afraid we were gonna be to tired to put up our own tent.

    See you soon sweetie!

    Love tot

  9. Donna how enchanting! I love love love Tinker and it looks even more magical that I last visited if thats even possible. I am so glad I did because I love my little pumpkins I got from you years ago and I forgot to dig them out of my attic this year. So tomorrow I will find my stash of autumn decor that has the magical pumpkins and put them on the mantle. Lovely over here as always.

  10. Tinker House looks enchanted with it's clematis. I have never seen white autumn clematis around here. I love your pumpkins- the colors and the design...larger one is gorgeous. You are gonna clean house at the show- I just know it- xo Diana

  11. Tinker House...the most pinned folly on Pinterest in the history of ever! So glad you added her name to the photos. It drives me crazy when I see her pinned and no link to you and your amazing vision.
    If there can be "blue moons" why not blue pumpkins. Cinderella would have loved them.

  12. I Loooove Tinker House, and now it's even more wonderful with the sweet scented clematis climbing on it. That scent is so wonderful. If you hang your sheets on the line when it's blooming they will smell heavenly. Your pumpkins are just toooo adorable. The big one is awesome, and i love the blue...


  13. I saw Tinker House in the title of your post and had to stop everything to take a look - you know how I adore Tinker House!!

  14. I just love your home and Tinker House. Every time I read your blog it makes me get to work!!

  15. The best Tinker House ever. There are none that measure up to yours, I mean there are some beauties out there but, none that touch me like yours. It's been so long since my last visit and I am so glad I stumbled across you at this time. Your glass house is one to love and what a way to bringing the beauty of fall to the blog world. Love the vines and wheel barrel filled with pumpkins.
    I so wish your Tinker was in my back yard I am certain I would never leave my yard.

    Thank you once again for a share that I so fell in love with way back when.


  16. Hi Donna,
    I'm sorry I've been off-line since you posted this so I am finally getting over to see beautiful Tinker in bloom. That photo has got to be in a magazine soon. It is beautiful!!!!!!! Your pumpkins are AMAZING too, but everything you do is amazing so I should never be surprised.
    The other day a some friends came over to see the garden and wanted to see the bedroom since I changed it around and my friend Michelle saw the pillow you made me and wanted to know the story behind it and I got to tell her how wonderful you are and by the time I got done telling the story all my friends and I were near tears. They couldn't believe your kindness to me and your generous heart.
    I thought I should let you know how much they love it!
    sending much love...

  17. this charmed me to no end!!
    I am thrilled to be a vendor and meet up with you. ... just keep sewing sewing sewing

  18. Luv your pumpkins! Looking forward to shopping your space at the show next week.



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