My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

Inspiration from a Movie

Hello Everyone!
It has been another long day of pricing, sewing and painting but I really wanted to check in and give you a few details about the upcoming event that I am  thrilled to be participating in!

We've just barely over 30 days before we load up the truck and trailer and head south to Franklin, Tennessee.
Time is flying by!

It's been over a year now since I did anything other than work on our home renovation or out in my garden...
Other than helping out with weddings...I not been very creative of late...
And I've been feeling a little rusty!

My mojo was on vacation or worse retired!
I didn't have much time to find it so I did what I always do...watched movies and doodled in my sketch pad!

This may sound silly to you...
But Oftentimes...I draw my inspiration from a book or movie!

To me, A good vignette is really about the backdrop...
Setting the stage for a good story.
Know one does movie set design better than Hollywood! 

One of my favorites ...The set of Practical Magic!

I first saw the set years ago when Victoria magazine did a feature on it.
I was in love with everything from the wardrobe to the gardens that surrounded the house.

It's one of those sets that totally envelope you.
So much so, I sometimes forget that I don't really love the movie...
Just the set and the costumes!

Can I just say....
I so... wish we still wore hats like this! I totally would!

As a visual merchandiser/designer, I want the spaces I create to give you a similar feeling. That feeling of being suddenly immersed in a theme of sorts!

It's all about the display for me...the props... Setting the stage.
Finding the merchandise to fill it!

Weird, I know but thats really what I love about visual display!
It doesn't matter to me if it's a store window, a interior vignette or in this a case a two day pop-up market...I gotta have a great backdrop!

For this event...
The spell room of the sisters victorian home spoke to me.

Old  greenhouse walls covered in vines, rustic farmhouse furniture ,paint cracked and peeling from the posts ...and lots of flowers, greenery and botanicals!
Yep, this is what I wanted to create!

I knew it the second I saw it again!

Loads of rustic charm! And sort of reminds me of Tinker House on a much larger scale!

Shelves full of herbs in aged clay pots, galvanized metal, dried flowers, candles and chemistry type glassware and cloches! (I totally could live in a room like this!)

Even the furnishings in the other rooms spoke to me... timeless, classic and worn from use...

Everything seems to have a history to it. A past life of sorts.

So homey and cozy, you just want hang around a bit...
Whip something up...
Or, take a piece of it with you!
Isn't that what we all hope for when we set up shop?

all pictures used are from Hooked on

The color palette could not be more perfect for an Autumn Market!
Aged and mellowed with a patina that come from years of use.
Dark and rustic  tones mixed with cream, white and ocres.

My mojo was working overtime now! I scribbled out ideas as fast as I could write!

Then,  I set out to gather my wares...
Antiques and Auctions...
Even a few garage and estate sales! 
I have seriously scored some great things...
Found some fabulous treasures...
Painted and or stripped a few pieces...
I even upholstered a few chairs and made a linen slipcover for a gorgeous vintage settee with down cushions I found!

I've been busy and can't wait to share all of these treasures with you!

The next few weeks will be quite hectic as I head out to my studio each day to sew my burlap pumpkins,

Make pillows from hand embroidered linen,

Pour candles in vintage clay pots and glassware and mount the herbariums I've been pressing all summer long in handmade frames.

I will share more about that in the coming days along with the backdrops that are being built and painted to create my "Spell Room".
I so...want my tiny space at this event to be Enchanting!

For more information on the event, Please visit their webpage.

Until next time, Many blessings and Thank you for hanging in there with me!
Your the best!


  1. Firstly!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Congratulations to all of you!
    April is radiant Mama to be!
    You are going to LOVE being a Grandma, and watching your daughter be a Mom! You will feel blessed over and over again!

    I love the movie "Practical Magic" as well.
    It was filmed on San Juan Island, WA. The apothecary shop is located in Coupeville, WA, on Whidbey, Island! (There is a large Naval Station on Whidbey!) The last time I was there Sally's shop was a bakery/restaurant!

    Are you making "lime in the coconut" candles, darling? ; )

    I have missed you, Donna!
    I will be following you all the way to Franklin, because I know that everything will be brilliant, my friend!

  2. I am right there with you...LOVE...LOVE...LOVE...the set they created ! My imagination goes wild ! Franklin is not that far from Atalanta. I see a road trip coming up !

  3. Yes, Practical Magic set is fabulous, thanks for sharing. I am definetly planning a Franklin trip, Sounds wonderful. Your hard work will certainly pay off. Can't wait to see what you are working on. Di@Cottage-wishes

  4. I too am so attracted to that set. and as I looked at your stills in this post, I was just inspired by some pieces I have accumulated as well. Have a wonderful afternoon.

  5. What a wonderful post. Can you believe I have never seen that movie? Now it is on my Must See list for sure! Good luck with your upcoming show-with your talent I am sure you will have lots and lots of sales! Blessings-SO glad to see a post from you today- xo Diana

  6. Oh Donna...I already know that it will be over-the-top gorgeous with your talents and skills!!! How I wish I could see it in person. Your plans are always wonderful so I know this will be as well.
    This house of all the other sets I've seen in movies is my favorite too. It is so much like the house I grew up in and seeing this house always wakes up an ache inside that I never even knew was there.
    Sending you love while you sit at the machine and make it whir and whip all sorts of lovely things.

  7. Donna that movie is the perfect inspiration for Fall. There is a simplicity in all that intertwining of vines and rumble. If anyone can recreate it it is you!

    good luck,
    ps yes spending time in the garden is a good excuse for staying away

  8. Hey Sweet...
    Can't wait... it will be wonderful!
    Hope you are resting well...
    Love to you

  9. Yes...I love this movie...definitely magical!

  10. Oh my gosh, i'm getting excited just reading this. I can feel your inspired creative energy and it's infectious... delightful. I can't wait to see all the things you come up with. What a charming look too... That set is amazing, it's just as you described it...


  11. Yayyy Im glad I'm not the only one that is in love with this house lol! I watch this movie all the time just for that reason ;) Your blog is so beautiful and so is Tinker House, cant wait to see what else you have up your sleeve! xoxo

  12. Practical Magic is a film I revisit at least once a year. My sister and I watch it or my daughter and I. In August my daughter and I watched it with my mom who hadn't seen it before. It is an inspirational film on so many levels--thanks for sharing!

  13. Can't wait to see pix of your booth at the Barn Sale. Loved this movie set so much. Inspires us to create our own special kind of magic.

  14. Can't wait to see pix of your booth at the Barn Sale. Loved this movie set so much. Inspires us to create our own special kind of magic.


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