My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

Cleaning, Sorting, Purging

It started quite by accident while going through my filing cabinet.
Years of collecting fabric samples...
magazine clippings...
and paint chips.

From there I moved on to my closets.
Then the bins where I store the things "I thought" I wanted for the house once it was completed.
Before I knew it, I had several boxes full of things that I needed to either recycle or donate.

Then it hit me...
I do this every year or so,
And I'm tired.
                    Tired of buying,
                                                      and then...
 realizing it wasn't really what I wanted afterall!

So here it is.
Starting today, I am only investing my time and money in the things that I love.

At least, that's my hope.

I want our home to be a reflection of our lives.
Simple, easy and hopefully elegant.

I hope you follow along and see where this leads.

Until next time...


  1. Absolutely gorgeous blog changes my dear! STUNNING! <3

  2. I agree, I do the same thing and really want to work on that myself, love your design board. Di

  3. Donna, I feel the same way. I have bought things on sale , stored away to make crafts, gifts or whatever....then forget I have it. I go to the basement see all my totes of things, can 't tell what's in half of them. I need to take tote and all right to goodwill. I did go through the hall closet and got rid of some things. that really helped. Wishing you well. Won't be long before we can dig in the dirt:):) xoxo,Susie

  4. I think you read my mind. I just cleaned and purged and wondered why I have this obsession for saving everything. Life is much easier when it is filled with less stuff...I have read this for years and think now is the time to actually try to live it. I'll be following your success dear.

  5. Beautiful.
    Absolutely, beautiful!

  6. I too, love a timeless look~~~I hear your pain~~~I am in the process of moving and I thought it wouldn't be that bad...WRONG!!..Never again, I believe I was one step from being a VINTAGE HOARDER! The MADNESS has to stop! Thanks for the inspiration~~~Roxie

  7. a wise move, yes, I'm doing the same....simplifying some call it, and I feel that call very much. Having shopped in some cool places in the world, I've gathered a bunch of things, yet most do get given away eventually, what I absolutely loved 10 years ago, changes and I'm tired of the changes too. Refinement is a quality, once awakened, never sleeps again. blessings, lady

  8. Not a trendy gal here, I love timeless furnishings and always try to purchase things that I absolutely LOVE...can't walk away from, but it must always be at a good price. I know if I love it, it will always work with my decor and at a good price, I won't feel guilty about it. Win -- Win.
    Hope you have a great day!

  9. i salute you! my feelings exactly. this is my motto for this year and I hope to stick to it. donna

  10. I agree :) We ALL tend to do too much impulse buying. Now that my kids are grown I am looking forward to purging and getting more organized. A few nice pieces and trying to make things flow.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  11. You changed you blog! I love it!

  12. I'm with you I want to simplify my life. I think it happened for me during Christmas ...well during the setting up. Still working on it but its a progress.
    Love the new bloggy too.


  13. Anywhere darlin'...I'd follow you anywhere, you little Pied Piper you.
    I'm kinda doing the same thing...only outside in the buildings and trailers. Amazing how much stuff can stack up when one doesn't see it every day.
    Hope you're staying warm while destashing.

  14. Yeah, me too, been there... It's hard, but feels good to get rid of the hoards of "stuff" you think you'll want or need later. I think when you're like us, you see potential in so many things that you can't resist getting them, and then it all just accumulates...



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