My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

Viva Las Vegas~part one

Well, it's official, our darling daughter is now married to her Prince Charming.

I have been so exhausted the last two days that it wasn't until late this afternoon that I began sorting through all of the pictures that we took in Las Vegas.
So, I thought I would break it up into two posts.
Giving me a chance to sort further.
At this point, I don't even have the ones that April's aunt took and won't until at least next week!
So, where do we begin?

How about with Once upon a time...

April's wedding was held at Planet Hollywood. She chose this venue because  it is where the "official Elvis of Las Vegas" takes center stage.
So important to this Elvis fan!

Even I have to admit...he was amazing!

The other reasons for her choice was this view from there Hotel Suite...

And these fabulous Swarovski crystal chandeliers in the lobby!

The perfect backdrop for this child of bling!

We were so blessed to have been joined by family and friends.

Even the ceremony itself was performed by a very dear friend!

Yes, that is the one and only Rebecca Ersfeld! Aunt Bea as she is known at our house!

I wanted to tell you sooner but thought I would wait until I was back home.
On Saturday Afternoon, when we went for our first look at the pictures taken by the photographer....
The one just below... was the very first one in the stack! It took me of guard but...

But it totally says what I can't with words  why we asked Rebecca to do this honor for us.

 The Chapel staff said they thought we were arm wrestling when they first saw it!

Even though this wedding was held in Las Vegas and Elvis was very present in the was the Lord!

My brain is feeling a little like mush and so therefore I will say good night.
I will return soon with more pictures!
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers while we were away Celebrating this very special day!


  1. How very special and unique this wedding was. You both look your red dress. Now to rest and recharge yourself. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  2. April made the most beautiful bride Donna! She just glows in these photos!
    It looks like such a wonderful occasion. How wonderful that Rebecca preformed the ceremony too! That was an extra treat. I love the photo of you two praying. Just beautiful!!!!!!!
    sending love...

  3. Awesome! Congrats to the beautiful bride! Many, many happy years!

  4. So fun to see some pics! And I hope you have more pics of you in that red dress - I want to see it better.

  5. Donna, It's wonderful that Rebecca performed the ceremony. Makes the wedding more special for you. I love how nice everyone looked. Take a rest and do not get have been a busy mommy. xox,Susie

  6. wish I coulda been there you are one amazing mom!!!

  7. My Dear One
    I couldn't have been more honored or blessed.
    Love to you

  8. beautiful --- and that picture of you and rebecca - oh how beautiful.

  9. My beautiful Prima-Donna,
    My heart couldn't take any more photos this early in the morning. I'm bawling over this silly keyboard at the perfect pitches in a choir of love. Do you remember the Elvis song "Crying in the Chapel"? Well, that's what's playing in the songlist of my mind. ~Wherever two or more or gathered in My name, there I am.~ The photo of you and R.E. is beautiful.
    April is gorgeous, stunning and every beautiful adjective I know. Good grief...AND does she ever know how to rock the Cat Daddy...I mean Elvis pose.
    Hugs, blessings and much, much love from Texas,
    Give me a chance to catch my breath before you post any more breath taking photos...'kay?
    P.S. I've got my hands raised in the air!!

  10. lol arm wrestling. Beautiful pics, all of them!

  11. Congrats, Donna
    It seems like you guys had fun!! She looks darling.

  12. Your daughter looks absolutely beautiful! I love love her dress, and the bouquet just sparkles like magic. It looks like it was all fun and charming and lighthearted and at the same time romantic and pretty! Your Elvis is a trip, he looks like he was a blast. I don't know who Rebecca Ersfield is, but the photo with you two is very powerful... and i will click on the link with her name so i can understand more...


  13. Oh Wow! I sure wish I could have been there! April was stunning! You and Rebecca were lovely as well!

    I wish the happy couple a long life of love and togetherness!

    Love all you guys!


  14. Seeing pictures of your daughter's weeding pictures in Las Vegas just makes me smile! I've always told myself that if I ever get married again, its going to be in Vegas. Looking forward to seeing the next post.

  15. What a beautiful daughter you have! I know you must be so proud. Looks like a magical day. Loved her gown! Congrats on the beautiful ceremony. Thanks for stopping by and visiting me too!

  16. I haven't been on blogs much lately...too much going on...but saw this today and just had to comment on how pretty your daughter looked. Her dress! Her bouquet! So lovely...but I would have expected nothing less from you.


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