My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
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The Vintage Vegas Wedding

When  my daughter April first told me what she was thinking about for her wedding day...

I  think I might have grimaced...But I was not surprised. she has some very good reasons.

Today, I thought I would share them with you.

The first reason:
April has always been a huge Elvis fan.

Yep , Elvis Presley has rocked April's world for as long as I can remember.
She still loves Elvis and she wanted to get married in Vegas... just like Elvis and Priscilla.

Even the hotel she chose...was built on the very ground where the Aladdin once stood....(the hotel where they were wed.)
Had she been able to...she and Russell would have even been married on that very date!

The second reason:

She has always loved vintage!
Her first apartment...was furnished with mid century modern furniture. It took us an entire year to collect the vintage 1950's furniture...refinish or paint it  a glossy black. Her entire home was Black, white and shades of pink and red.
Totally April!

 The third reason and really the most important: 

April's dad died 3 years ago ...
On New Years Day
They were very, very close and she didn't think she could handle a big full blown wedding production ...
Without her daddy.

The more I thought about it...

I knew she was right.
All we wanted  was to help her transition into her new life as easily as possible.
If that meant Las be it.

Our one and only stumbling block...who would walk her down the isle....she had many offers...everyone wanting the honor...

But she couldn't let another "dad figure" do this. She wanted to honor his memory.
Of course, we all understood.

The very day her dad died...She kept talking about was even strange to everyone...she wasn't even dating anyone at the time!

Then one of my proud mom moments occurred...

 My youngest son Justin told her he would love to walk her down the isle when the time came.
I thought he might have just been trying to calm her down...but he remembered his vow.

If for any reason he was unable to...Las Vegas was the answer!
 Only in Vegas can Elvis himself walk you down the isle!
We had a back up plan!

It was touch and go whether The Navy would allow Justin the time off ...but  it was meant to be.
This morning, He shared this story with his commanding officer ...The commitment he made to his sister  on the day her dad died... his desire to honor that vow see it through and be with his sister on this day.

Justin made this commitment just 5 days prior to his leaving for basic training!
It was quite a emotional time for everyone!

This morning...I got the call to find a ticket...he will be doing just that!

This is how the Vintage Vegas Wedding came to be.

Elvis will be serenading our princess and she will have loved ones there at her side...Her daddy will be there too in our hearts...I just know it!

Tomorrow, I will show you how it will be pulled together!


  1. Hooray!!!! you were waiting for the call as we spoke... So glad <3
    of course I got off early TODAY..wouldn't ya know it:D

  2. What a blessing! So happy for both your son and daughter!

  3. Beautiful, Donna. As someone very close to my siblings, I'm very happy to read that Justin will be joining the family for the wedding....and walking April down the aisle :)

  4. What a wonderful, heart warming story. How wonderful that her brother can be there for that special day and I know that April will treasure the day forever- xo Diana

  5. I so love all the thought and meaning in April's wedding planning. Speechless over the thoughtfullness of it all. May The Princess enjoy her blessed day.

  6. How sweet - every single thing! So glad Justin gets to be there!

  7. Oh my gosh!, What a story! I love that your daughter is so devoted to her dad that she holds on to her vow about not letting another 'dad figure' walk her down the aisle. She still saves that place for him in her heart... She's awesome! And now her brother will be able to honor his commitment made to her... WOW! I can't wait to see and hear the rest!


  8. Donna,
    Such a beautiful love story you tell today. It's a sweet prelude to the magic ahead. I am so pleased to hear that Justin will able to walk April down the aisle! (May God bless the heart of his commanding officer.)
    Thank you for sharing. I am already playing Elvis tunes in my head!

  9. Dear Donna, this is such a heartwarming story.....I am looking forward to every detail, N.xo

  10. Such a sweet story. I'm so glad everthing worked out. The wedding sounds beautiful. How lucky your daughter is to have such a loving family, and a new husband who is happy to oblige her wishes--even if it includes Elvis!

  11. How sweet, I'm wiping the tears now. May your trip and the wedding be very blessed.

  12. Donna, This post is so touching. So proud of your son. This will mean the world to your daughter.Blessings to all of you, xoxo,Susie

  13. I am crying so hard I cannot see. This is so beautiful!



  14. Oh how beautiful. My dad passed away when I was 15. I have only my sister. There were offers from various people, but no one would do. Our way of handling it was as I stepped into the door of the church, my groom left the altar. He met me halfway down the aisle and turned and we walked into our new life together.

    I cannot wait to see your pictures.


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