My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year!

We arrived home from Texas to a beautiful blanket of snow covering most of the state of Indiana!
Which of course, means Tinker House was covered as well and since I know how much you like seeing my little garden folly...I thought I would share a picture...

Or two!

The Potager too!

I love snow so much and look forward to each winter but...
This year...

We were in Texas celebrating Christmas with our darling daughter, her soon to be husband
 Russell Wayne ...

And his family!
We had so much fun! It was so nice to spend time with Russell's parents, aunts, cousins and grandmother!

We also celebrated Russell's Birthday during our stay....

And my mom's as well!

Our youngest son Justin made it just in time~thanks to the US Navy for allowing me to see my young man even if it was for a short was quite a treat!

In between all of these events...we managed to work on the final arrangements for April's wedding that takes place...


Can you believe it?
We are so excited!

When we return...I will make the final arrangements for their Texas Reception that takes place in early March.

Life will slow down to a more quiet pace...for a little while at least!

Tomorrow I plan to put away our Christmas decorations...

Take down our tree...

Then pack the boxes that ship out to Las Vegas!
I am already tired...just thinking about it!

Have you got things back on track at your house?

I will be back soon....I wanted to share some of the projects that were made for April's Vegas Wedding!
Until then...
Be blessed!


  1. Tinker House...ah...Thank you for sharing the snowy photos. I am one of those who love seeing your little garden house.

    I've seen it on Pinterest but didn't know where it was. I'm so glad to have found it on your blog.

    Happy New Year from Texas...:)

  2. That first picture...I just want to run out and put a big green wreath with a red bow on the doors and take a picture to use as next year's Christmas card. That's so pretty!

    Not sure what part of Texas you visited but here in North Texas we had snow on Christmas Day too; a whole inch or so :) It was nice and just enough to cover everything so we had a white Christmas which as you know is rare around here.

    Looks like you had a great trip and some fun months ahead!
    Happy New Year.

  3. Love your site... How do I become a follower? I don't see where to join...


  4. Welcome home.. And what a welcome of snow you got. I just love seeing those pics... Makes me feel like I have been there for a visit. I live in Texas .. Next time your around stop by my shop girl.... I love your trees and your beautiful little house (green house is it ? ) Just breath taking ... YOU are so talented girl .........GOD bless and looks like your new year is starting out wonderful... HUGS

  5. Sounds like a wonderful visit. Your daughter and her fiancee are adorable! I love your beautiful tree too... Sounds like you still have quite alot left to do! Good luck with everything!


  6. What a wonderful visit. Your daughter and fiance are so danged cute! Your tree is wonderful and your talent shows through in everything you do. Blessings to you as you finish up what you have to do- xo Diana

  7. Oh I love all your photos Donna! I esp. love the one with your mom, son and daughter!!!!!!! It looks like you all had a great time my sweet friend.
    You have certainly been burning up the roadways this year. I have missed you and coming over and saying hi. I am hoping to be a better blog friend in 2013 :)
    love you lots...

  8. :) Sounds like you had a grand time! Good luck with all the wedding plans - take some time to relax if you can!

  9. merveilleux billet - votre sapin est abolument ravissant ...
    j'adore votre blog et je suis une fidèle
    Très bonne année 2013 à vous et tous ceux que vous aimez
    Solène (

  10. Sounds like a busy holiday .. but filled with lots of wonderful family time. Great photos! The snow is so pretty. Best to you and your family in 2013 and.. of course with the upcoming wedding!


  11. Happy New Year, Donna! Spending time with family during the holidays.....really wonderful. I love that. Wishing you all a fabulous and healthy 2013!
    PS - Tinker House looks magical with all the snow :)

  12. wow. such an exciting time for you all, donna!

  13. You were in my neck of the woods, Donna! LOL! So glad you had a wonderful Christmas! Your daughter is beautiful. Being in love agrees with her.:)

  14. Brrr. Hope things were nice and warm in Texas!!

  15. Thanks for the much needed 'Tinker' fix. Tinker is so beautiful, and even more so all covered in snow.

    Blessings to you in this fresh new year!

  16. Donna, I know you are one busy girl, but I have missed reading your posts. I pray everything goes smoothly for April's wedding. I will be waiting to see all the photos. Blessings to you and yours . xoxox,Susie

  17. Happy New Year. I just wanted to say that your tree has the most beautiful icicle snowy look to it.


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