My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
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Wrapping things up

Do you love to wrap presents?
I do!

Every year I try to find a wonderful way to wrap the gifts that we will be giving.
Something special.

I had wanted to make my own this year...had several ideas but that will have to wait until next year, and a less hectic schedule (I hope)

This year , I needed to choose something that could pack well.
For the gifts that we will be taking to Texas...
I decided on a paper I found while shopping for thread last Joanns fabric store.

This black and white snowflake pattern fit perfectly into my dining room palette and since I normally keep the gifts that will be opened elsewhere separate from the ones opened here...It was perfect!

***This tradition of sorts was something I started when our children were young. With so many presents going to many different was easier to keep them separate or at least wrapped in different gift wrap. This way, there is no sorting. We simply took the things wrapped for that event. No sorting or last minute confusion.***

I did play a little bit with some fun ribbon...

A few die cut snowflakes...

 And this template I found on pinterest for these cute chalk board like tags!

They were designed by the blogger Lilac and Lavender! So fun!

For the presents that will remain at home...

Silver glittered boxes with a gorgeous faux bois ribbon I found last year, a sprig of cedar ,the diecut snowflake and chalk board tag!
Simple but hopefully elegant!
Just the thing for our quiet Christmas Celebration here at home!

Do you have your presents wrapped yet?
I would love to hear how you are wrapping them! Please share!

For more wonderful gift wrapping ideas...check out my pinterest board!


  1. Your gifts are wrapped beautifully! You are so creative!

  2. Beautiful! I've been seeing more black and white for Christmas and I think it's so fresh and pretty! I just adore those tags!!

  3. Donna, I used to try to make the wrappings as nice as the gift. Now it's Green money in a Christmas card money holder. ZZZZZ well you can imagine. I love all your wrappings and clever tags. You are so talented. xoxo,Susie
    p.s. I showed my Teddy the countertop your husband made. He really was impressed, said he would love to meet your husband. :):)

  4. Oh my, Your gift wrap and tree look stunning!!! I wouldn't want to open that beautifully wrapped gift:0)
    Hope you have a wonderful day.

  5. So pretty! Love those tags!
    I save my pretty gift wrap for my twenty something kids want the same xmas bags we have re-used year after know, Mickey Mouse, etc. Silly kids! :)

  6. Dear Donna -
    Happy Holidays! I'm crushing on your snowflakes theme :) Very festive and fun!! All your presents are really pretty and thoughtfully done. And, your tree is beautiful with the all icicles and snowflakes. Thanks for sharing everything.
    Take care!

  7. So elegant Donna! I don't think anyone would even care if the box was empty...just to get such a beautiful package would be enough.
    The tags make them even so much more special!
    Your tree is gorgeous my sweet friend! Me thinks you are going to have a beautiful Christmas : )
    much love from me...

  8. Oh-You are so far ahead of me, Donna. At least I have everything-except a few gift certificates but I don't have it wrapped. This is the year I am using up ALL the left over gift wrap from other years. We always wrap each child's gift in a separate paper that co-ordinates with their "family" wrapping...but I don't think that is going to happen this year. I think it will be good to use up my stuff though and start fresh next year- xo Diana

  9. So very lovely and creative.. The Christmas tree is stunning... Enjoy..

  10. Your gift wrapping is so elegant and beautiful. My mother took lots of time and effort wrapping each and every gift (no gift bags back then). She used different papers and made her own gorgeous bows. I try to do this still to this day. For me it is part of the joy of giving. Holiday Bliss Dear...

  11. Lovely paper and special.... I do the all one paper per person thing also, especially for the kids..I do tend to hoard pretty papers and ribbons, I just cannot help it! <3
    merry merry to you and yours

  12. I love the art of wrapping a gift! The chalkboard tags are adorable! Thank you for sharing the source! Your Christmas home is so beautiful, Donna.
    (I am still whirling about the post featuring your new kitchen counter!)

  13. Your presents are too pretty to open. I must admit, I don't like wrapping presents, especially when they're just going to rip it all off and throw it away. I guess it's just the frugal way I was brought up and I'm not sure I can change at this old age. But I can enjoy looking at your beauties. They are gorgeous.

  14. These ideas are fabulous. Thank you so much for sharing them. I am saving them for next year.

  15. The gift wrap is so pretty! I like to add a small ornament or soft ribbon:). Your tree is so pretty!


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