My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
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The First of November and a Wonderful Read

Hello Everyone!
Last night, I started a new book and fell in love!
I thought you might like it as well

Paris in Love is a memoir that chronicles the year this amazing writer spent in Paris.
She and her family did what so many of us could only dream about:
She sold her house, took a sabbatical from work, and moved her family to
The most beautiful city in the world!

It's the day to day life of a family making their way in a forign land and in a forign language~hysterical and touching!
I highly recommend it! 

I bought this book when April and I went to Chicago this past July in search of the perfect wedding dress.

We were at this quaint little bookstore with a wonderful restaurant tucked inside with our dearest Rebecca.
There for lunch, but as I wondered through the artfully arranged bookstore, I literally stumbled upon this book. It practically fell into my hands from its teetering location on the window ledge!
Yesterday, I discovered this little treasure tucked upon a shelf in my little sitting room upstairs. I decided to flip a few pages and once again, I was enthralled!
Here is an excerpt that really hit home for me.

A tiny knot developed in my throat! 

My children are now all grown up, getting married and starting lives of their own. I am so so happy for all of them...but for just a moment, I tried to recall of few of their lasts after I read this.

Life slips by so.... fast!
 It is only now, 
As I get older...
That I truly realize this!

It's the first of November today, and I can't believe how fast this year has gone by...
I think I will head outside and enjoy the Fall weather. April has told me it hit 80 yesterday in Texas!
It snowed ever so slightly here yesterday!
What a difference a 1000 miles makes!

Just a day left of my precious Autumn before I leave for Texas...
I'm heading out into the garden and breathing it in for awhile.

I'm taking my book with me!

Until next in the moment my friends...we can't get that moment back, so enjoy it while we can.


  1. The book sounds wonderful, Donna - I'll be sure to look for it!
    Wonderful photos too! :)

  2. Love to you, dear friend, How sweet you make this first day of November!
    I will be certain to purchase this book!

  3. Sounds like a great book! I will check it out for sure. I live in Houston and it is hot right now, but last saturday was really cold. So pack layered clothing because you just never know! Have a wonderful trip!

  4. Sounds like a sweet read! I will put it on my reading list.:)

  5. Donna- I will look for that book this weekend- I hope you have a safe and productive trip to Texas. Many blessings- xo Diana

  6. Your post is beautiful and heartfelt. Yes, there are so many lasts in parenting. This looks like a book I shall need to read. Blessings and safe travels...

  7. Dear, dear, Donna, I am so aware of that feeling...when life is slipping away faster each day. There are times when I want my children back , small and needing me. When they was a blur of trying to raise them and make ends meet....that I feel cheated of the enjoyment of them. Does that make sense? Enjoy your trip and being with your daughter. Thanks for the tip on that book. xoxo, Susie

  8. It seems like yesterday we were at Town House Books... it seems like yesterday when my shop was just down the street... but tomorrow I will get to see you... and it's ROADTRIP!!!
    Love ya

  9. The book sounds like a good one to read. I did get a lump in my throat after reading that paragraph. My younges is nearly 16 and I'm dreading the day when she leaves for college. And just like the mother in the book I try to remember all the 'last times' of all my children, especially around the holidays. On the other hand I'm so proud of all three of them. They have turned out to be amazing adults.

  10. You are the second person to reccomend this book so I MUST get it now!

  11. Hi Donna,
    I have sat here and read your last four posts and so thankful that you are a friend and an inspiration to me. I loved how beautiful your garden look in your rainy day post and the tour of your loft and the lovely bathroom you guys have finished.
    This post really hit me though. As I read that passage from the book I realizes home mush I don't think about the past. I had several last because of having six children, but do you think I can remember many of them. Nope! I do remember the firsts though, so I guess that's good.

    I hope you and Rebecca have a wonderful time at your daughter's! I know you will.
    I love you dear Donna!

  12. I am so blessed to have crossed your path in my journey in life. I truly want to surround myself with others like yourself. Thank you for this post ..for all the posts... You are talented and beautiful inside and out .............. Sherry


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