My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
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Decorating for the Season...Christmas is here!

Happy Tuesday!
I hope your week is going well so far... Despite a cold that crept up quite suddenly,
I have spent most of my time the last few days decorating for Christmas!

At first, I didn't think I would do it this year.
With so...much going on and so many wedding projects to complete.

Then, Thanksgiving arrived and after our wonderful day to reflect on the year...

I decided to get out my goodies and go buy a tree!

This is our second year to have a live tree and I am really enjoying it once again!

I love how the house smells..not of construction as is the norm...but of fresh greens and pine!

This year, I decided to play with a fun new ribbon...a  wide,black French wired  ribbon with a cursive alphabet. Reminds me so much of the elementary primers and that cute wide paper that little ones practice on.
So, off I went with my "theme" of sorts!

Pinecones, dusty miller, boxwood  and cedar comprise most of my garlands and swags.
This was the first time I was able to decorate our staircase...

I had so much fun!

Along with mercury glass...

Tarnished silver, white ware and branches!

It's really feeling like Christmas around here!

In the fireplace...I filled grey washed baskets with fresh greens, gazing balls and old wood turnings.

I love it from every angle!

So, have you gotten started decorating for Christmas yet?

I will share some more with you soon, but for now...I just wanted to enjoy the dining room!
Last night, we had a slight snow covering.

So perfect for a day spent inside...decorating for the most joyous season of the year!
Have a blessed rest of the week...I am off to make cocoa and put some Christmas music on!


  1. Wow..Donna! I love everything and especially your fireplace arrangement. I'm still in the planning stage and am also going to use lots of greens and natural items, but don't like to put them out too early since we have a wood furnace and they get dried out quickly. You certainly have inspired me to get started though:-)

    Enjoy your lovely renovated home during the holidays!


  2. I have already been to work today...I just popped into the house to get my cell phone (forgot it!), and taking a long lunch at the hospital with Mom and Dad. Chrislyn and Holland Grace are coming as well!

    Your home is BEAUTFUL!! Speechless here. I remember your cardboard staircase!

    I will decorate on the weekend! Only fresh trees for those of us in the Pacific Northwest! I have to go...I'll send you an email soon!
    Blessings to you, my dear friend!

  3. Loving the snow scene! I also like to decorate with Christmas music and hot chocolate, would could be better? Your wheel barron inside fireplace is so beautiful!

  4. Donna every thing is breath taking...
    love it all

  5. Yay, I've finally got my 'Tinker House' fix. It's been a while since I've seen it.

    Your decorations are gorgeous. Would you come decorate my home for me? Hubby hates to help and he turns into such a sourpuss this time of year, so I've been using less and less decorations really miss doing it up all the way.

    I've had the same decorations for 16 years and I want a change, but after my husband lost his job I could't justify getting new decorations. Thank goodness he finally found a job. We are blessed beyond what we deserve.

    Have a wonderful week!

  6. The word that comes to mind STUNNING !!!! OMGOSH beautiful .. Even outside your place with the snow falling.. .Makes me want to sing christmas music..............LOVE IT ALL

  7. I LOVE it!!! Love your dusting of snow too.


  8. Looks amazing! I'm slowly getting this place decked! Wow but it takes TIME!!

  9. Oh my it snowed there already? You are not far from me and no snow here yet but plenty cold! Your home looks beautiful! Yes I am ready for Christmas! I am done decorating.I kept it simple this year!

  10. I love that double fireplace opening, the display is so beautiful. Di

  11. Donna, Once again, your decorating is heavenly. I love all of it. I am feeling sad for me...not having any mercury glass. May be hitting those after Christmas sales:):) xoxo, Susie

  12. What stands out the most is the fireplace!!
    I love how that is decorated....
    Looking forward to seeing more.

  13. Lovely and always so elegant. Your hot cocoa and holiday music sound just right with the snow dusting Tinker and your candles glowing warmly. Your fireplace arrangement is breathtaking. Joyful Jingles...

  14. Donna- Your house looks as beautiful as always. I haven't had a real tree in several years. Maybe next year will be the year. I worked for the past two days all day long and I am almost done- Blessings- xo Diana

  15. Donna, this is seriously the prettiest Christmas mantel I have EVER seen!!! I just adore it! I have always really liked those mercury glass trees, but felt they were too short. Such a brilliant idea to put them up on candle sticks!

  16. Your decorating is lovely! Aren't you glad you did it.

  17. Donna, its been far to long so I am going to catch up on all the beauty I have missed over here.

    It looks so amazing!....I am going to have Christmas at your house :) all kidding aside it is a holiday home to love :)


  18. Stunning Donna, hope all is going OK with you and hope that you are feeling better.

  19. Love your use of the dusty miller...looks like snow flakes...which I don't see very often in Texas...everything is just gorgeous!

  20. What a wonderful sver theme you have going and the dusting of snow was like icing on the cake ;). Your garland is lao pretty-love the mixture of greenery and pine cones!

  21. Hi Donna, really beautiful Christmas decor, especially your hearth, so clever and different...I love all of it! Your first light dusting of snow really looks magical out there.....enjoy this glorious and special time ! N.xo

  22. La PrimaDonna,
    What can I's beautiful. Absolutely perfect and gloriously serene.

  23. Your home is absolutely stunning! I clicked on your blog and had to catch my breath when I saw your bathroom reno. What a gorgeous place!

  24. Your decorations are just beautiful Donna! I haven't even started.Hopefully next week. :)

  25. The beauty of your Christmas decorations is beyond any magazine or TV show.

  26. I just came across your blog and your home is breathtaking beautiful! LOVE it....I am looking back at some of your older posts to see what I have missed! I am your newest follower! Blessings......Roxie

  27. Wow. You are already done with your Christmas decor. I have to start it. Everything looks so pretty. Great job.
    Happy December!

  28. Gorgeous staircase! Did you make your garlands? They are just beautiful. I love the mixture of greens.


  29. STUNNING!! Donna, you are just the most talented designer in blogland!! I love this style of xmas decorating on top of your beautiful already decor~its simply out of this world!~!I love every little thing!

  30. Everything is beautiful, but I especially LOVE your staircase. And, the fireplace and mirror over the mantel. You have a lovely home. Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing. {}

  31. Very inspiring and calm. I love it! Just discovered you on Pinterest!

  32. Is the garland you used for your stairs real? I'm in love with it and hoping to find something similiar if you bought it somewhere?! Thanks!


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