My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
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Being Thankful

This morning, I placed a tiny turkey for two in my brand new oven...
The smell of celery and onions sauteing in a pan permeates the whole house...

“In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

I am so thankful for my nearly complete kitchen!
I am blessed beyond measure for our family scattered between three states...
My friends across the world thanks to blogging...

And for you! Those of you who stop by and visit from time to time!

This morning my daily devotion...spoke of perspective. A word that keeps popping up a lot lately.
I was reminded of how much I have grumbled lately about not having a  working sink in my new kitchen...
No refrigerator...
I felt sorry for myself. Yep, it was not a pretty sight!
When I changed my perspective...
I saw how much I have to be "Thankful" for!
Our children are all healthy and happy...spending this day with their other families and friends.
Hubby and I have the day to ourselves...a slower pace!
A midst  all of the events going on this year in our lives... This is something I have been craving lately!

Through this 7 year process of renovation...
I have learned so much!
The very process has changed me!
I have stopped this morning to consider my  many blessings!
We at least have a place to cook...and clean up after...even if it isn't under the same roof!
So many this day have nothing...I pray for God's love and mercy in their lives!

Just wanted to share  what was on my heart this morning!
Those onions are getting to me for I find tears welling up in my eyes!

Have a blessed day!


  1. .........happy day !!!

  2. Onions will do that dear...especially when we least expect it. Perspective is a balancing act. Thanksgiving Blessings today and every day...

  3. This is the perfect day to be reflective. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I hope you have a Blessed Thanksgiving with your hubby.

  4. So thankful that your faith, love, talent and gratitude has scattered to Tacoma!
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    We are SO blessed, my friend!

  5. Hope you have a blessed holiday!

  6. Donna,

    I've lived through renovating a home while living in it, and I experienced many of the same frustrations. In the very moment of inconvenience, it takes inner strength to keep the right perspective.
    You're right-- the privilege of owning a home and have the added blessing of having the resources, talent, and finances to "redo" it is really living a life more abundantly, something we aren't entitled to, but definitely a blessing from the Lord to grateful for.

    Wishing you and your hubby a Happy Thanksgiving day together.
    Thank you for your visit!


  7. Donna- We did small here today, too. One son and the two of us. It is okay- different- but meant to be this year. God bless you and I know you must be so anxious to get that kitchen finished...but it will happen all in good time- xo Diana ps...Happy Thanksgiving

  8. Donna, I feel blessed. When I think things are not great...I can look around and see it could be I count my blessings. Thanks to you, I am blogging now and have made some wonderful friends . You touch more lifes than you realize. xoxo, Susie

  9. Donna ...... Happy Thanksgiving...and as always since i started following you guys on this blog...always love it and always feel inspired here .. ... I love great blogs that are inspiring like yours.. I am a new blogger soooooooooo I just love your ideas and inspiration

  10. Happy belated Thanksgiving, Donna. A perfectly timed post on perspective. I've really been giving my heart a lesson or twenty on perspective lately. You certainly aren't alone...We've all rattled off a frustration or two about this and that, only to be reminded of how truly blessed we are. While it's been 7 years long, you are living my someday dream to renovate an old farmhouse and I'm happy that you see and appreciate the same abundant life that I see way over here, across the www. And yes, those darn onions! ;)

    blessings and grace,

  11. and I LOVE your sweet and thankful heart!!! I am so blessed to know you and love you. You have NO idea how many times I think of you and Rebecca!
    I just love you two girls. I read your previous post and just seeing all of the photos of you guys having fun together warmed my heart. You guys are such beauties in every way.
    We had a full house for T-Day and it is always fun to have the little kids around. We only had four of our six here, but I'm beginning think (that was great : )sshh...don't tell them I said that. Our house is so small that it is getting so hard to have everyone here at once.
    I'm still full from Thursday and had to get my 'fat' jeans out : )
    sending love your way!!!

  12. I know, we all grumble and fuss over small things... and then something will happen to jerk us back into perspective. I know you're thankful in your heart... the fussiness that happens when things are aggravating is just surface stuff. Nice to hear you had a simple and quiet Thanksgiving...


  13. I am in agreement...keeping our perspective is the key to peace.


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