My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
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The Upstairs Bath...A Woo Who Moment and an Anniversary

With so... much going on here lately,
I really didn't have a chance to think about an anniversary of sorts.

In early September,
We started the 7th year of our homes renovation!
Each year at this time, I look back at what we've accomplished and celebrate the
Woo Who moments...

Knuckle Bumps...

And of course "Another one bites the dust" sing-a-longs!

This helps me get through...when I get depressed about the length of time it's taking... the cost of the whole thing...or sometimes even when I just don't feel like working on one of our many ongoing projects.

It allows me to see things from a different perspective. To celebrate our accomplishments!

I thought I would take you on a tour of sorts...

Through the rooms we have already completed...Share a few of our woo who moments!
I thought we would start in the upstairs bathroom. (Bare with me, there are no windows in here and the lighting really affects my photo quality!

Once upon a time, this was merely a closet.

we removed the original glass and replaced it with an etched  one 


That little door to the right...was our only access to the attic areas.
We decided to leave it for nostalgia purposes. A point of reference.


This closet/bathroom renovation was the final room to be completed upstairs.


We had to finish demolition in the old kitchen so that we could get to the walls that would soon house the plumbing for this project.


One of the things I really wanted to focus on in here was the use materials that were either reclaimed or...   Possibly used at the time our home was actually built.
For example, beaded board or cottage planking and LOTS of it.
This old ladder was my Gramps...we found it out in the garage after we bought the house. I love the patina and the fact that it was my grandfathers!

Our Home is an early 1900's craftsman bungalow. In our case, this means a story and a half.

 So our ceilings upstairs are all "attic" like.


With lots of weird angles. Quirky but quaint. can see the vintage dresser waiting in the hall!


I was very fortunate to have found some fun cottage style antiques in my favorite color...Aqua!
This old wood storm door and the chest of drawers  we used for the vanity have their original paint intact!

Having a bathroom upstairs was one of the most important things I wanted to accomplish during our homes renovation. I am so glad we were able to do so!
Having grown up in this house...with only one bathroom...well, I didn't want anyone to have to go through that again!

Incorporating galvanized accessories and lighting was something I wanted to do as well  in here since it's one of my favorite metal finishes. Kind of funky and fun!

I was even able to use chain link fence parts for my shower curtain rod and rings!

Whimsical little touches for our playful upstairs bath.

This old mirror I got at a garage sale...when I was 20! okay, so awhile ago!
I had to find a place for it!

The Aqua tin star once hung on the little shed out in the garden.
I kind of like it here in it's new home!
Some other info...I cut and set every single tile in the bathtub surround! This was my second tile installation solo and I have found I really enjoy doing it!

What do you think?
Is it a woo who moment or "another one bites the dust" sing-along?

Actually, I think we did both! Maybe all 3!

Thank you for always encouraging me in our home reno projects!
I can't tell you how much it means to me! Oftentimes, it's your kind comments and input that gets me through the tough times! So again Thank you!
I will share some more of our knuckle bumpers soon!
Until next time...
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love it, Don't even think about the time... think of the passion and love it takes to restore a home. It takes time and it is never done. I'm doing a reno on my home too. I love it all!
    Have fun and keep doing the fabulous job you are!

  2. It's the Woo Who Loo!
    Absolutely wonderful! Every detail is so amazing. I love the idea of "galvanized" for Mr D's bath. You are brilliant, my friend!

    Seven years? There's hope! We have so many unfinished edges around here! LOL


  3. I totally LOVE this bathroom! So many special touches. Just beautiful. We are in our 9th year of renovation, but my husband retired recently, so I'm hoping that things will move along a little faster. We are ALMOST there!

  4. Donna, Every thing you and your husband have done to your home....we can tell it's done with love. It's absolutely gorgeous.xo, Susie

  5. How WONDERFUL ! Love the door...I have been looking for an old one to go on my bathroom. The hunt is on. GREAT JOB !

  6. Just stopping by to say hello from My Petite Maison in Wine Country. You have small baths like our 100+ year old Maison.

    It's so cute, love the zinc-style fixtures, just charming!

  7. It's a grab your heart it's so cute moment! Every single thing about it is completely totally charming! I love old houses with quirky nooks and crannies, and i love that you kept the door to the attic in there... Beautiful colors too. THAT is an incredible do over!


  8. Wowwww...what a beautiful it !!

  9. Definitely a WooHoo moment! Our upstairs is all half walls like that too - cute but oh so hard to put the furniture I really want in it!

  10. Wow, I'm so impressed with all you've done. It is beautiful!!

  11. Wow, love it all!!! Most definetly a woohoo moment! I must say I am totally in love with your home, and especially your style....LOVE it!!!

  12. Definitely a WOO-HOO!!! I look at this and think that restoring a home is a much bigger effort than building one new. And yours has so much charm, Donna.

  13. I love your upstairs bathroom! Having seen it with my own eyes, IT IS FABULOUS! Girl your are the decorating queen!

    I thought you would be in Texas now!

    Was going through my receipts from the show and I noticed I paid you for an apron! But I know you've been super busy! Just wondering with all that's been on your mind if you remembered? If I didn't love those things so much I wouldn't even mention it!

    Love you girl! Really wanted to talk to you yesterday, but again I thought you were in Texas! If you have my number please text me so I can have your number. Had a issue that and I know you have some of the same and I wanted you advice!


    1. Hello my sweet one!
      Headed to Texas next week!
      Yep... I have your smock and thought you would get it when you came back for the birdcage. I will call you in a few!
      much love,

  14. It looks beautiful Donna , but everything you do does!! :)

  15. Love the door and all of your unique ideas
    so fun
    great post too

  16. LOVE your bath reno. First time I've seen it and it is just beautiful and so full of charm. You did an amazing job and your hard work and patience were so worth it.
    When are you going to show us your kitchen? I've been waiting for the reveal. I'm working on my kitchen now, plus a ton of other projects, so nothing gets done real fast, but you know how that is. Sometimes I wish I could afford to just have someone come in and do it all. My countertop was delivered yesterday and I found myself wishing I had spent the extra few hundred dollars to have it installed instead of it sitting in my garage. But, oh well, it'll eventually get put in, and the sink, and the flooring, and so on. I hope your finished bathroom is an inspiration to you as you trudge along, because it has been to me. Thanks so much for sharing.

  17. Oh, so much to love! Love the door, the vanity, the lighting - it's just perfect really. Very charming and I love that it doesn't look new - you guys are doing an amazing job on the house!

  18. Hello! I ran into your blog on Pinterest and your vintage dresser sink is exactly what we are wanting to do to our restroom!! Can you tell me the details of how you actually converted it into a sink?? thank you!


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