My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

Once Upon a Time...a wedding shower

Once upon a time...

just up the road...
Two of my dear friends hosted a shower for my daughter, The Princess.

It was attended by dear ones from near and far and since you are dear to me as well,
I thought I would share this amazing day with you too!

There were white pumpkins, fall leaves and lots of rhinestones...

Even a Royal Carriage made from a Pumpkin!

Delicious treats...

And presents!

Wonderful Autumn Decor everywhere you looked...

Even blingy white pumpkins to take home!

Friends both new and old...

Sentimental moments...

And Silly ones too!

You might even recognize  a blogger or two!

Pattie~ The Shabby Chick and Rebecca ~A RE-purposed life
Bonnie~The Hopeless romantic was there too...but I didn't get a picture of her! Sorry Bonnie!

It was truly a magical day!
One that I know she will treasure too!

Fairytale moments leading the way to her "Happily Ever After"

Until next time...many blessings to you!


  1. There is so much talent and LOVE in your corner of the world! April is a doll!

  2. Lovely celebration. Every attention to detail really makes the event memorable. Your daughter is radiant. Making memories that last...

  3. What a lovely Shower for your beautiful Daughter. The decorated pumpkins are fabulous.

  4. Your daughter is just adorable, such a wonderful smile and oh those dimples! great photos Donna, of that great Fall theme! I know you're having so much fun!

  5. How beautiful your daughter is, and what a wonderful, wonderful bridal shower! Truly magical!!! :)

  6. What a beautiful and memorable shower. You can tell she is loved and in love. You gals all look so gorgeous- you rivaled the decor. I can imagine how exciting this all is and how exhausting.... Take care of yourself ... Your princess will be radiant.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your magical day with us. It was so sweet and heartfelt it made me tear up a bit. It just oozed love and happiness and togetherness. I love that......

  8. Looks like such a beautiful day!

  9. Hi Donna,
    Long time no hear from! :) I know you are busy and so am I , but wanted to drop in and check out the shower. It was beautiful!! Such a nice day for your lovely daughter! I wish her many blessings in her married life. :)

  10. What a lovely shower! Such pretty decor and it looks like lots of fun and laughter!

  11. It was so wonderful meeting all of u. Donna, April was like a breath of fresh air. I wish the happy couple a long married life..Hope to see u all again soon.....Bonnie

  12. What a beautiful shower Donna! Your princess is BEAUTIFUL and looks so happy. Wow, have you had a year so far my sweet friend!
    I loved the decor for the elegant and stylish! I bet you loved it!
    So nice to see you and Rebecca in the photos too : )
    love you...

  13. Donna, The shower pictures are fabulous. I did recognize some of the pretty. All the decorations are a"wonder". I am wishing all your children the very best in life. You too, Donna. Smiles, xo, Susie

  14. Hey there Donna I had such a nice time with all of you. Tia had a fun time too. Talk soon have a great weekend


  15. Awh! April Lee looked so cute!

    Girl............Of course you out did yourself again! You have the magic touch!

    Wish I could have been there!


  16. Wow Donna out of this world decorations. That bling bling pumpkin is the best.
    enjoy your time in Texas


  17. So pretty! The white pumpkins with the bling are fabulous, and the pumpkin carriage is my absolute favorite of all. I would love to see more of that! What a sweet and special time for your daughter, everything looked amazing too...



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