My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

My October Blur~Happily Ever Afters

Hello Everyone!
Long time no see, but I can honestly say...
Today, is the first day I've had a few minutes of very own in the past 3 weeks!

October has been a blur!
We have had a  rehearsal...


Lots and lots of Birthdays!

All of which took place in a weeks time!  Smack dab in the middle of setting up for the reception!
As a matter of fact, our son's birthday will from this day his anniversary as well!

We had a wedding ...

3 of these young men are my sons!

And  a reception.


Okay, so lots and lots of dancing!

Time spent with my children who came from different parts of the country to celebrate with their brother...

April, Me and Justin

And dearest friends who are more like family.

Everything was magical.

Even their stationary suite was simply adorable!

Their Photographer has just completed this wonderful album if you would like to see more!

After dog sitting for our grand dog Lucy while her parents went on their honeymoon...

We had final dress fittings for April...

sorry, only a peak!


Lots and lots of shopping finished off with  pink champagne in tiny bottles!

We then got started on our next wedding and the accompanying projects...
Little red suitcases for a destination wedding in Las Vegas...
Which takes place in a mere 88 days!

 Here we go again!

This past Sunday, some of my dearest friends gathered together once again for a shower honoring our next bride..
My darling daughter April Lea!

I will share this magical time with you in my next post.
For now, the weather is spectacular and I am headed out to work in the yard.
We used boxwood at Tommy and Amanda's wedding reception and I need to get them planted this week!

Until next time,
Many blessings to you!


  1. Donna!!!
    Thanks for sharing! Welcome back!!!
    I have been thinking of you everyday!
    (I also have been living in a blurr since the last week of August.) I have held onto Lucy and your package way to long. I'll mail it next week.
    I went from jury duty... to sick... to one day of vacay because of Mom's bad fall. She is still in the care center.
    You were on my mind all weekend...I could visualize you dancing with your son. JUSTIN MADE IT HOME!!!! Oh gosh, I was praying that it would work out! We will catch up later!
    The best of blessings to all!

  2. P.S.
    I am at work. I will look through the wedding albumn with my coffee tomorrow morn'!

  3. :) You have been a busy momma! Good luck with the next wedding!

  4. Welcome back, Donna! We've missed you. What an October you're having! Lots of laughter, celebrations and good times. Beautiful wedding. Congratulations, and thanks for sharing!!

  5. Love the photos Donna, Just wait it's not over yet...LOL hang in there. Had so much fun at April's shower. talk soon.


  6. Holy Cow, That is alot! I can't even imagine that many social things going on in one month... Everyone looks cute, and like their having a good time though! I love the photo of the guys all wearing the shades, it's just too cool! I'll be watching for photos of the Bride next!



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