My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
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A look at the loft...and on the road again

The last few days I've been getting things together for my road trip to Texas with Rebecca this weekend.
We leave early on Saturday and won't be returning until November 15th!

I am so looking forward to our time in Texas...
April's  Family Wedding Shower...
Seeing her brand new home!
They actually begin moving in this Thursday!
Before I go though,
I wanted to share another one of our completed projects~ The upstairs sitting room or the loft as we call it here at home.

This was the very first area to be completed and has now...
Even been redone once!
Last Spring, when my hubby had hand surgery, I made several changes to this room.
A fresh coat of window treatments and lamp shades... just a few just things to make it  more cozy and comfortable for him during his recovery.

The walls are a deep putty color and I made slipcovers for the chairs in a cream brushed denim.
I also decided to do a chalk board wall behind the television.
Just for fun.

I have been collecting old picnic hampers for some time and...
In here, they house video game equipment and dvd's .

This room is also where I keep my collection of vintage field glasses and binoculars.

This pair is very old and a family heirloom. They date back to the civil war.
I love the patina on the leather cool!
Currently, our few Autumn decorations are out.
Nothing fancy,

Mostly things I've had since my kids were small.

Before we moved back into the house, this was the only place where we had a refrigerator and microwave.
Actually, it was the only room in the whole house that had a chair to sit in as well!
When the kids were at college and would come home for the weekend...they used this space quite frequently.
These days, the micro kitchen is super handy on movie night! We don't even have to go downstairs to pop popcorn!

I love this room because it's like a little cocoon at the top of the stairs.
I also love the fact that once we are in here...we are away from all construction that takes place downstairs.

When I return, I will show you the last two rooms upstairs and maybe even have a few updates on the kitchen. Maybe...not much has been happening in there recently due to the fact that we have had so much going on with the weddings.
Aprils wedding is now a mere 72 days away!
We are so excited!

Also, my thoughts and prayers to everyone who has been affected by the ferocious hurricane/superstorm Sandy that has hit so much of our countries east coast.
I just heard my son who is stationed at Little Creek, Virginia...They took the ships out to sea until the storm passed...much damage in the area and still be blasted by high winds and rain.

As always, have a blessed rest of the week and thank you so much for stopping by.
There are so many times that our renovation has gotten me down and feeling mopey...but your encouragement...
Kind thoughts...
And sweet comments have gotten me through my toughest days!
Thank you!
Until next time...


  1. Donna:

    YOur loft looks wonderful and a nice place to relax....I like the idea that you have a refrigerator and microwave in the little cubbie, how clever!

    Did you make the shades? They look great in the room!

  2. Lovely. I love that room too - I could curl up there with a good book and while away the afternoon!

  3. Donna- I absolutely love this room- It is SO comfortable looking and has a "down-home" feeling to it. Just beautiful all the way around-a perfect place for recovery. I hope your trip is a really good one- xo Diana

  4. What a wonderful warm and cozy space, I really love it, and the chalk board wall really makes it so special and unique. You two have lot's of fun!! Are you coming thru Springfield? I'd love to meet you for coffee to say Hi. Just let me know, I'm flexible! xoxo

  5. Have a wonderful and safe trip<3

  6. Love your room upstairs and especially the chalkboard wall behind the TV. Looks perfect there and I love your little tree drawing. Looks like a very cozy and comfy room to snuggle up in on these cold and rainy days.
    Have a great trip and look forward to seeing more rooms. I always love your renovations.

  7. Donna, I love your little get-away upstairs. You are the best at decorating. I like the field glasses too. It's good to keep the things that have a family history. Hoping you and Rebecca have a safe, fun trip. xoxo, Susie

  8. Donna I would never leave that spot upstairs So nice and cozy. Perfect place to be on days like we have had the last three days. See you before you leave Saturday... Happy Halloween


  9. Now that's a room to love. It has everything good. It's cozy, the colors are wonderful, the chair looks so cushy and yummy, it has a fridge and microwave... and the darling little chalkboard wall... i love little cubby rooms like that. I really like how you used the baskets too. I would soooo love to tuck myself in that room away from the world and snuggle in...


  10. Love your blog and inspiration .. I am a new blogger so I love looking at wonderful blogs like yours.......... Stop by The Rusty Pearl if you get a chance....Happy Thanksgiving !!!!


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