My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

Painting Complete...on the island anyway

Hello my Friends!
Last night I finished painting the kitchen island and even managed to install the hardware.
I thought I would share it with you!

Ta Da!
I'm  really pleased with how it turned out! The two cabinets on the left have pullouts. One is for the trashcan and the other is for a spice rack. This is why they have pulls instead of knobs. Just thought you might be wondering.

Since the island is the focal point of our new kitchen, it will be the only cabinet in this color.
The rest of the cabinets are going to be French Grey.
I am really getting excited...just one more week...
Or so I've been told!

This is what it looks like standing where our refrigerator armoire will be...
Looking into the dining room and soon to be completed living room!

I'm a tad bit nervous about the amount of grey I have used...but still love my inspiration pictures.
Farmhouse Inspired Kitchen via~Country Living. Photo by Gridley Graves
Gridley-Graves Photography for Country Living
This is the closest to our actual cabinets,it even has soapstone counters.

clean lines defined by color--love the baskets
House and Home
I love this deep charcoal color too!  We are thinking about using this  color on the refrigerator armoire and maybe...even the wall oven/pantry unit.

gray + walnut butcher block
Atlanta Homes Magazine
And this butler's pantry  is gorgeous with the walnut countertop. I also love the furniture style pulls. 

The counter slap we have reserved is soapstone...which I love!

But...I won't make the final decision until after the north wall cabinets are installed. I just don't want it to be too dark in the room. 
Usually, I wouldn't put soapstone on a grey cabinet base. I would go with marble or wood...But with the zinc top and the reclaimed base of the island...
I just think we need to stay on the more rustic side.

What do you think? 
If you were me would you stay on track with grey on grey or do a wood top?
Hmm... so much to think about! 
Just not today...
I am off to paint the front door! It was recently installed and I need to get it done before outdoor painting will not be possible.
As you may remember, we have several areas of our home being worked on simultaneously ! 
This can make it hard for me to focus...sometimes!

To see more of my kitchen thoughts...check out my pin board on pinterest

Have a wonderful rest of the week!


  1. it is soooooo beautiful!!! I love your whole kitchen, can't wait to see more.
    where did you get those amazing shelves below?

    1. Hi Stefanie! Our shelves were custom made for us. You would need to find a metal fabricator in your area.

  2. Donna,
    Your kitchen is beautiful! LOVE your island.Please tell me you used duck egg blue.I am getting ready to paint my island that color.I am a bit nervous.But after seeing you photos I am so excited! To answer your question I am thinking wood.It may break it up a bit and warm it up too.Grey is a pretty color I LOVE it! But adding some warmth is good too.What ever you decide I know it will look amazing.Go with your gut!

  3. It is beautiful! And I love grey, so I look forward to seeing your cabinets.

  4. Donna, your kitchen is gorgeous, I adore the inspiration you are using and if it was me I would opt for the wood on grey, such a delicious combination! Hugs from England - Glenda xxx

  5. Donna, I love your Frenchy blue with grey. I do like that dark charcoal as an accent color. Can't wait, I know you much be chasing your own tail at times .You and your husband can take a hugh bow for the labor of love you have in your home.xo, Susie

  6. It's wonderful! What a beautiful color to add in with the gray. Those are alot of decisions, it would drive me bonkers deciding. I'm sure once things start coming together you'll figure it out. I think the color gray you're going to use is going to be so yummy! It is all really very very exciting!


  7. Donna,

    You certainly should be pleased. The result is fabulous!! Wow! Congrats on that.
    I so hope I'll be in your shoes a year from now with a house and renovations.

  8. I do like the idea of grey on grey. I don't think you will tire of it at all. It just feels earthy to me with the honed soapstone choice.

    What color is the island? I LOVE it! If you said what it is- I guess I missed it...but it is a great color- xo Diana

  9. I LOVE that you did an unexpected color! That soapstone counter is GORGEOUS!!! Hope your weekend is fabulous, Donna! xo

  10. Ta da, indeed, Donna! I love how everything turned out :) I think soapstone would be divine.
    Have a great weekend,

  11. Donna, I absolutely love the island. Every single detail of it. The zinc top, the reclaimed wood, the gorgeous color, the hardware. All of it is just stunning and welcoming. Your choice of the soapstone versus the granite or marble is pure genius.

  12. It looks wonderful!!! Great job blending it with the original bead board.
    Wishing you a fantastic weekend...

  13. Donna,

    The island is beautiful! Magazine, Book, beyond pin worthy!
    I am in LOVE with the idea of soapstone! It evokes a warm and worn charm. I would love to bring some to 34th Street.

    Every time that I visit your blog, I say to myself. "Oh, Donna".
    It's because your creative process of design is so amazing to follow! However...I am old enough to remember "the song". So I when singing it my head, it turn it into a little prayer for you. I hesitating telling you this because I didn't want to sound corny. Any avenue to a prayer is a good thing!

  14. Oh it's all so wonderful! I love it! And I love grey so i don't think you are going with too much!

  15. You have such beautiful taste, I think whatever you choose to do, it will be gorgeous! LOVE this island, Donna!
    Happy weekend,

  16. Looks good, love the lights they match the knobs perfect.. And I think there can never be to much grey....I love how my cabinets turned out...Have a great weekend


  17. Also I love the color on your kitchen wall...what is the name and where did you get it?
    Thanks so much

  18. Love the color and the counter top is TDF!!!



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