My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
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Island News and Kitchen Updates

The weather this weekend was beyond fabulous and it was quite difficult for me to remain indoors working on our kitchen/dining room project...but...

With only a week or so until the rest of the cabinets arrive...I really need to stay on task!
So, to keep me motivated, I thought I would share some kitchen updates.
It has been awhile since I shared some of this with let's catch up!
The island.

As you may remember,  Just before the Holidays last year,we clad some prefabricated unfinished oak cabinets in reclaimed floor boards from our front porch. These boards were the perfect paint palette from my new kitchen and...
They held special memories for me.
Dear sweet hubby the carpenter  and I got married on our front porch and stood on these very planks fifteen years ago this month!
Our kids played on them, our dog Otis laid on them and...they were the only thing left of the house that my grandparents had installed.

I wasn't sure if I could leave them "as is" good!
We decided  on a zinc countertop for island.

Which I did a patina finish on and then buffed out with a paste wax  specially made for zinc.

Up until now, I had not decided on a finish for the actual cabinets...But this weekend, I bought the paint and got started!

The actual color was called "Moody Blue" from Sherwin Williams. It's a really great muddy teal.
But, I added "French Gray"  to my paint tray as well to give it a bit of depth.

After they are dry...I am doing a dark grey glaze over the top.

Our Cabinet Maker is building custom inserts for  the island...
Pullout drawers for pots and pans...
Pullout Shelves for pots and pans... @Robert Stone, how about this?

Silverware and utensils...
love this utensil storage

And even a cutting board over my trash can.

is it too late to add this?

Everything I could ever need to stay organized and for my kitchen to function beautifully!

Kitchen Hardware.
I am still shopping for my hardware. I did make some decisions though.
For the island and the North wall of base cabinets...

I went with brushed nickel  bin pulls and crystal knobs.
They match the light fixture knuckle detail and our faucet/sprayer for the new farmhouse sink.

I am still searching for larger drawer pulls for the wall oven/pantry unit and appliance pulls for the wood front dishwasher and our new Refridgerator Armoire.

I'm getting close though...I discovered these online and like the knuckle detail.

Additional lighting.

Recently hubby installed a new task light over the sink area.

It's from Pottery Barn and I've really liked how it looks in the kitchen. A little industrial but still in keeping with the European farmhouse look I was going for.
I ordered some handkerchief linen samples for the roman shades and purchased some pewter grosgrain
ribbon to see how I like the effect.

I will share more news soon but...
What do you think so far?

I could use some feedback my friends...I am feeling a tad bit overwhelmed by decisions of late!
I want our kitchen to be a cozy, wonderful place to cook as well as hang out with our family and friends.
I don't want it to be too trendy...something I will tire of in a few years. I have waited 6 years to complete this room...altered only slightly from my original plans...Am I still on track?
Let me know what you think so far!!
I am off to sand the cabinets fronts and give them a final coat of paint!
Until next time...Have a blessed week!


  1. are so on track, you could be a one-woman amusement park ride. I'm awed by your vision and ability to "see" things finished in your mind's eye. The colors are gorgeous and I love the integration of your front porch into the kitchen. After all...isn't a kitchen the heart of the home?
    You just keep on moving on. Your doing fab!

  2. Donna, Please don't ever change the island..Knowing it's from your old porch, that's so sweet. I love the color you finally came up seems to be the perfect color for all your zinc and brushed nickle. Smiles, Susie

  3. Donna- It looks so good- I love that color- it has just the right depth to it. also love your zinc countertops. You have done a great job of pulling everything together. Blessings- xo Diana

  4. Awesome! I love the look you have going!
    did you get my email about hortons?

  5. Everything looks awesome Donna! You have such wonderful taste in everything. When we redid our kitchen 3 years ago I thought the hardest part were the 'details' It took me forever to decide on drawer pulls and lighting : ) I'm not happy with the lighting, but love the pulls and knobs.
    I always say 'it's the little things' that are important.
    much love...

  6. This whole theme is relaxing, welcoming and gorgeous. Your attention to detail is what makes the whole thing fabulous. I'm sure you are going to enjoy it for many many years, and so will your friends and family. I know I'd love an invite. :)

  7. The soft, muddy teal color is great, Donna! Love the zinc tops. Not sure if I want to add a patina to mine or let the zinc age naturally. They look an awful lot like stainless without the patina (still pretty though). You've had yours for about a year, right? Do you find that the patina has darkened up quickly for you (on top of what you've already done)?...or is the wax very protective? Love your hardware choices and the cutting board over the garbage? Brilliant.

  8. I'm in awe, looks amazing!! Love that you used the floors from you porch for your island and the zinc countertops are gorgeous. You've done a great job and adore the color you are painting!!

  9. What an incredibly gorg kitchen!! You picked such great stuff & I love love love the color!!!

  10. Donna it's looking good girl, Love the task lighting you picked out. It's going to be a stunning kitchen when your done.


  11. What a treat seeing all your choices coming together Donna. You have such a good eye and instinct, and in my humble opinion its all good!! Love the light you put near the sink~what pretty color you chose for the cabinets, and the island top is super stylish and yet farmhouse authentic. xo

  12. Your kitchen is beautiful and very unique, Donna. I love all your personal touches---you are a talented and creative designer! The zinc counter top is my favorite....I love how you patinated it. Look forward to seeing more.

  13. YES1 You're on track! I love your hardware choices, and that little lamp is sooo charming and simple and cool looking! I pretty much love everything about it! You're doing great!


  14. Beautiful!!! Love everything so far. The island looks fantastic, love the color and old porch wood. I can hardly wait to see it all done. I bet you're anxious too.

  15. Beautiful! Love the light from PB. Girl I knew from the first post, you and I had similar taste. Of course, I in no way could pull anything together like you have. Off to read more old posts.


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