My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

Rain Day

This morning I awoke to the sound of rain gently tapping on my window pane. I didn't really want to move but decided to head out to the covered pergola ...
To watch it rain for a bit.

Tinker House needed a good bath!

I am so grateful for the rain we so desperately need it.
My Garden Folly~Tinker House

I had intended to spend to day out in the Potager...
Tinker House as well.
Do some weeding or plant cleanup.
This year's window boxes

Instead, I think I will head inside and paint trim in our dining room and living room.
Have a blessed day!


  1. Good morning, dear Donna!
    I love Summer showers! We save BIG on the water bill!

    I can only imagine how fun it would be inside of Tinker in a rain storm!

    Blessings to you as well on this day!

  2. I'm so glad you got a rain! We got a few drops, not even enough to wet the sidewalk.

    Tinker looks lovely as usual.

    Enjoy the day!

  3. I am staring out the window at the POURING rain here in Birmingham! I was so glad to see you as a new follower of Vintage Mulberry! Thanks for taking the time to do that! I look forward to reading your looks wonderful! Have a great Tuesday in the rain!

  4. WE finally got some rain, too. Thank Goodness! Enjoy your rainy day- xo Diana

  5. No rain down here south of Indy! It got so dark this morning & I thought sure it would rain, but soon the clouds blew away. I too need to weed & clean out my gardens but am waiting for cooler weather. Your photos are lovely!

  6. Donna, I still love your tinker house. I may be getting something like it soon, or next year.:) Great window boxes. Smiles, xo, Susie

  7. At last, at last some noteworthy rain here (NY). Muggy but sustaining as being on a well at the farm there's little extra water for plants.
    Even the year round stream which serves as backup for watering and non-essential chores is less 'energetic' than normal, lol

    What a lovely way to spend a bit of time, listening to rain in Tinker
    (and what a grand natural 'window-wash' the rain is! lol)

    Here's hoping everyone sees rain soon....

    Kind regards

  8. Ahh! Rain days can be so refreshing mid-summer!

  9. I always swoon over yur lovely "tinker house". We are in the process of building a potting shed/storage building for all my "junk". I wish we could build it out of old windows and doors, but it is too big. I'm hoping to add a greenhouse type structure off the side eventually:-)

    Enjoy your rain...I'm sick of it, but I know you guys are in desperate need of it lately.


  10. Love your 'tinker house' - so pretty. I can envision wanting to be out there most of the summer and playing in the garden. Glad to hear that you have had some rain.

  11. when we get our next rain I am standing out in it , my yards look like straw

    i water my hydrangeas every day or they would die

  12. I'm so in love with your Tinker house... that's cute that you planned to go out there and putter around in the garden and ended up painting trim. Sounds like me, there are so many distractions and things to do... sometimes painting trim just seems like the easiest most mindless thing to do...



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