My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

30 days and a Studio tour

I awoke this morning with the realization that...
We have only 30 days left until
The French Market and Artisan Fair in Tipton!

I had promised a tour of my completed cottage studio but since I have already started the messing it up aspect...this will be a brief one. 
So, What do you say...once around the new sewing room?

My hubby is always teasing me about my commute to work...since it's merely 30 feet!

Down this cobblestone path...

To the tiny cottage in my backyard!

I don't know about you...but I can't seem to sew or mess with paper crafting materials without dragging everything out!
I always need to see my stuff...touch it as I design my wares!
Do you do this too? I surely hope I am not alone in this!
Already  my ladder shelves in disarray!

And the table tops...
The list goes on...but this will get even worse...before the Market arrives!

I have several projects going on right now from pouring our soy candles in vintage glass... constructing furniture items in the garage from reclaimed wonderments...some the many sewing projects that will need to be completed in just 30 days!

After the event, I will bring you back to show you around a bit better...It really did turn out as well as I had, I have the view of my entire garden and a fully stocked kitchen! It makes going to work such a joy!

Soon, I will share some of my  completed projects with you.

This is my color palette  for the  my space at the event. Stacks of linen and ticking I am currently working with!

Well, that's it for now...but I will be back soon with more event information and a sneak peak or two of my products.
Until next time, here's Hubby the carpenter playing with Lucy the grand-dog! Her first sprinkler experience!

Blessing to you and thank you so much for stopping by! 
Your comments encourage me!


  1. Your space is just beautiful, Donna! You never cease to amaze me with your talent.

  2. Hola Donna, tienes un lugar de trabajo muy hermosos y acogedor.
    La idea de la chimenea es estupenda
    Un abrazo

  3. everything you do is magical! your home, your gardens, your studio, those awesome umbrellas hanging from the ceiling!! i love it all! i am wondering what material you used to cover your fridge?? i want to cover my black dishwasher in something similiar.

  4. Donna- What a wonderful, special space your workshop is. I'll bet you smile a bit just to yourself everytime you walk in the door. I love it and I can see that you have lots of space oreate. I, too, drag out every flipping thing I own when I am "creating".

    Now---get busy! You've only got THIRTY DAYS!;>) xo Diana

  5. Who wouldn't want this lovely commute to work??? And once you get there the fun begins. What a lovely and useful space you've created:-)

    Can't wait to see your projects and as always love seeing all the progress you've made on your home and property.


  6. I LOVE your studio. Everything is displayed so beautifully and your little kitchen is such a bonus. Just lovely.


  7. Oh my gosh, i enjoyed that so much. Your workshop is to die for wonderful! The umbrellas on the ceiling are delightful! I'm in awe of having such a charming place to create...


  8. Donna, I like the colors. You are an very good at your sewing:):) I am so excited about the french market. Excited !!!Smiles, Susie

  9. You are definitely NOT alone. Your creative space is heavenly and more importantly you use every bit of it. Everything you touch becomes a treasure and I look forward to seeing it all. Your commute is perfect!

  10. Donna...Someone already beat me to the punch with the word HEAVENLY!
    So much magic is happening under the umbrellas! I cannot wait to see your space at the French Market!

  11. Wow... you cleaned that up quick! It looks just fabulous, but then everything you do does. I enjoyed myself so very much this past weekend with you and the mister, I only wish you lived a little closer. Thank you again for everything.

  12. Loved seeing your studio...oh I wish I had one out my backdoor....someday...maybe. Can't wait to see all the things you are creating. Loved seeing the hubs and dog playing in the sprinkler.

  13. Remember that old song about let a smile be your umbrella? Girl...the clouds are never grey after I visit here. You're such a little tornado!

  14. I love the tour Donna, and its so fun to see you having your stuff everywhere...and I know that it is neat in these pics!! mine gets a mess, but hey thats part of the creative thang...!! Loved your front door, so pretty. What is the sign on the door? And the stuffed fireplace with fabric piles so it all. good luck with making your deadlines~

  15. Thanks for the tour Donna and I love the happy :) mess and the cobblestone path to work. Good luck with all that's ahead!


  16. donna it is all so marvelous....hugs

  17. Beautiful and so inspiring I have a building we will be turning into a studio for me Someday

  18. Love it! And just think, I get to see it with my own eyes in less than 30 days! Yeah!

  19. I love the must find so much inspiration here!

    Have a *fancy* weekend!

  20. Hey sweetie, it is BEAUTIFUL!!! I knew it would be!!! As will everything you create in there. I sure wish I could see it in person some day...and your garden...and Tinker...and your house...and your, well everything you put your heart and soul into!
    much love from me...

  21. Such a wonderful space to create in!!! And yes, I do have to have everything out all at once! How else can we know what works best together? :)
    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend - your garden looks amazing!

  22. Can't wait to see what you do with all this goodness! Love your hubbies comment about your commute! Charlene


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