My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

Rainy Days

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

You may stay...
I'll just work inside today!

I really need to finish sewing these new  linen slips for my dining room chairs...anyway.

Two down and two to go!

I am linking up with Sweet Jami at Freckled Laundry this morning!

 Have a great weekend!


  1. Donna, Those little slips are so cute. They will be easy to keep clean too. I would love slipcovers for all my livingroom furniture. I do use little throw and such...keeping that cat hair at bay.:):) Been loving the photos of your yard. Smiles, xoxo, Susie

  2. Great job,your sewing is nice a tidy. The white linen looks elegant against the colour of wood.

  3. Love the ballet ties on the legs~so pretty Donna! Nice contrast against the grey of the chairs. Raining here too, but so much to keep me busy...I can't be outside anyway!

  4. I am echoing Amy..." beautiful ballet slips" immediately popped up in my mind! So pretty! Happy weekend Donna! Mr D is off and the forecast looks promising. Perhaps I'll have some garden images to share next week!

  5. ...almost too pretty to sit on...k

  6. Donna, love the slipcovers everything looks like it's coming together, Have a Great weekend


  7. Lovethese and also your gray chairs. Wish I was a better seamstress so I could so my own slipcovers.

    Enjoy your weekend.


  8. Donna- I love the sweet dresses on your grey chairs! They are lovely. Those rainy days are good for us to do inside things once in a while, aren't they? xo Diana

  9. We have had rain and now the sun is going to shine and all will be glorious. Your chairs are beautiful with your linen covers. Wonderful weekend to you also...

  10. Very very nice! I love the look!

  11. Oh...very the ties.

  12. I am always so jealous of your mad sewing & decor skills!
    Don't you love a good cozy rainy day! I do!
    Hope you have a pretty weekend!

  13. Those look just perfect...and rain is the perfect excuse to get things like that done...been thinking of you and always close to my heart.

    I always take a peek in - just may not leave a comment but love seeing what you are up to :-)

    Elizabeth :-)

  14. Hi Donna - I hope you got a lot of those slips done :-) They look so charming, fresh and summery. Kind of Swedish looking, too. I could slipcover all the furniture in our that Carl Larsson look. Hope you have a great weekend!!
    Tone on Tone

  15. I'm with you -- I so want the rain to go away -- at least for a few days so I can get my garden ready for planting! You're making the most of it though with these lovely slip covers -- my favorite part is the way you've done the backs -- I really like the way the ties wrap around the legs too!

  16. Hi Donna,
    You have picked great details for the slipcovers,
    that extra turn around the legs adds so much I love them!
    The chairs have great colour too!

  17. I love these slips. Wow you are talented. My entire home is slipcovered in white linen. It is so easy to keep clean, I find. But what I love about your slips is the fact that you can see the wood! Just beautiful!


  18. Ohhhh, they're soooo sweet. Love the white and the little ties...


  19. These are beautiful Donna!!!!!! I am sure by the time you get this you have whipped the other two and painted all the walls in your house and weeded every bed in the garden and...because my dear ROCK!!!!
    I have been spending every waking minute in the garden this week because finally the wind isn't blowing 90 MPH : )
    I think of you so much when I am out planting and weeding my sweet friend.
    much, much love!!!!

  20. These look amazing...adore the top!!

  21. These are absolutely gorgeous!


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