My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

My place of serenity

Each morning, weather permitting, I can be found outside...somewhere in my garden.

Just me and my cup of coffee...or tea.
Now that my Mother's day pergola is complete...
I am on the deck.

Right here on my little French daybed or vintage 50's settee.

It is truly my oasis. I am able to think about my day...get my thoughts together and spend time with the Lord.

It is a very peaceful time of the day!

Do you have a routine of sorts? Something you do or a place you go each day?
If not, you are welcome to share mine!

I recently acquired this wonderful French wire urn!

I filled it with several different varieties of ivy.
I just love it! I will bring it into the house in the Fall but for shall remain here on the deck.
In my place of serenity.

Have a blessed day and Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Bellissimo il tuo angolo di oasi.....
    Anche a me piace mettermi in giardino,mi da una bella carica;D
    Baci dall'Italia!!

  2. Love your quiet spot, it looks so tranquil.

  3. That is just beautiful! So inspiring - I'm going to work harder on getting our outside looking like I want it to!!

  4. Donna, It is so nice to know you relax. I love your new pergola. Enjoy yourself. Smiles, Susie

  5. All through your beautiful images, I see His light!

  6. Your gardens provide a peaceful retreat for your morning prayer and contemplation. I have a similar routine in my own cottage and gardens. My potager is also done and growing. We plant carrots in winter so we are already pulling and eating them.

  7. Yes, how peaceful! I would love to sit out there! Hopefully the hubby and I could start creating our little place of serenity as soon as the gutter guys are finished!

  8. What a beautiful place to relax from

  9. Your place of serenity is divine and I can understand why you love to begin your days in this spot. Love the french wire urn with the ivy variety. Hugs...

  10. Donna- I love your place of serenity. I always get my coffee and sit out back for a bit and watch the bay...every day is different on the water and I love feeling connected to the Earth and God out there.

    Your yard is always so inspiring to me- Love it- xo Diana

  11. Can't wait to sit there and have a cup of coffee with you!
    It looks lovely...

  12. So pretty and peaceful wonder its your little refuge. I can sure see why!

  13. No, no real routine unless you count coming to work everyday:( Thanks for sharing yours though. I can see why you enjoy it so much and love the newly acquired wire planter.


  14. Great space...I would be out there as much as I could!

  15. Your special space looks so inviting!

  16. I just want to move in. Your home never ceases to amaze me. So pretty. Thanks for your sweet comment yesterday!! xoxo

  17. How lovely is this? My problem would be I'd want to just sit there and think...and never do anything else.

  18. I wish I was there right now sitting and chatting with you Donna. I can't think of anything I would love more! I think of you too every time I am in the garden working.
    I love your little oasis AND your potager you featured in your last post. It has always been a favorite part of your garden to me!!!! Oh Donna, I miss you and wish I could be on the computer more to visit. I have been spending about five hours a day in the garden these days and loving every second of it! I LOVE this time of year!!!
    much love to you my sweet friend...

  19. Oh that looks nice...funny the first thing I noticed was the wire urn!! I love wire things...not sure why, but I do! I love the sculptural quality and the vintagey look it has, wether new or old...wire is cool. Well it looks lovely, and I am sure you do some nice day dreaming out there Donna!

  20. Hi Donna - I love your morning routine....could get used to that! Your pergola terrace is gorgeous. It turned out great. And, love the scale of the wirework urn. That looks great with the different ivy plants. You'll have to show us where that ends up this fall. Have a Wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!!


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