My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

Lovely Lavender

The lavender is in full bloom out in the garden this week and since I will be needing it for
The French Market Event in July...I am out getting it harvested!
I have found it's so...much better first thing in the morning,
While the dew is still on the blooms.

I always try to cut my lavender the first time it blooms in the season so that it will have a second flowering later on.

I just love it's fragrance!
It's so soothing!
This year's harvest looks to be a good one! The fragrance has filled Tinker House as I will now begin tying up my little bundles.

Have a blessed week!


  1. I just planted two little lavender plants yesterday! I can only grow munstead at this altitude and my fingers are crossed that the bunnies will leave it alone, because I love fresh lavender soooo much. :)
    Love seeing all your beautiful garden photos, Donna! Enjoy being out in your little Tinker House.

  2. oh thats nice Donna! I love lavender~ I used to have lavender at an old house..but haven't planted any where I live now. I just posted on my garden now, some come take a look! xo

  3. Love your lavender and picking basket! Mine are in full bloom, but I am hesitant to cut them. I would like a second flush of blooms, though. Maybe another week, and I'll selectively cut some of the flowers to enjoy inside.

  4. Thanks for the tips on harvesting. Mine is just about ready to bloom -- can't wait!

  5. Donna, Just looking at the lavender, I can almost smell it. That is a smell you never forget. Nice basket too. Smiles, Susie

  6. Donna, I used to make sachet wands that I laid on all my linens. I haven't had a good harvest since I moved to Central Texas. I need to make some more, but even after 6 yrs. the fragrance is still evident. Such a nice aroma on my pillow cases.
    PS I am such a fan of your blog.

  7. Your lavender is beautiful. I adore the tranquility of lavender. I learned how to make lavender wands a couple of years ago. Blissful...

  8. I love lavender it is my favorite scent! I never knew it would bloom twice! Good to know!

  9. Donna!
    How beautiful was your morning today!
    Your lavender is such a pretty rich color! I can't wait to see how you display it at The French market. Where did you find your perfect lavender harvest basket? It's wonderful!
    So blessed to know you!

  10. Donna- That is just beautiful and I can almost smell it from here. I just planted a new spot of it and hope it takes off. Blessings- Diana

  11. Donna,

    I'm with you; the scent of lavender is heavenly!
    I planted a few varieties of lavender this year and have many flowers but have been reluctant to cut the flowers since they are so pretty.
    However, if they will bloom again, why not?!


  12. Your basket of lavender is so sweet. It's the perfect shape to hold all those heavenly scented stems...



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