My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
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What's in a name

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!
Mine was spent either at my sewing machine or yielding a paint brush!

I have begun working on the merchandise that I will sell at the upcoming French Market in Tipton...and
Making final decisions about paint colors for my new kitchen.
Paint is so tricky for me.

I tend to read the name of the paint chip before I decide if I even like it! (Please tell me you do this too!)
So, to keep myself from being distracted by a great paint color name...I place a piece of tape over it until I make my decisions.

This keeps me honest, I actually choose the color based on the color, not the name!

After several test pots and wood chip samples to see how it looked in the room...I finally found the color of my new kitchen cabinets! French Gray from Sherwin Williams
It was between this and belgium block...both great colors but it's all about how they look in the room to me.
My hubby thinks I cheated though because of what I chose! :)

Here are a few of the new pieces  I bought  and are now painted  in the new color! These are supposed to be going to the French Market...
At least that was my original goal...I am really liking them a lot and might just keep them!

Other house updates...

I finally(about time!) decided on the dining room chandelier and it was installed on Sunday Evening.
I had narrowed it down to two... an oversized drum shade and...

This  French Empire style with a grey metal frame

In the end, it came down to how it looked in the room  besides...
I love the reflection it makes on my ceiling and walls!

It has just enough bling to keep me from getting bored with it and it really looks great with the sconces in the living room

I bought these a couple of Christmas' ago and used them for a short while in the cottage.
They are now installed in the living room!

Which is getting closer to completion everyday!
I bought this cute little console table just after Christmas and ordered this clock from a fabulous Etsy Artist.

It's hand painted and just what we wanted for this wall!
You can check her out here: Jennifer Clocks

Well, My first coat of paint on the new French  China Hutch is now dry so I need to get back and give it a second coat!
Have a blessed evening and Thank you for stopping by! It really makes my day when you do! 


  1. I'm in awe of your talents. I just love all the soothing colors paired with the sparkles of the chandelier. Everything looks beautiful!

  2. ha-ha! I look at the names too :) & it drives me crazy when I actually like the color but can't commit to it because of the name! Seriously...:) Happy working :)- I am waiting for inspiration to strike for the french flea...;)

  3. Too funny...I also read the names and they affect my choices. I love the French Grey you have selected and your new chandelier. The light reflecting shadows are divine. As for the furniture...adore it! Blissful creating dear...

  4. Donna, Your clock is wonderful. I also like the paint color. Can't wait for the market event. Smiles, Susie

  5. Donna- I love that color. I am the same way when looking at paints. The name gets me everytime. I mean...who wants Drab Brown when you can have Cocoa Chanel?;>) You have done an amazing amount of work in a short time. I am going to have to look up that color now. I really LOVE it- xo Diana

  6. Love your clock, love the French Gray, and love the Chandelier! All look wonderful! Paint colors ARE so so tricky... it drives me nuts! And, i think that's so smart not to look at the name of the paint... i'd choose "French Gray", over "Industrial Steel" any day, even if "Industrial Steel" were a better color! I went over to the clock website to look for one just like yours, but i didn't see it. Gonna keep a watch out for that one!


  7. How pretty! Love that chandelier.

    I don't choose a color based on the name but I reject colors based on the name. Is that the same thing? I guess so. If I don't like a name, I just can't choose it but my final decision is based on the color (that I chose from a bunch with good names :)

  8. It all looks lovely! And I agree, it's hard to go with just the color - I'm always trying to decide if I like the name!
    I want to come stroll through your home someday and just drink it all in. It's so lovely and peaceful!

  9. I love your paint and yes, I do it too...sometimes I so badly want to like it because of the name but the colour is just wrong - so disappointing! Good trick to cover them up.
    After you paint the furniture/cupboards, do you have to seal it? I've never done it but want to give it a try...

  10. Your color choice is so so it! In fact...all your choices..the chandelier, the console, etc. are lovely. I will enjoy seeing the finished room and admire your creative talents! :)

  11. I hate to admit it but the names really do have an impact on me too!! I like it when there are just numbers then I just focus onthe color. The rooms look lovely. I'm going to check out this etsy shop right now.


  12. Let me tell you girl, I think it's a conspiracy...the paint guys know which color names will push our buttons! My problem is trying to pick one out that doesn't have too much blue cast to it. Finding "honest" color is so hard, but I'm gonna give your French Gray a it!
    Funny story about shadows from a chandy. I just painted our front room a lovely light gray and I kept seeing these areas that were different from the rest of the walls. I thought the paint was being absorbed and kept rehitting it...only to realize it was shadows. I can be such a dope!!!
    Love the clock and I double love the console.

  13. Love your color choice, and the name too;) Everything is just sooo pretty.
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  14. Well of course the paint name has to be right also Donna!! lol I love your choice! My friend is painting her home and after zillions of tests I know one she settled on was called Wet neat is that?? lol

  15. oh, yes. looking at the paint name first is a flaw in me, too. LOVE how your pieces look, gal. I have used french gray as well and it's a keeper! donna


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