My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

It's that time again!

Hello me friends!
I just got home from a trip to Chicago and a visit to my dearest one Miss Rebecca's!
We had so much fun!
We  made a trip to the Kane County Flea Market and I was able to get in touch with a few new vendors for...

The French Market and Artisan Fair in Tipton

This year will be our 4th Annual!

As you know, I am the event planner and have produced the show for the Horton's since it's conception!
It's a lot a work of much fun!

This year, The event will be held on Friday and Saturday, July 13th and 14th!

We have some amazing news...A magazine you all know and love is coming to do a feature on the event this year!

We are all very excited and of course, we will once again make it an event to remember!
More details soon  but for now, here are a few shots from years past!

I am sure you recognized some faces! It is always a lot of fun seeing our Friends again!

More details very soon and I would love it if you could join us!
Have a great day!


  1. Oh I want to come again! Last year was the best! Wonder if I can convince anyone to come with me this time?!

  2. I want to go! I think however, this is not even remotely close to where I live. I love the pic with the 3 women and the banner that says Damask--everyone looks so content and happy.
    Looks like a fabulous time.

  3. I recognized the faces from last year~great that the mags will be covering your event!! Can't wait to see your post on it Donna.

  4. Very exciting that you are once again putting together this amazing venue. And...a magazine review is wonderful. Happy planning dear...

  5. Donna,
    Sounds like a fun event.Can't wait to hear more.

  6. Oh- Donna- What wonderful pictures. How exciting about the magazine. I can't wait to hear more! Good luck with all the work that goes into preparing for this event! xo Diana

  7. Hi
    After seeing that picture it gives me added steam to keep on this diet!
    We do have fun, don't we.
    I can't wait for the event, you got me all anxious now about what theme my booth will carry... I guess I need to make a trip so I can get a visual.
    Blessings today

  8. Donna, I am already excited about the fair. I just put the dates on my calender. Smiles, xo, Susie

  9. Hey Donna! It was nice to meet you, too! Thanks for the information on the show. Will take a look and get back to you. xo

  10. I didn't know you were an event planner! That looks like the funnest place ever!


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