My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

I wish you Happy Weekend!

Hello my friends!
It's Friday and I am headed out to work in the Potager!

I have so...many weeds to finish pulling and then...those crazy maple helicopter seeds to get rid of! Ugh!
But before I do, I  wanted to share some of my current garden blooms with you.
Here are the first peonies of the year!

And,  sadly the last of the lilacs!

This has been the strangest Spring ever!

Things are so out of sync which leaves me running behind! I normally don't start working in the potager until Mother's Day. (it's kind of a tradition with me.)
But everything is starting to bud and bloom and I need to catch up! So off I go...

I took these just this morning as I was making my rounds in the garden and hanging the sheets on the line.
I plan to spend the next few days out here until I have it all cleaned up!
Do you have any plans for the weekend?

Whatever you do...I wish you a Happy Weekend!

Here's the pears on my espaliered trees just starting to form! So exciting!

Until next time...


  1. Donna!
    We don't see Lilacs until mid May around here. Wow! Peonies! Beautiful!
    We have been cold and wet wet wet. No surprise considering where I live. ; )

    Mr D is working all weekend, so I will be working around the house. It depends on the weather if I'm IN or going outside!

    I hope to re-do the chandie and dip a basket or two.

    (I'm at my desk at work. I feel like I'm passing notes at school!)

    Good weekend wishes back to you, my friend!

  2. Donna,

    I'm totally impressed by your espalier. I've read a bit on the technique of espaliers, and it sounds like quite an art! I know your potager will be gorgeous this year as it is every year, and I've been thinking about your Tinker House lately. I was talking to my husband a few weeks ago about him building an upcycled greenhouse. If you have any suggestions, feel free to share!

    Bon week-end!

  3. Donna, I agree, this is a strange spring so far. I feel as if I'd love to be planting things , too afraid of frost this early. But my perennials are far ,so good. Have a great weekend Donna. xo, Susie

  4. Oh Donna- It is just so beautiful...even if you haven't been out working in it. It is just sweet and peaceful looking. I can almost smell the lilacs and I love your peonies. I am hoping my peonies bloom this year...they were transplanted a couple of years ago...and they do not like change...xo Diana

  5. Its a bit of work isn't it to have a pretty garden...and after winter I think I can't wait to get to it...your garden bones are lovely just the way they are!! I was admiring my little patches that I have worked on, and hope to make sure I take the time this year to be the new shop could steal me away from that.

  6. This is just crazy Donna!!! To see your trees leafed out and everything is so green there. My peonies just emerged in the past two days :( Lilacs aren't even close to blooming.
    Your photos are just amazing!!! I sure wish I could come help you weed!
    sending love...

  7. I agree with the out-of-sync weather and Spring blooms and buds. I have just spent time outdoors cleaning up debris. Your yard is enchanting and I love seeing your photos and glorious Spring growth. Weekend Bliss...

  8. You are way ahead of us our lilacs have barely budded. The weeds are crazy this year due to the milder winter. See sometimes colder weather is a good thing. Lol
    Have a good weekend. .... Ours is going to be a wet one.

  9. It all looks so very beautiful - I'm head-over-heels in love with your espaliered trees in the first photo, Donna. Gorgeous!
    Happy weekend!

  10. Everything looks beautiful Donna. Enjoy your time in the garden - even if it comes a bit before Mother's Day this year.. your lilacs are lovely.

    Bon week-end,

  11. I have to work all weekend, bummer!

    I am so excited that I will get to see you garden in person soon!


  12. Your peonies are blooming already? goodness, mine are about 2 inches above the ground. Ours won't bloom for a month or more yet. Gorgeous photos Donna!!

  13. I'd love to be out there with's so fairy tale looking.

    and some time in my life, I must live where I can hang sheets on the line!

    The peonies are blooming here too. They are my favorite..I usually steal a few that grow over the fence. :)

  14. Ohhh my gosh! Those came from your garden!!! The peonies are gorgeous! and you have lilacs, i'm so jealous, i want a big ole lilac bush, but i don't think they do well in North Carolina. Love the idea of you hanging clothes on the line, in your wonderful garden...


  15. LOVELY PICS:) I really like your blog and I want to follow but I dont see twitter or facebook in here??

    If you want some swedish decor inspiration, you can check out my blog:)
    Have a great week.

    LOVE Maria at

  16. HI Donna, I enjoy your blog. Since you always have beautiful flowers to photograph, thought you should check out the Kim Klassen Cafe' blog and site. She makes textures from scratch and gives them away and teaches online inspirational classes on making lovely art with them. Many ladies linked to the site use flowers like you do.


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