My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
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The Tale of Two Weddings

I have news!

 I have wanted to share this since we were first told but thought I might wait for a few more details.
(Like dates!)

We will be having two weddings in our family within the next 9 months!

April and Amanda at last years French Market in Tipton

My daughter April and our son's fiance Amanda!

The girls have been working out the details... And they are as different as night and day but what fun!

Amanda and our son Tommy, will be married in early October  in their hometown here in Indiana and 
Our daughter April, in late January. April is planning a destination wedding and a reception in her and her fiance Russell's  hometown in Texas!

Hubby and I are so thrilled for them !

I will share more when I can but for now!


  1. You're going to have your hands full!

    but lots of fun...they're beautiful girls! :)


  2. How exciting, Donna!
    The "Brides to Be" are adorable!
    You have a busy time ahead! I know the details are going to be fabulous!

  3. Wow - what fun! Congratulations. Enjoy all of the planning and pre-festivities!

  4. Girl...I know the wheels are already turning! Congrats and...whew!!!

  5. Congratulations Donna!! Let the festivities begin! lol

    Our daughter and oldest son were married within three weeks of each other in 2003. Talk about stress! ha! All worked out just fabulous though and now it is just a blip on the radar screen. :)
    Blessings to you all!!!

  6. How exciting! You get to buy two new dresses! Congrats to you and yours.

  7. Oh Donna, How exciting for you. I remember meeting April, what a sweetheart. You are going to be busy...I mean busier:):) Smiles, xo, Susie(She Junks)

  8. Wow, so much excitement at once. It will be fun!

  9. what beautiful, sweet girls! have fun with all the planning....:) chris

  10. Two cutie-petooties... :)
    Love to them
    Have a wonderful day

  11. wow! will you ever survive? somehow I know you will love every minute! what a blessing. donna

  12. wow!!! you will be happily very busy. congrats to everyone!!

  13. Beautiful girls. How exciting for them to share their ideas and excitement at the same time. Wow, with you in the picture and your exquisite taste they are so fortunate! Must be so much fun to watch your family grow. Grandkids will be in the near future!! xo

  14. Congratulations to your family, Donna! What a fun year this is going to be with all the planning! :)
    ~ Zuzu

  15. Two beautiful girls Donna! I'm so excited for you! Your family is growing and growing!
    love ya!

  16. WOW! I loved planning my wedding and creating all the things for it -- I hope you do, too, without losing your mind! :-)

  17. Oh that is wonderful Donna! Lots to get excited about, but TRY to take it easy you have a house to renovate!!


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