My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

My new office

As promised, here are some pictures of my new office.

For 6 years this was my studio/sewing space. Now, it is my office... my quiet sanctuary...
 A retreat where I can work on the events I produce, meet with clients and work out the last details of our homes renovation.

As you can see, I left my wallpapered walls alone!
I have always loved this paper! It's so...elegant and just the feeling I wanted this room to convey.
 I did, however repaint the ceiling and remaining two walls the same as the wallpaper's background.

I left the existing carpet but added an indoor/outdoor rug on top to ground the space.

The desk was actually the table we used in our tiny dining space. I simply painted and distressed it in a cream color.
The chair was one of two that we also used in the dining room. My sweet hubby the carpenter added casters so that it would function as an office chair.
I added Cream  linen side panels and matchstick blinds to the windows... And brought in a concrete birdbath from our garden.
The daybed was left untouched except for the addition of a new pillow.

I had a new space to fill where my clothes were once stored.
So, I  upholstered a solid core door with burlap and placed it behind my existing filing cabinet.

To keep this room the peaceful retreat that I needed...I used only neutral accessories. they just seem to fade into the rooms wallpaper.

I have had this armoire for years! It has been several different colors during that time so I decided to paint it once again, but this time the same color cream that I used in my new sewing room...

Then I Painted the interior the same as the walls...

And wallpapered the panel insets with the left overs from our closet project in the house.

the whole piece was then antiqued with the paste wax I used on so many of my paint projects!

I'm really happy with how my new office turned out, I will be spending a great deal of time in here over the next few weeks as I begin work on the 4th Annual French Market and Artisan Fair I produce each year in Tipton.
I will tell you more about the event in the coming weeks. But for now, it's just a place to breathe!
The sewing room is also complete but we are awaiting the installation of the new carpet.
However, I thought I would share a little sneaky peak...

More details on this room soon!
Until next time...


  1. I love your office, it is absolutely stunning from the wallpaper, furniture and accessories. The umbrellas on the ceilings are adorable.

  2. Gorgeous! I love this room....I will never show a picture of my office now!
    I love how you always put the extra special touches in all your spaces...that armoire is amazing.

    I love watching your home always give us so many beautiful and inspiring ideas.

    Happy Spring!

  3. Donna,
    That is a gorgeous room! Wow, you are so talented putting it all together like that. I would spend lots of time there, too. I adore that armoire! Fabulous...

  4. So many beautiful elements in your office! The wallpaper is wonderful, love what you did with the armoire and the burlap-wrapped door is genius!

  5. What a sweetly elegant space. Very calming.

    Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

  6. Donna, I love all the soothing colors.You have been busy as always. I missed seeing you at Horton's. I went back today for more pansys. Take care, xo, Susie(She Junks)

  7. Absolutely beautiful! Love your touches!!

  8. This is just dreamy! I have loved this space ever since you first showed it. You have done such an outstanding design job. I especially love the neutral details. Exquisite!

  9. Beautiful! I love the soothing colors, and that there is a place for everything. I have no doubt you will enjoy working in this space. And I can't wait to see the sewing room!

  10. I adore your space. The most beautiful office I've ever seen, really!!! Congrats!

  11. Oh My Gosh! It's BEAUTIFUL in there! The colors are so so pretty... It looks like the most wonderful calm and pretty place in the world to retreat and be creative. Wow...


  12. Wow I am blown away...what a beautiful office. With an office like that, work must never feel laborous.....heck, I would love to work if I had an office like that! LOVE your paper and fabric, is it Schumacher? I would love to know the pattern as I am looking for something similar in feel and color for my guest room....and the 2 I have found, one is backordered till end of May and the other is the search goes on.
    Absolutely dreamy office!

  13. Stunning!! Office and guest room all in one. So serene.

  14. How delightful! Looks so fun!
    I love the paper parasols hanging from the ceiling - I have thought of doing this to my sewing room but have never been sure the ceiling is high enough for it to look right.

  15. Your office is a breath of relaxation. The soft colors and elegant wallpaper along with your creamy dreamy neutrals and organic elements are pure perfection. May you enjoy many blissful hours of creative and productive energy in your beautiful office space.

  16. So gorgeous Donna! The nook is my absolute favorite. I'd get in there and never come out!LOL! Thanks for sharing your beautiful creation with us.:)

  17. It is just stunning!!~
    I would never want to leave my office if I had a space as lovely and as comfortable as yours!
    Hope you have a beautiful night.

  18. I would never get any work done in there.It is just too pretty.I LOVE it!

  19. I've always enjoyed seeing photos of your cottage and re-designing the space just for you - very enjoyable to watch the process.

  20. What a lovely workplace you have in here. I like it very much. :)

    condominium makati

  21. It's such a peaceful feeling I receive every time I open my feed with your name. I love my virtual visits to your home. Makes me want to brew some peach tea and breathe deeply. I feel the calm. Thanks for sharing with the world. selahV

  22. Donna , Can I be SO very happy for you and So very jealous at the same time???!!
    Oh my gosh - this office is amazing .
    Have a pretty day!

  23. PrimaDonna,
    I know I've said this before, but you can take it to the bank this time...I'm stealing so many ideas from this post I'm bound to get thrown in the pokey!
    Seriously...I have a window seat tucked between two bookcases in my den and I'm gonna copy (yes I said copy) your dream nook.
    If a person can't be inspired by such a beautiful room...she just needs to hang up her paint chips!

  24. Amazing ideas you used. Love how it turned out. I especially love the seat where your clothes use to hang.

  25. Simply Beatiful...very peaceful and elegant, too! It is nice that you could separate the sewing/craft from your office. Mine is all crammed in one room.

  26. Oh my gosh!!! Beautiful absolutely love "EVERYTHING"...Your newest follower , I invite you to visit my world as well...Blessings LOri

  27. You are just brilliant. I love that paper too, it's beautiful. You have such an eye for beauty. xo

  28. Oh so beautiful! I would love to be a client of yours, except that in that room you could likely sell me anything...

  29. Just gorgeous. gorgeous. gorgeous. I love the way you painted your armoire with the different interior/exterior. I adore the knit hanging holder!

  30. Molto bello davvero e anche originale

  31. Donna!
    Every detail is beautiful!
    I love the light feeling of your desk. Floating in a dream!

  32. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Thanks for the inspiring tour darling!! It is lovely! Al your sensiblities are coming to life in this restful space~elegance and country european flavor combine so nicely! The armoire is stunning, and the padded board wonderful, out of a door noless! Love all the cream and beige accessories, and I still love that country garden toile! Just wonderful! Thx for coming by and commenting, sorry I have been not as present as I usually am.

  33. just gorgeous, Donna!! the atmosphere is heavenly! xoxo

  34. Oh your room is the idea of the armoire for crafting...and the bed!!

  35. Donna it just looks gorgeous, as I knew it would. You rock Girl!
    Can't wait to see the sewing room.
    Blessings today

  36. Hello!
    I absolutely love your beautiful blog and am a new follower. Your office is breathtaking. The matching fabric and wallpaper is such a classy touch. I could spend hours in there!
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  37. Very very nice Donna! I too love the wallpaper. What a great space you have now.

  38. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! All the magazines will be banging down your doors to feature this room!!!!
    sending love....


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