My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living
It's here!
I am so excited!
Our farmhouse sink has been delivered and is awaiting the cabinet guy to build the custom cabinet required for it's installation!

I have been told we are now about 3 months away from having our kitchen...usable!
Woo Who!

We have made the final decisions about inserts and dish drawer sizes...
Counter tops and hardware.
I was even able to find a faucet that I loved...finally!

I have been looking at faucets  for more than a year and since we have bridge faucets in the upstairs bath...

And in  laundry room of our home...

I knew I didn't want another one in the kitchen...

So, after searching high and low...I found a vintage inspired, single lever style that spoke to me.
Honestly, The things I think about!
But in truth, I am always washing my hands or the counter.
9 times out of 10..
My hands are goopy when I reach for my kitchen faucet and I didn't want to reach for two handles...just one!

I do love it and look forward to getting to use both my new sink and faucet!
I have always wanted a farmhouse sink...they are just so...nostalgic to me!
I only wish I had had one when the kids were young!
Oh well, one day, there will be grand kids!

Today, I am making a few minor changes in my studio's  new office and  I will share them with you...
See you then!


  1. Donna, I understand the work that goes into deciding on faucets etc for kitchens and bathrooms, we just almost finished our master bath (its small) and what work it is....
    Your sink is going to be wonderful! I wanted one, but it requires a special cabinet and a good craftsman to make it work....oh you lucky!
    Single handle for the kitchen is the way to go....

  2. Your kitchen is going to be so country fabulous.
    If it is a pretty as that bathroom.
    I live in a house built in 60's and have never seen a faucet like in that bathroom , it is so country cute .

    I ahve been outside all week end in the 80's, no pansies yet

  3. What a beautiful sink, and the faucet is perfect for it.

    I love your other sinks and faucets too.

    You home is really lovely country.


  4. I like that faucet too. and I'm with you on thinking there are not many neat one handle faucets out there. Can't wait to see your finished pics :)

  5. What a beautiful bathroom & laundry area! Your kitchen sink is going to be fabulous!

  6. Donna- You lucky girl! I love them, too. My daughter just put one in when they remodeled their kitchen. 3 months! I hope it flies by- Hugs- Diana

  7. Oh, I love it!
    And I understand about the faucets...
    Blessings to you

  8. Donna, that's a gorgeous sink! I can't wait to see it finished. And of course I've loved your upstaris bath and laundry room ever since you shared the photos here.

  9. I adore those sinks but alas will most likely never own one so I'll just admire yours <3

  10. It is great !!! have a nice week

  11. Oh, love, love the sink! I'm dying to have a farmhouse sink!

  12. How exciting & beautiful! It seemed much faster to build our cottage than make the decisions on appliances, hardware etc. :)
    Wishing you a happy Monday, Donna!
    ~ Zuzu

  13. Donna,
    Your new sink is beautiful! I hope to have one some day!
    Your future grandchildren will adore the magic that is your home! Truly amazing!

  14. Your faucet pic popped up on my reader list and I just KNEW I would love it!! All the lil details you have picked and the waiting will pay off soon my dear :) Kitchen reno's take the longest, but are the closest to our hearts :)
    So excited for you!!


  15. I'm so jealous! ca't wait to see the finished product! :) chris

  16. PrimaDonna...I just want to crawl into that sink and soak! Gorgeous.
    I've wondered about those faucets that turn on with a wave of the hand and if the wind could turn them on accidently! Love your choice and yes...I agonize over the small details too. It's those details that make a house a home and you're the queen of deets!

  17. OMGoodness! I can't wait to see the finished room!

  18. How exciting to have your kitchen coming together. Your sink and faucet are beautiful. You will be very happy with them as you can even turn on or off a single lever with your wrist or elbow if need be. :o) True dedication you have...

  19. HI Donna, I wondered why I hadn't seen your posts~but you have been posting, I have been underwater with kids and now I am getting caught up. Love the sink and the faucet. It is all worth getting what you want and what inspires you!! Its gonna be fantastic!


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