My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
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Refrigerator Love

It's Friday once again and I just can't seem to figure out where the time goes!

I have been so busy all the week long working on my tiny cottage studio, I barely realized the week had slipped through my fingers until they called to tell me I had a haircut appointment this afternoon.
"This afternoon?" "But it's not until Friday...I tell the sweet little person on the other end of the phone.
" It is Friday!" says she.
You see, Maybe I really do need a haircut because... I had another "Wild hair " idea mid-week!
I must warn you, You will either love it or hate it. Me,  I LOVE IT!
Are you ready to see it?

I covered my tiny refrigerator with contact paper!!!
I know right?
It's so unexpected...You just can't help but smile!

This is how it all went down, so to speak:
 I had completed painting the upper walls and ceiling in the kitchen and when I moved the little fridge back into it's place...blah!
It just didn't move me.

I knew it needed something...a coat of cream appliance paint? That would have worked too but in truth...
I really like the little stainless refridge...just not in this kitchen. And you can't undo appliance paint.

Then, while digging in a plastic tub of old kitchen stuff...I found this old roll of contact paper that I had bought 7 years ago!!! At the time, it was to reline my existing cabinets in our old kitchen. You know, the one we ripped out and are just now rebuilding in an entirely different area!
Okay, so where was I...
Oh yeah!

Well, I remembered when my mom had covered an avocado green refrigerator years ago and that it held up and really looked cute.
And I have to tell you...I smile every single time I walked into that little kitchen! Actually, I laugh out loud!
Now really, how often do we get to smile or laugh by looking at the fridge?

I love the fact that when I grow tired of it...I simply peel it off and wipe off any gooey residue! VIOLA!
It's back to the harm done!
But for now....

Ya'll, I am lovin' my whimsical little Fridge!
So, was that a wild hair moment or what?
I hope you have a blessed weekend!
I am off to cut the wild hair!


  1. OMG you are soooo original!! I LOVE it too!! I think it is fabulous~lets watch it go flying around Pinterest now!!!

  2. So stinkin' cute Donna!!! I absolutely love the "cute" factor that it gives your kitchen - especially next to your gorgeous red stove!
    As always, I love your creativity my friend :)
    Happy Friday!

  3. Sweet, sweet, sweet.

    I love it.


  4. Hey Girl
    Very cute, whimsical indeed! And it is removable so you can change out your paper whenever your hair springs wild!
    Love ya

  5. Love this fridge! perfect for a small place. I wish I would have seen this 40 years ago, when I had a small single apartment. I would have tried that.

  6. Donna, That little fridge is adorable. Better than painting it. You are a clever girl. Smiles, Susie(She Junks)

  7. That fridge makeover is stinkin ADORABLE! So cute and full of whimsy. Love it.


  8. Donna,

    It looks great! How fun is that!? And I don't have to say that your kitchen is adorable.
    Happy weekend.

  9. That's crazy.....crazy good!!!!!

  10. OMG
    I would never have the nerve to do that , since it comes off sometimes on shelf paper OH Well girl it looks good

    I love that red stove

    happy Valentines Day

  11. That little fridge is just precious! It compliments your red stove so well! What a genius idea :) The whole kitchen is so cottage-cute. Love every detail!

  12. Love it and want it and I LOVE that red stove !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh, I want it too!!!!!!

  13. Bravery, thy name is Donna! It's adorable and yes I smiled when I saw it..

    Remember the movie The Brave Little Toaster? ( a family favorite)
    Well you have The Happy Little Fridge :D

  14. I think it's so cute! I've been following the pins you've done that are I guess ideas for this cottage and the fridge now will just fit right in. That little red stove next to it makes it look even cuter!

  15. Donna!
    Your killin' us with your creativity!
    How darn cottage cute!

  16. Everyone laughs at my fridge that is covered in magnets from all our travels. Your fridge looks great, especially next to that little red stove. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  17. Donna..thats great looking. You have made a boring refrigerator a conversation piece! Adorable and sooo charming!

  18. Your little fridge is adorable, Donna!!!
    Happy weekend! :)

  19. OMG what a fantastic idea!!! I never thought of contact paper...I painted my frig too...I will definitely have to file this idea away for next time!!! really adorable kitchen BTW!! :) Thanks for sharing..,.,

  20. ***love*** ... but love more your "wild hair" moment. I have days when I throw away my "to do" list and suddenly find myself knocking down a wall... painting a room... tearing up a floor... or whatever. It is cool to see that others do the same.

  21. It is completely, totally, utterly, delightful!!! It would make me smile each time i walk into the kitchen too...


  22. It does work and looks like how it should have always been! It's purrfect with your little red stove! You are indeed brave!!!!

    "Her" and Romeo

  23. Loving it! Sadly all those stainless steel fridges have black sides,that is why I skiped one because ours is not in a cubbie and I did not want a "black" wall in our kitchen. Now if I thought about using contact paper on it,I might have a stainless steel fridge!

  24. I love this! What a great idea. How in the world did you get it on so well? If I tried that there would be ripples and bumps all over the place.


  25. This is what I love about your style my dear...totally unexpected fabulousness! I am surprised your 7 year old roll of Contact paper had enough to cover the frig and that it still worked adhesive wise. I am smiling with the cheeriness of your little frig sitting next to the little red stove! Valentine Love all year long!!! Happy Heart Hugs...

  26. You do not know how many times I have thought about doing this (but using wallpaper or just paint)...did the contact wrinkle? It is darling and perfect to be beside that red stove...

  27. Haha Donna - I smile just looking at this!!! I love it!!! You are sooo good - I never would have thought of this and the best part is that if you tire of it, you could either replace it or remove it entirely!!! :) Wishing you a lovely Valentine's Day!


  28. I gotta say I like it! Bravo! Sweet!!

  29. This is nothing short of genius Donna dear!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! SO darling! are so amazing : )
    love to you...

  30. What a lovely idea! The fridge looks pretty! Have a gorgeous weekend, Kellie xx

  31. I love it Donna! Looks great alongside the red stove!
    Good week,

  32. I love it Donna. Looks great alongside the red stove.
    have a good week,

  33. Love it. Just came across your blog today, and love the curly swirly main font you are using....would you mind sharing the name of it?

  34. What a creative idea. One of a Kind, love it!


  35. Just cleaver and cute.

  36. I LOVE,LOVE, LOVE your adorable fridge!!!!!!What a fabulous idea!
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  37. Like mother like daughter! BRILLIANT!!!!
    And how faf you can just take it off when you want to switch it up!
    My last fridge was awful with little rust spots - this is a why didn't I think of that kinda idea!
    Have a pretty day!

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