My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

Snow Day!

It's Officially A Snow Day here at our house!

It started to snow just after 9:00 this morning and has been coming down quite steadily ever since!
The big beautiful flakes!
Snow globe material!

I have been out a few times to keep the path between our house and the cottage cleared.

If I don' becomes quite treacherous!
I love Snow days, especially when I get to stay at home.

I walk from window to window
Taking in the view from each  vantage point...

There is such a wonderful peace that comes with freshly fallen snow!

A quiet hush  that covers everything!

I think I'm going to fix a cup of cocoa...
Grab a cozy throw and Pin!
Have a wonderful, cozy day!


  1. The happiest of days to you....
    Where I live, you had better have Velveeta and Rotel, snow day staples.
    Beautiful snow pictures. I can hear the quiet now.

  2. Hello sweet friend! Hello Tinker! Welcome to Snow day!
    I'm home... sipping hot chocolate and playing house!
    Our home is filled with fragrant "hugs from there"!

  3. Lovely! While it's only 27 here, we have not had any snow except for a dusting several days ago. Most days the temps are above average.

    I do love how the snow seems to make us slow down a bit and appreciate our surroundings. I miss that quiet hush, but there's still hope since winter is not over yet!

  4. Your photos are lovely. No snow days down here, so I will just enjoy yours. The hushed beauty speaks to me.


  5. We had a sprinkling of snow here today, but I decided early enough that is was the perfect day to play and reorganize my blog.
    Enjoy the cocoa and coziness.

  6. It looks dreamy is it that your yard looks so beautiful in the middle of winter ~ mine is brown and dreary looking. :)

    Hope you lovely day...cocoa and pinning sounds like the perfect day.

  7. Beautiful !!! all that snow and your little from

  8. What dreamy photos. I would love to see something like that again!! Near Houston, Texas it really is only a dream.

  9. That looks so amazing! I love the landscape in the snow, and how pretty everything looks! We have not gotten any snowfall to speak of in Boston~just a bizarre weather system this year I guess.

  10. Beautiful photos! I hope you enjoy your gorgeous view from inside a warm house:-)


  11. Your Tinker is so pretty...but glad I am south of I-70 today! I do enjoy those snow days when you know you can't get out & it's so nice to just snuggle down. Those days I usually make veggie soup. Enjoy your snow...we may get it tomorrow.

  12. Snow day today here in Michigan too, but not feeling the greatest so stayed in and lazed around all day long! Yes ALL DAY! ha!! Love your tinker still!!
    PS I am having a terrible time leaving this comment. It keeps telling me the word veri is wrong when I know it is right. This time the word is "SPOTON" so I hope it is. heeh ee

  13. Donna- What a cozy, gorgeous scene you paint here. I love your little is just wonderful!

    We have some snow here but it is wickedly cold- Below zero and I have no idea what it is with the wind chill factored in. Stay warm-xo Diana

  14. Love your snowy photos, Donna. We have yet to have a snowfall here in New York which is very unusual in January so I appreciate being able to take in REAL winter via everyone else.

  15. It does look beautiful...soft and quiet. Stay warm and cozy! :)

  16. Beautiful! The iron/metal fence peeking up from the snow is my favorite!


  17. Tinker is magical with the beautiful white snow. Your property has really good "bones" to look this wonderful in the midst of a winter snow storm. Happy cocoa sipping...

  18. It's all gorgeous at your house dear friend. It's snowed here all day too...our first for the year. I can hardly believe it.
    Tinker looks gorgeous in the snow!!!
    love ya...

  19. I love freshly fallen snow...everything looks so peaceful. Being a CO girl, I miss it at times...and then snap to my senses. We missed any snow in Vegas this year, though it's certainly been cold enough, lately! Happy weekend...Tanya

  20. oh it's so magical!! your photos are gorgeous ... we are in the middle of summer here in Australia and I am longing for our winter to arrive!

  21. Que j'aime quand Dame Nature met son manteau d'hermine!!! le silence se fait , les objets sont transformés : et voilà ton jardin sous un nouveau jour!
    En France l'hiver ne veut pas venir !!!les oiseaux chantent comme quand le prentemps montre le bout de son nez!

  22. How absolutely breathtaking! I don't blame you for taking pics from every vantage point....every single one is so beautiful. Doesnt' everything look more beautiful in the snow? Its magical!

  23. Hello ! ahhh how beautiful it all looks...we have it wet and warm again today 7 degrees. Keep warm ! Gail x

  24. Donna, So glad you are doing well in the snow. I enjoyed the postings of your trip to Tot's. Tot, Rebecca and you looked so cute in the pics. Take care, stay warm. Smiles to you,Susie

  25. The snow is lovely! I to love the peace that comes with fresh fallen snow! Enjoy your cocoa!

    Lovely photos!

    Love ya girl!

  26. Sigh. It's gorgeous, Donna! Happy pinning!
    ~ Zuzu

  27. Oh so pretty... Tink looks cold!
    Still snowing here...
    Looks like we are headed for 8 inches. Stay warm!
    Love ya

  28. Hello Donna! I LOVE you pictures!!! Your garden looks so pretty in the winter with all the snow, I can't wait to see it in summer, it must be gorgeous!! I have to ask, where did you get your pair of arches over your walkway? I love them! I wanted to do something like that for our walkway too but I just haven't found the right metal arches. Thanks so much for your inspiration. I hope you have a wonderful weekend,

  29. Oh Donna, this is just TOO beautiful! I do wish it would snow over here too!!! Sadly, that won't happen anytime soon...or ever! lol Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photos - your garden and the scene around are just amazing! :) Take care and enjoy your weekend!


  30. Down here in my neck o'the woods, we hardly get snow and never (except for last year) any that beautiful. Ours is more the snow/dirt/sticks kind. Tinker is lovely sitting amidst all that drift. BYW...she is quite the pin-up girl on Pinterest. I see her all the time!

  31. TInker House looks like a postcard. The Falling snow is the perfect touch. I'll enjoy a cup of cocoa in my corner of the world right along with you.
    Happy SUnday!

  32. That is a PERFECT day!
    Love it!

  33. Hi, my name is Heather! Please email me when you can, I have a question about your blog!


  34. Gorgeous pictures....they ALMOST make me wish for snow :)

  35. Better you than me! I'm cold just reading this post! But it is beautiful and Tinker House looks especially wonderful in the snow!

  36. Your pictures make snow and winter beautiful. Right now, Northern Michigan looks like a wintery mess of sludge and dirty snow :(. Hopefully some fresh white stuff will fall soon! Enjoy!

  37. Your pictures are lovely - who knew winter could look so wonderful.


  38. It all looks and sounds just wonderful.Especially the part about the warm throw and hot chocolate!


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