My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
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A few more updates

Hello Everyone!
Tuesday's are usually a bit slower paced for me so...

I thought I would take advantage of the amazing light that was streaming into the house and show you a few of the things we did prior to the Holidays.
Sound like fun?
Let's start in the kitchen and dining remember,
We are not finished but I did do some quick decorating to get us through until we began working again.
You know me...always putting the pretties out before the construction is complete:)

Our kitchen island is now at about 75% complete . Just days before the kids started to arrive for Christmas...we installed the zinc counter top.
And yes....we did it ourselves....and yes...I will show how we did it in a few days!
I have one more small counter to wrap so I thought I would give you the tutorial then.

I have had several emails about this project and  promise to share the details. Ireally love how it turned out!

I must warn you though...this was a bit tricky!

My hubby cut down the legs on these barstools to make them counter height.

We've had them for awhile...even used them in the house before the renovation. I  kind of like them here in the new kitchen.

What do you think? Should I keep them or still look for the upholstered ones I had been thinking about?
So many decisions...but I have learned to take my time and not rush into anything...It has made such a difference!

Hubby framed the fireplace out just before Christmas too. It's  will be a pass through  with a  vent free gas log. I still have to decide what I want it clad here it sits...waiting for me!

I've always wanted a  fireplace in the kitchen and dining room...I can't wait to see it finished!
This is our nearly completed dining room...we are really close in here!
Once the fireplace is completed we can install baseboards and have another ta-da to add to our list! YAY!

We actually eat here every evening!

Yesterday I had a few errands to run  in town so I stopped into my favorite junk shop.
These amazing doors called out to me and I had to bring them home!

Can you say LOVE?
That's just how I feel about these babies!
They are nearly the same color as my reclaimed hardwood floors!

The Living room and  Library are coming along too!

I promise to share more pictures of these rooms soon!
I have practically spent all my time in the living room lately...basking in the sun! The weather has been so warm and wonderful...I don't want to miss a minute of it!

I'll be back soon to share the how-to's and why for's on the zinc counter project...
Until next time,
Many blessing my friends!


  1. Donna,

    Everything is looking so beautiful and coming along nicely! I love, love, love that zinc countertop and you had me thinking I could have one too--until you used the word 'tricky'. My husband and I are NOT the least bit handy. Still, I'm looking forward to seeing how you did it.

    I love the barstools, but would maybe use a fabric with a pattern and color that brightens them up a bit.

    I can't wait to see more!

  2. Donna, finished or not your home looks beautiful! You two are amazing designers!! I'm in love with that zinc counter, so cool! xoxo

  3. OMG!!!! I am seriously drooling over that island!!! what a super gorgeous kitchen!!! I want it all!!!!

  4. Oh my! What's not to love??? I love looking at things in process. Your stools look great, but you should get what makes you happy. Thanks for the peek!

  5. Very nice - kitchen layout and salvaged materials!



  6. This looks AMAZING!! Totally magazine worthy, love your island and the colors are just stunning. Love it! Enjoy....

  7. Wowwww Donna !! it is a amzing kitchen...i love it !!! the blue colors...x

  8. Donna. Absolutely beautiful!
    I have a hundred superlatives floating in my head.

  9. I really like the barstools thy add a nice industrial element that contributes to your zinc countertop.

    I say keep'em.

  10. Your home looks fabulous-finished or not I love it. I really like the bar stools you have. Kathy

  11. Love it all! Those zinc countertops are phenomenal...keep the bar stools...they look great! I think that you and your husband are doing an amazing job! You are one lucky girl to have a hubby that can bring your vision and ideas to fruition!
    So much creative talent in your home!

  12. Donna, Your house is turning out beautifully. I absolutely love it. The island is wow. I do like those stools with it. You and your husband can be proud of all your hard work.You both are amazing. Smiles, Susie (She Junks)

  13. Can I say LOVE?! Yes I can!!! I love every single detail of your home!!!
    Yes, Isn't that true- don't rush... take your time and get exactly what you want.
    Please keep sharing photo's!
    Have a pretty day!

  14. Wow, wow, wow.... Looks great, Donna! The countertops are wonderful and the bar stools should stay to complement them. The dining room is so pretty, with the doors on top of the chest. When it is done, photos definitely need to go into a mag! :-) Sue

  15. The zinc top is a wowser Donna!!! I cannot wait to see the tutorial and to see the "tricky" I think I can do a lot of stuff, and I know you can, so if you think it was tricky, it must have been hard! I think the bar stools look perfect, I would not buy new ones, I thought they were new!! Everything looks so nice and you have created a special atmosphere with your choices. I wonder what you have in mind for the FP surround. I also wonder what you will be using for a chandy over the round table....

  16. wowza...everything you do amazes me!! lookin so good. girlie....i can not wait to see more.

  17. It is looking so absolutely wonderful! And I cannot wait for your zinc tutorial:) My hubby and I are going to do the same - after we see your tutorial:)

  18. It's almost warm enough to sit and bask in Tinker this Winter Donna. It has been so warm here that I'm getting concerned that the garden my think it's Spring.
    Your home is looking so lovely. Every photo is full of things to sigh over.
    I love the counter stools!
    sending hugs...

  19. Donna- Everything is looking sooo good~ I love your zinc countertops. At one of the old houses we owned I had a zinc sink-say THAT fast ten times!;>)

    You are really moving along. The dining area is lovely and I can't wait to see what you do with the fireplace. What good winte projects- xo Diana

  20. Love your island, your open shelving, everything you put on your open shelving and your recently purchased doors! It's looking so wonderful!

  21. Oh, love, love, love. The patina finish to the island and counter brings incredible warmth to the space. And since you asked - I think the stools should have a fabric that reflects the same. A nubby linen reflecting the robin egg blue shade in the room. The metal on the stools could be distressed a bit with paint to mimic an aged worn look - if you didn't like it, just paint over it.

    The sight line with the mirror showcases the other vignettes nicely.

  22. Serious zinc envy over here, Donna! I'm looking forward to the tutorial as I've been longing for a zinc-topped or barn wood table in my eat in kitchen. Your home is looking drop-dead gorgeous. Love that little French table tucked in the (hallway?) off the kitchen. It's so fun to see things coming together. So much lovely laundry. As for the stools, I like them as is and think they are perfect. Pretty things over here...always!

  23. Absolument superbe : beaucoup de chic dans cette décoration pas trop cagrgée. Vraiment bravo!!!!

  24. Everything is just gorgeous ~ even unfinished!!!!! Love it all. Your colors are so peaceful and calming. BEAUTIFUL!

  25. One word sums up all these photos....'dreamy'.

  26. It's so much fun watching a dream unfold. I love zinc. In fact...I love hearing old country folks talk about the kitchen "zinc". Reminds me of how long this fabulous metal has been working it's magic.
    Now I gotta ask the question. The sparks...from cutting legs off stools...or is that what just naturally happens when you two get together?

  27. Donna,
    Your home looks sophisticated and homey. Love the decor so much. The kitchen is charming.
    Great week to you!

  28. Your reno is gorgeous! You have impeccable taste and apparently infinite patience. My hat's off to you and your hubby! What an accomplishment!

  29. GASP! Ohhhh my gosh!!!! Everything looks incredible. I don't even have words for how good it all looks... i'm going back to look at it all again... WOW, I LOVE IT ALL!


  30. I'm glad you decided to capture the light this morning! Everything looks amazing! I can't wait to see it in person!

  31. Hang on....o.k just had to pick my jaw up off the floor!!!!!!!!!!! Holy cow its just stunning!!! Going back to look again!!!! x0

  32. Stunning!! Love the zinc counter top. Everything is coming along so nicely.

  33. I have no words for how perfect everything is! Your home is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  34. Oh Donna! It is always a pleasure dropping in on your blog to see what you have been up to! You put my DIY projects to complete shame! Here I am taking forever with painting our kitchen cabinets white, etc. - and you've gone and did all sorts of fun stuff throughout the holidays!!! And can I say how much I just LOVE your reclaimed floors!!! Wish we could rip off our hideous tiles and put some of those in...but the budget says otherwise {sigh}. Anyway, love all that you've done!!! Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  35. i am so glad that you found my blog because it led me to yours. I love it! That island is awesome! The stools are cool because they are industrial looking like the zinc countertop, (which I also adore). I would make slipcovers for the seats if you want to soften them a bit while you are deciding. And I can't believe you found those doors. I love that look.


  36. I just found your blog....Your zinc countertops are great, I love the stools with them, love the indutrial look they bring. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts.

  37. Oh, this is so spectacular! I am so happy for must be filled with such joy. What an accomplishment for you. I just love everything...I love looking at your outside photos too....very peaceful. I don't think I would ever stop snapping pics if I lived at your vicariously through you now :-)))

    Big hug
    Elizabeth :-)


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