My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
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Christmas and House Updates

Hello My Friends!
I can't believe it's already Tuesday!

So much is happening here at home with the renovation and Christmas just weeks away now.
Holiday decorating is almost complete in our home and over the next few days or so, I thought I would show you what I did in each room. Sound like fun?

Last week, I wallpapered the Library.
I chose a classic wallpaper from one of my favorite companies. Even though it is a bit difficult to hang, I still wanted to use it in here. It has to be over lapped like vintage papers and then cut through both. It makes for a perfect match, but it's tricky.
The paper isn't  prepasted but that really doesn't matter because I always roll my own paste on anyway.
It's also not vinyl. I really don't like the feel of vinyl papers and try to stay away from them if at all possible.

By choosing a timeless paper I knew it would not be dated quickly and...I  just loved the simple pattern in shades of blue and white. It reminds me of coral!

This wonderful little French table is in the new can see the wallpaper in the background.

Which is now as far as it will get before Christmas.
I am so happy with how it looks and feels in here.
I am waiting on the area rug and the headboard fabric. The headboard is being upholstered in  heavy linen and I decided to have a nail head trim done on the edge.
Remember, we have a Murphy bed in this room and will be using this as a bedroom for The Holidays.

So, what do you think?
I am really pleased thus far and of course, look forward to the Spring when the bookcases will be built.
I also have to wait until then to order my grey willow chairs. They are just not easy to find in the Winter...for some reason. :)

Progress in the kitchen is going at a snails pace but at least it's moving.
Over the weekend the new galvanized shelves were installed on the freshly painted cottage planking.

When my hubby got home from work yesterday I already had them decorated!
He simply rolled his eyes and wired my outlets!

I couldn't wait to play with my dishes on the shelves!

Silly I know, but it just makes me smile each time I pass through here!

This is a close up of the metal!

I am so glad I went with the metal shelves. I love how they look against the planked walls.

Today I am mudding (tape and bedding) the living room ceiling! Ugh!
It's my goal to at least get the Christmas Tree and maybe a sofa and chair moved in there before all of the kids arrive in the coming weeks!
Less than two weeks before my daughter arrives!
So much to do.... so I must be off!
Until next time....


  1. LOVE this post!!! Love those shelves too and the way your have them is to die for!!! WOW!!

  2. Donna- It looks great! You have done an admirable job of pulling it together-even without all the piece in place. Love the shelving! xo Diana

  3. Wow is right!! Did you have them fabricated or are they available to all?? Send private email with your source ~ wink wink!! Donna it looks wonderful! That is a great wallpaper company too, and you have such wonderful taste I need you to hop a jet and come help me on my home office project! Hope your hubs won't roll his eyes!

  4. oh...!!!!!.... I am in love with those shelves!!! are they new or vintage? and if new...where did you get them?

  5. Seriously Donna! You are amazing....I just get tired reading and looking at all you have accomplished! You will be my new motivation to get my butt in gear girlie!!
    I am absolutely in L.O.V.E with those metal shelves!!! You must share :)

    ps - MEN will never get us! ;)

  6. Donna it really look lovely, Where on earth did you find those shelves? Stop by sometime.. And your pedicure is waiting for you.....Happy Holidays

  7. It's looking wonderful, Donna!!! have fun! xoxo

  8. Hi Donna,
    Everything looks beautiful. Love the wall paper and the shelves. And, your tree is so pretty!

  9. Donna, Your library is looking fabulous. I also like the tree. Blessings, Susie

  10. I'm loving every single bit of it! Oh wow!

  11. So the paper, the metal shelves, every bit of it, total perfection!!!!!! Love the setting you created, you have the magic touch!

  12. It looks great Donna !!! love from

  13. You two are such a great team. You really are going gangbusters! ..and it is all so wonderful....We need to catch up once we both catch our breath.

    don't give away all your secrets, maybe you should start selling the

  14. So much is happening at your place! I love the library grey table with the elegant arrangement atop. And, I am in love with the metal shelves and your grouping of plates! Just lovely!

  15. Ohhhh.... it looks so so pretty. I love love your galvanized shelves, and the way you decorated them looks like a magazine photo... it is all just too exciting...


  16. I love when you give us these updates...there's always something new to love. This time I LOVE the wallpaper. I so wish I had the perfect little room or corner to put up pretty vintage paper. Yours is lovely.

    It must be nice to see the progress. I'm happy you can enjoy it during the holidays. :)

  17. The table, vignette and and the tree in your library are beautiful. So calm and relaxing. I would love to stay in your guest room.

  18. Everything looks just beautiful. I love that you decorated the shelves before the wiring was done and that you are enjoying making your nest after so much work.

    Blessings to you this Christmas!

  19. Where do I begin? Ok...the shelves!
    They are BRILLIANT!

    You have been working so hard!
    I am behind.
    We were out of town last weekend.
    I have a retirement lunch tomorrow, an ugly Christmas Sweater to make and mail to Jay, and the company Christmas Party on Friday.(I'm the event coordinator at work). There will be no whining from me after seeing what you have turned out in the past few days! WOW!
    The library is beautiful!
    I just found out that Jay will be home for Christmas!
    We're blessed, Donna!
    I so love your posts the give me energy and inspiration!

  20. wow ...looks wonderful and those shelves are fab !!
    Gail x

  21. wow, beautiful job! and that wallpaper is stunning, i love the hint of blue. :)

  22. wow, beautiful job! and that wallpaper is stunning, i love the hint of blue. :)

  23. Love the blue and white wallpaper with the silver accessories. Those shelves are great and I love bead board.

  24. Donna... it is fabulous!
    Loving it all, you my dear are amazing.

  25. Sign me up for those zinc shelves. My oh my! Your home is coming along so beautifully, Donna! I adore your tree...the icicles are perfection. Everything you touch is so pretty!

    Merry Christmas,

  26. You're remodeling and still further along with your decoratingthan I am. I've been so busy making things for other people to buy. Hopefully it will be my turn soon. I'm goingto have to keep it simple since I'm running out of time:-)

    Looks wonderful!!!!


  27. So much to love- garland- winter dreams and your shelf is to die for-
    Happy day

  28. Lovely post - the wallpaper is pretty yet stylish too!

  29. Beautiful!!
    Two things - where did you get those fabulous shelves, and also the wonderful life coffee cup?
    I love how you decorated the shelves as soon as they were up - we just can't help ourselves, can we?

  30. The cup on the new shelf says it all...... it is a wonderful life. The selection of items on the shelves fits perfectly with the elements.You did a great job on the wallpaper and the vignettes on the holiday decor.

  31. LOVE, love, love the Nordic feel to the shelves, WOW!
    everything is coming along with grace and beauty :)

  32. Well! Lucky me! i just found your blog and it is wonderful. I love your metal shelves - and love that you decorated them so quickly. Seriously? Why wait??

  33. I also have a mirror just like your little one.

    The paper sounds confusing to use. What kind is it as I would like to look it up and do a little research.


  34. Hi Donna,
    Your wall paper looks just beautiful!! I bet it was a lot of work but definitely worth it. Love the new metal shelves too!! You sound like me decorating before the room is done, I can never wait.
    Hope you have a beautiful week!

  35. Oh Donna,

    You truly outdid yourself this time!!! I am in love with all the little details in your home - that wall paper and those shelves are just perfect! All that hard work is paying off - I always look forward to your posts letting us in on the progress of your oh so lovely home! Now if only the hubby and I could go at a faster pace when it comes to our home! lol I'm sure your kids will be so proud when they see all that you and your hubby have done! Happy Holidays to you!!!


  36. this is a little late but those shelves are so swwet & love the decor on them :)- I understand- it would make me happy every time I passed through too & motivate me to keep working ;)...

  37. Love the updates! The tree is stunning. Also love the shelves.
    Hope you're having a nice week.

  38. Just wanted to pop in and wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!!

  39. Hi,

    I just love everything about your decorating style. I hope you will share someday where you purchased or made the zinc shelves. I use to hang wallpaper for a living and your paper is lovely...solid vinyl paper stinks and looks plastic.

  40. I love those shelves and the way you've decorated them. Hope you've had happy holidays. Blessings for the new year. Tammy

  41. It's all beautiful! I LOVE the winter dreams and galvanized shelves. :)

  42. Your shelves are gorgeous and I'm still chuckling at the fact you had them decorated when hubby got home. All the best in 2012!

  43. I'm new and in love already! Where did you get the shelves? I must spend a few hours looking around! Thanks for your visit!

  44. I love this style on homes they are "most ardently" a beauty ;-) like living in the best romantic period something out of a jane austen movie


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