My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
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This Color Please

I love technology!
I love being able to take something into a paint store and saying" This color please"
At my neighborhood  Lowes...I am often known to carry in something very random and ask for it to be matched.
This time... I was pretty easy on was a simple piece of linen.

But in the past...I have carried a zinc bucket...a tarnished silver spoon and even....
A small piece of concrete...wet no less!
They all know me and never say a word....just smile!

Well, this was the piece of linen I carried into the store on Monday morning.
And of course, they were able to match it.
They even knew to wait for me to say "3 gallons of eggshell and 2 gallons of matte"
Well, one of my favorite tricks is to mix my own paint.
Especially if I am going to need a lot of one color.
This linen color is going to be the ceiling and walls in my kitchen, dining room, living room and staircase.
It will also be the "jump off" point for the kitchen cabinetry.
Heres the trick:
You will need an empty 5 gallon bucket and lid
The 5 gallons of paint
A big stirring stick or mixer.

Combine 4 of the 5 gallons of paint into the bucket.
The can of paint that is remaining... add about  one quarter of it to the 5 gallon bucket. I mix a little of both finishes in this can and replace the lid for later.

I also keep the 4 empty paint cans...for now.
Why the 2 different sheens?
I am not a big fan of shiny finishes. The moulding, doors and trim are all that I usually paint in a Satin or Semi gloss finish.
The low and no sheen finishes allow me to use a finishing paste on them when I work with furniture and cabinets.
I also love how the 2  sheens combine with other colors to make my own custom palette. (More on this later.)

A LOT has transpired here since my last is a timeline of sorts. I took pictures every morning at the same time just to see the process unfold!

Another little trick.
When we dropped the light fixtures to paint... we covered them in much easier than wrapping in plastic!

They look a little bit like alien probes!

The new wall and ceiling color.

And then....
The island was brought in!

Actually, the segments were brought in , built and secured to the floor and then sided on site.

The drawers and doors are not here yet, nor are the interior fittings like shelves and pullouts! But soon!

Remember when I told you we HAD to work on the front porch because I needed the flooring for another project?

This was it.

These floors now wrap my new island!

After I scrubbed them like crazy that is!
They will need to be sealed after they are sanded once more...but I am loving it so far!
What do you think?
Are a you a peely paint person?
I am normally not but I think because it has such history for me...I will always appreciate it.I love it at others peoples homes and at work but for me...I tend to want a really pretty paint finish or a gorgeous antique. I decided to give it a go though and see how I do with it!
If I can't handle it...I am sure I can get the guys at Lowes to match a color for me!

Today the crown moulding will be finished on the back wall and I will try and get the cottage planking painted.
(It's currently just primed.)
We are volunteering this afternoon at a local mission and then again tomorrow as well so things will slow down a bit. But we will be right back at it on Friday!

I hope everyone has a Wonderful Thanksgiving!
Until next time!


  1. I think you island is fabulous! Love the peely paint and the color!!!

    Your kitchen is going to be great.

  2. I love chippy paint and beadboard and everything else going into that space. That color you chose is perfect. It's all coming together. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Oh my goodness! YES YES!! I am a chippy, peely kinda gal too Donna :) You just CANNOT replicate that look. I am so excited for you and your new kitchen!! Hopefully you will be baking up a storm in time for Christmas :)
    Happy Thanksgiving sweetie!

  4. Oh my goodness, this is so fun to watch! Yes, i do love the peely paint cabinet, it's a wonderful color. And i saw a door in one photo that was a wonderful color too. I can't wait to see your new color on the walls, and loved hearing your paint tricks!


  5. Oh Wow! It is really starting to shape up! Just think this time next year you will be baking Thanksgiving Dinner in you New Kitchen! I simply love it!

  6. You guys are really making progress! That linen color is amazing, and thanks for the info about mixing paint sheens. Can't wait to see it done! have a wonderful Thanksgiving Donna! xoxo

  7. Hi
    Well, I finally made it here... the house is quiet for a moment... no one here actually. They are all off doing there own thing today, which gives me a chance to clean and shop.
    OK... I love the island but I have a feeling it will be painted before the year is up :)
    So I am not going to get to attached!
    It all looks great and wow you guys have been kicking butt.
    Blessings to you and your family this Thanksgiving week... don't forget to just stop and relax some

  8. You are just so smart and creative Donna. I love seeing how you think and the what you do with your thoughts and how you translate them! The island will be amazing, and most of all its because of the story behind it. If it is too peely, you can always dry brush a little more color onto how everything is coming along.

  9. Elegantly lovely...the color and the finishes. Oh how I adore the chippy paint that has such memories for you. Blessings for you volunteering at the local mission to help others less fortunate. May you have a warm and happy Thanksgiving dear...

  10. An enormous amount of work that you will reap years and years of enjoyment

  11. I too ask for custom paint colors from time to time. Love the color you have come up with and how clever is that island!?

  12. Donna, you totally need your own HGTV show. It's probably just a matter of time. Do you realize how brilliant and creative you are? You amaze me. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, my friend! xo

  13. Is the first time that we are in your blog...and we really like it!

    Michelle & Atelier Decor team

  14. The island is awesome! I love peeling paint. I've taken all kinds of things also to be color matched. It's neat that can be done. What a great idea to cover the lights with foil. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  15. Enjoy the blessings of this day as you give back to others.

    Your home will be so very special and unique because you are installing your love and commitment with every board and swish of color.
    Happy Thanksgiving Donna to you and yours

  16. Just in love with your island, just like I like it, peeling...alots, shows its age and beauty! Great job,

  17. What do I think? I think this is going to be the most gorgeous kitchen ever! A lot of hard work, but GORGEOUS!

  18. Speechless...just pure emotion.
    I hope that you write a book!
    I'm serious!

  19. Looks fabulous! I love that you used the wood from the porch! You have made so much progress since I have been there. It looks wonderful, all your hard work is paying off! :)


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