My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

Horton's Christmas Open House

I hope everyone had (or is having) a fabulous weekend!

I will spend most of (today) Sunday resting. Saturday's Open House in Tipton was one of the best we ever had!
Our attendance was steady all day and if you were in one of the terribly long lines to check out...
You were given a quarter pound of  fudge that  is handmade right in the store at our Candy counter!
Well worth the wait to those who had to stand for sometime!
We really appreciated your patience!

I have a Lot of pictures to share so grab something warm to drink and plan on being here a bit...
I will try to show you around as if you just arrived at the store...
Here we go!
If you came in through the front door....

Welcome to Horton's

We are so glad you're here!

Windows always give me fits to design when it needs to be accessible as well as cute!
The second I saw these vintage red suitcases...I knew what I wanted to do! Santa was going to come for a visit and stay awhile!

Right this way ... this is one of the burlap wreaths I made!

This officially "Vignette 1"
"The burlap room"

Some of the burlap stockings I made...Two of them I wrote on and the rest I left plain.
They can be personalized with a Red Sharpie!

It was well say the least!

Some of the sachets and tiny scalloped burlap trees I made!

Just before you enter the cottage...a small desk area with one of my favorite shots...that I took a blurry picture of and can't retake because it sold!

Okay, just this way....

These vintage Screen doors were actually open for the event on Saturday but I always love them and take a picture of them closed!

The dining room and kitchen or "Vignette 3" if you are going back and forth between the collages  I made and shared with you a few weeks ago!

Here is the kitchen once again.

I made some linen apron smocks and here's Mabel modeling one for you! 
I think she looks great in the kitchen!

This is a closer look at the linen ribbon I am so enamored with !

Cookies anyone? This is a few of the clay cookie ornaments I made!

Okay so now turn around and you are looking at "Vignette 4"

Otherwise known as the living room!

Pin It

Dreamy isn't it?

The last vignette I have to share with you was actually the first to be completed...
"Vignette 2 "or the butterfly room!

 Hmm m....I thought I had more of this vignette...might just have to see what Rebecca was able to take.

Oh Yes!

 I bet you were wondering where Miss Rebecca was during this shindig...
She and her amazing vintage treasures are what greeted you at the side entrance!

Did I manage to get any pictures of her this trip....nope!
All of my pictures were taken in the days before the event on Saturday.
And she said....NO PICTURES of her at this time...but the last picture...that's her sleeve!

Well, I hope you enjoyed your virtual visit to Horton's.
I am a bit tired but want to go visit with Rebecca before she returns to Chicago.
Have a blessed week!


  1. It all looks so so so so GREAT !!!! from me.......♥.. ♥... ♥....

  2. Absolutely beautiful. You should be very proud of yourself-outstanding job.

  3. A masterpiece!

    I have to talk to Mr. Dreams...I want to fly there next year! Donna, It's all so beautiful!

    Do you know that I have your packing tucked in special places all over my's a lingering potpourri and it's fragrance is a mix of French Fig, Lavender, and Frosted Pumpkin.

    My comments could go on and on...oh ...that pop of black at the what I am feeling right now! Donna, you are amazing!

  4. Dear Donna, Please hug Rebecca for me. I just love both of you sweet ladies. I enjoyed my visit to Horton's . I will be back in there this week some time. I saw things on your photos, that I didn't see there. I think I became as a kid in a candy store. :):)Thank you and the beutiful Horton family for putting these affairs on for the public. It was a warm and inviting event. Smiles, Susie

  5. It all looked beautiful, ...magical...

    I have to work right now but I'll be back to look at it all more this evening. <3
    Kudos dearie, take a bow.

  6. Never a disappointment. You know how to put on a show. thanks so much for the pictures and all of the inspiration. Have a blessed holiday season...all of you at Hortons and Rebecca, too.

  7. It's all lovely! I am so inspired.

  8. It all looks amazing! Of course I knew it would! Girl you are the bomb! Thanks for all the pictures! Tell Rebecca I said HI!

  9. OHMYGOSH! It was almost as good as being there myself. AND I saw it without the crowds. What an AMAZING show. I can only imagine how excited you must have been & still are! Wonderful, wonderful images! xo Diana

  10. OMG, I think I've died and gone to heaven!!!


  11. Oh my, I think I'm in heaven. Actually it would be heaven if I could really be there instead of here.

    You have such a great talent for displays. It all looks so inviting. It's no wonder the open house was a success!

  12. Thank you for sharing your stunning displays of dreamy delightful holiday joyful pleasures and treasures. To be part of this in person must be breathtaking. Blissful rest dear...

  13. You deserve to rest today! It is absolutely beautiful and festive! You are so talented!!!

  14. Hey Sweet
    I am home and unloaded. I am getting ready to settle down to watch Once Upon a Time.
    I had such a lovely time with you and Mr Bill, you are both so gracious and loving, thank you my sweet again and again.
    I will try and get back there so we can just have a play day... soon.
    I hope you had a good time with Justin tonight and I will ttys
    Love ya!

  15. Oh so much wonderful eye candy! Would love to have visited this store.

  16. First of all, congratulations of another stunning event for Hortons! I drank in all the pictures trying to be there with you in spirit...looking at the details of so many things that you put together with stunning results!

  17. What a fab event. You must let me come ahead next year and take photos! Your photos are wonderful, I am just jealous of all the great eye candy!!! What a great job you did!

    Big hug

  18. Ohhh, i'm so with you on that linen ribbon with the white edging.. it's wonderful, and the little pink christmas trees, sigh... i love them so.
    It's all such an amazing display, and oh my gosh, your linen smock is to die for...


  19. WHERE IS THIS STORE? IT LOOKS AMAZING? You are sooo talented....looks like the kind of store I could go in and spend many many hours in. Actually makes me kind of excited about Christmas now, gotta admit. What a beautiful job you have done!

  20. With your items displayed like this I can see why it was successful!

  21. You have outdone yourself again Donna!! I can't even begin to imagine all the work an event like this takes! You have wayyyyy more energy than I do!! lol Just gorgeous and now I wish I was there!!

  22. Simply gorgeous!!! Every bit of it is delightful. Pure eye candy and I so wish I lived somewhere close and could be there. I will be looking at these continuously.


  23. Donna,
    It is all so beautiful! Each photo is more gorgeous than the last! You have really gotten me in the Christmas mood.;)

  24. WOW! Are you fabulous or what?!?!! Everything just sparkles with that kind of excitement that Christmas brings! I'm glad it was a great event for you - of course after looking at all that wonderfulness, how could it not have been?!?! Thanks for sharing all the pictures - it was grand!

    Hugs and purrs!

    "Her" and Romeo

  25. Je rêve devant tes décos de Noël ! c'est absolument fabuleux - j'aime tout .... c'est si beau et si féérique !
    Merci de toutes ces magnifiques photos !!
    C'est la magie de Noël
    Belle journée !

  26. Hello!
    I just love your christmas pics...and your blog is so lovely. I'm looking forward to follow your blog:)

    Hugs Marianne

  27. Love all the pics. I'm wondering if you still have those white canisters w/lids (in the kitchen vinette). If you do, is it possible to ship them to Texas? If you're not sure which
    ones, I'll count pictures and narrow it down. Thanks, Hilary

  28. Wow. A lot of ideas here. I mean, a lot of inspiring ideas.


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