My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

2 days and counting!

Hello my friends!
It has been one crazy week.
We have all put in some serious time at the store but we are nearly finished.
We are now just 2 days away from our Annual Christmas Open House at Horton's.

This evening we completed the cottage.
I adore this wonderful Vintage Fireplace and shutter screen.

I  had been making stockings, pillows and smocks from my favorite putty colored linen.
I am in love with the linen ribbon on the mantle...I might have to order myself a roll for home!

The dining table is done in vintage linens, tarnished silver and mercury glass.

I love the peely vintage doors and silver trays!

The little kitchen vignette...we even have a vintage stove this year!
 I couldn't resist doing a baking theme!
This is my newest candle collection...Christmas in the Kitchen.

It's a Christmas cookie scent with lots of cinnamon and nutmeg.
It smells so wonderful in here!

Don't you just love the Holidays? Baking and spending time with family?

I am looking forward to spending some time in my own kitchen this season!
Did I tell you that ALL  4  plus 2 of my kids will be home this Christmas?
It will be the first time in over 4 years we were all together at the same time...I am so excited!

I have much more to share but I am so tired this evening I didn't want to do anymore editing!
Tomorrow Rebecca arrives from Chicago. She is setting up a tiny store here at Horton's this Holiday season. Her fabulous Handcrafted wares and vintage finds will be here throughout the Holiday season!

I can't wait...of course she is staying here with us and it's always so much fun to have her!
She is hosting a blog party on Saturday from 2-4. We would love it if you came by and said "hello"

It's going to be a blast!

So don't forget...
This Saturday, November 12th...from 9-6 at Horton's
See ya there!


  1. Rest my dear...everything looks dreamy.

  2. It all looks so nice, I want it all. I love the vintage appeal, it seems to make Christmas a bit more authentic.
    Enjoy the event.

  3. Donna,
    It is all so beautiful! You have really outdone yourself!

  4. Hey Girlie
    It is late and I am going up north but I had to take a peek before I scaled the stairs, it looks fabulous! As I knew it would... can't wait to see it all!
    I will give you a call when I finally hit the road.
    Blessings and sleep well

  5. Hi Donna, well it looks absolutely gorgeous ! I agree with Katherine about the vintage making Christmas seem more authentic somehow.
    Gail x

  6. J'adore!!!!!!les Noël en blanc!Quelle boutique!
    Coucou de France!

  7. Hi Donna,
    I see so many beautiful things that I would love to have. I would be so happy just to linger and look for hours!


  8. Oh Donna! Everything looks magical! I surely wish I could be there! Please take lots more pictures for all us poor souls that can't be there! Hope you have a great day!

  9. Wow! It looks just like how I would like my house to look at Christmas! That linen ribbon looks like it has silver edging where the wire part is~how wonderful. I did buy my ribbon already~it is a grey/silver damask and I am getting so inspired by your photos!!

  10. Dear Donna,
    I am so happy to hear that your family will be together for Christmas.

    Horton's is beautiful...brilliant...I wish that I could be there!

    I am almost ready for another candle purchase. They burn perfect and the scent is amazing!

    I wish you Blessings and Love as you and your friends share the magic of Christmas at Horton's on Saturday!

  11. It's gorgeous, Donna! Wish I could be there!!!
    ~ Zuzu

  12. Oh.My.Gosh. {as jaw drops in awe}! LOVE, love, love!!!! Why is it that I don't live closer to here?!?! Wish I could join in on the fun - I adore everything here!!! I guess gawking over your pics will have to do! :) Take care and have a great night!


  13. As excited as I know you must be...having your family all around you has got to be the best excitement of all.
    I'll be waiting for photos and inspiration!
    P.S. Give R.E. a kiss and a hug for me...'kay?

  14. GASP! It's looks Stunning!, OMG...
    and I bet your candles smell heavenly. People are gonna just die when they walk in there and see the beautiful displays...


  15. Love the Christmas in the Kitchen vignette.

  16. Good luck and enjoy everything as much as you can today Donna!

  17. Donna you have outdone yourself with this set up in your last two posts! It is over-the-top beautiful! The stockings and pillows you have made are so lovely. I have had so much fun tonight catching up with you. You will have a great time with Rebecca too.
    I am excited for you that you will have your kids all home this holiday season. That will be great I know. And I too am very excited about getting into the kitchen and start all the yummy things I love to make for the holidays. Not so much about the same five extra pounds I put on and then have to take off all Spring long :-(
    Have a great open house dearest friend.
    I have been awol most of this month so far. Went to see a daughter and spend some days with her and then catching up with the house and another daughter and then a visit from four of my grandchildren who flew in to visit their dad and then come stay with Dale and I. Whew, I think I need a break....
    Oh yeah, and today was our 39th anniversary and guess what we did??? We took our four grands back to the airport to catch a flight home. lol!
    hugs from here...


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