My Garden Retreat

My Garden Retreat
photo Gridley Graves for Country Living

The one thing that leads to another

Hello Everyone!
I hope your week is going well thus far.
I have been soaking up the Autumn Sun and working on our home renovation for the last few days.

The one thing that always leads to another...
Our new hallway...

Is now complete~Ta-Da!
Since this house has never had a hall before...this is a  very big deal for us!

The only thing we have yet to install the doors and the transom glass.
We are not doing this yet because I don't want to have to keep them  clean!
I am going to wait until every bit of renovation dust has settled ! Okay so not all of it. Just the big stuff!

This is the utility room at the back of our home and then the garden just beyond. I chose to use burlap draperies instead of doors...I really like the openness.
Out of this little window at the end of the hall...

You can see Tinker House and the cottage.
I am often asked about the cottage and how far away it is.
As you can see...just a few steps from the house.
Going back down our new hall ...

We pause for a moment so that you can see the Venetian plaster walls!
I love them!
The entire hallway was done in in this technique~even the ceiling!

We are now working in  the new kitchen and  dining room.

Well, currently waiting to rent the floor refinishing equipment.
Then, We will be working on the kitchen and dining room!
My hubby still has mill work to complete and I...
Must get back to work out in the cottage/studio.
We are now 17 days away from Horton's Christmas Open House!
If you haven't already,
Mark your calenders for
Saturday, November 12th
I will be there as well as my dear friend Rebecca!

I still have much to do!
Until next time...


  1. Oh Donna,

    You have been one busy bee!!! :) Before you know it, you'll be done!!! I'd love to get done too!!! *sigh* But with kiddos to tend to, things have a way of getting delayed! :( I can't wait to see more of your renovated home!!!


  2. How fitting to have your hall all finished in time for Hall-oween!
    The walls are 2die4 gorgeous.

  3. It's looking great, Donna! I love transom windows. How lucky are you that your husband can do mill work?? Maybe I could send my husband over for an apprenticeship? :)

  4. your hall looks fantastic, donna. I know you are enjoying it. love your cottage and 'tinker' house as well. I'd spend so much time there! donna

  5. You guys have gotten so much done lately! And it is looking out of this world! I can't wait to see the whole thing finished and of course I know you feel the same way! I love the way you decorate!

    I might just have to come up to Horton's. Is Rebecca gonna be there?


  6. The cottage looks amazing, See you at Horton's

  7. Oh, I am so excited... I can't wait to see it. It really is starting to come together and it is fabulous.
    I know how hard you have been working and I am just in awe of you two.
    Enjoy this day...

  8. Hi Donna ~ Your hallway looks beautiful! Love the Venetian plaster walls! I'm sure it's a great feeling to have an area done!!

  9. You girls behave now..
    Remember ..popping the bubbly comes AFTER the show.

    Everything looks fabulous of course Donna. Can't wait to see event pics also.

    Much love,

  10. Lovely!! Every part of your home is perfect! Looking forward to the finished photos!

  11. GORGEOUS Donna! I am in love with all of the trimwork and the transoms are to die jealous!
    Love your venetian walls too. My hubby has done them before and I know firsthand how much labor goes into perfecting them. They came out lovely :)

  12. So have been quite busy. And you are so right, one thing really does lead to another, just stunning!

  13. Oh my gosh Donna...things look GREAT! I think I'm as excited as you must be over this reno. Okay, maybe not quite, but close!
    beautiful my friend...beautiful!
    love ya!

  14. It is looking wonderful Donna!! It will be gorgeous when you are all finished. Our home should have been gutted and started over, but do not have the energy for that now! ha!

  15. Donna...I love it all. The transom door, the burlap curtains and the amazing Venetian plaster walls. You attention to detail is brilliant.

  16. Your home is so beautiful. The view of Tinker and the Cottage is priceless. Huge Horton's success dear...

  17. GASP! It's all crazy wonderful! I'm pretty sure nothing could be better than what ya'll have done! You will most definitely have to be a whole feature in a magazine...


  18. Oh I love it!! Congrats...and whew! Now you can rest a bit...right after the holidays that is! It turned out great and the walls are spectacular. Would love to visit and take pics someday. Must give you a hug in person - and Rebecca...two for one deal! :-)

    Big hug in space for now,
    Elizabeth :-)

  19. Love the new hallway and the burlap drapes are perfect. The transom glass will look wonderful-so fun following your progress!

  20. Donna, it looks wonderful. Love that table style and what a great vignette.

  21. It all looks so amazing Donna. You and your husband did a great job! Love the view out the window! :)

  22. Burlap drapes instead of a door? Clever! Love your view looking at Tinker and the Cottage. I see the leaves are falling. Very pretty but clean up, not so much.

  23. It is so gorgeous. I dream of having doorways with transom windows. They are so lovely. I love the spaces you featured and all the lovely touches throughout.



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